Why Do We Celebrate Friendship Day? Know Its Origin & History!

I celebrate, you celebrate and we all celebrate friendship day.

Friendship day falls on the first Sunday of August. I started celebrating it recently. Thanks to internet for letting me know that there is any such day dedicated to friends we have in life.

celebrate friendship day with your friends

celebrate friendship day with your friends


But why do we celebrate friendship day? Who invented it and is what is the history behind friendship day?  


 Do not worry if you don’t know as i will be sharing my findings below here.


There is no immense literature on why we celebrate Friendship Day in the history but definitely, there are stories.

Making new friends and staying friendly with one another is what you call socialization.

It’s equally important to civilization. If you go through all the Holy Texts of various religions, you will come across the importance of friendship.



Friendship As Per Bible

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

The Old and New Testament has such stories. Those talk about the value of friendship.

In the Old Testament, Abraham is God’s friend, he shares a special bond with the Almighty.

Then there is the bond of Ruth and Naomi, even the friendship of  David and Jonathan.

Finally, in the New Testament, even the bond between Jesus and his disciples clearly speaks of friendship.


Friendship As Per Mahabharata

In the epic ‘Mahabharata’ Lord Krishna gives many examples of different types of friendship, brotherhood, guidance, protection and romance.

We all know that Krishna and Sudhama were great friends.

celebrate friendship day with your friends

celebrate friendship day with your friends



Friendship Day celebration first began in 1935.

The U.S Congress declared this day in honor of all friends.

During that time, the First World War had a devastating effect.

There was a lot of hostility, hatred and mistrust among countries.

Since that time, this celebration became a yearly event.

The culture did spread, Gradually a lot of youngsters started celebration this day with much pomp, show and happiness.

With globalization now the entire world celebrate friendship day.

With time, many other countries started following this day and India is one of them.


In the year 1997, The United Nations declared the cartoons Winnie and the Pooh as International Ambassador of Friendship.

Friendship day Now

Now Friendship Day is very popular. Electronic media supports Friendship Day celebration through graphical, audio and other formats of messages.

People exchange different gifts, flowers, cards, and the very famous wrist bands.

The friendship band – I remember bands being very popular since our days and even now.

A band on your wrist is the token of the everlasting bond.

Youngsters love this friendship band and girls wear stylish ones that look similar to bracelets.

I still love wearing these bands on my wrist and now I see little ones happy counting how many bands they have got as gifts.



Sunday Fun & Celebration

This occasion now has ample promotions and advertisements, a lot of companies show interest to grab youth attention.

Now when people are busy with work day and night, they understand the importance of friendship and find time to celebrate friendship day

The best part is that it’s always on a Sunday.

Children do not attend school and adults do not go to work on  Sunday.

There is ample time for fun and also much celebration.


Friendship Day Then and Now

I celebrate friendship days since my school days.

In school we gifted hand-made cards and friendship bands to each other.

Moving to college, we were matured so we made it to lunch or dinner with friends or maybe a day outing.

 We all have different types of friends. Now that I am a mother, I still celebrate it with few of my friends.

I also remember the good old days seeing my kids celebrate this day with fun and frolic.

I must say that exchanging yellow and pink roses are a very common trend here.

Friends throw parties, they prepare delicious dishes and the restaurants give ample discounts.


This year in 2017  Friendship day is on Sunday and Raksha Bandhan on Monday.

This calls for a grand celebration, an awesome weekend and a fabulous start of new week.

The month of August is the month of reviving friendship, its time to forget all differences and be united.

Cherish this bond for a lifetime and celebrate friendship day with friends you have in life


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17 thoughts on “Why Do We Celebrate Friendship Day? Know Its Origin & History!

  1. Sangeeta

    I remember how my friends and I used to make friendship bands. YouTube didn’t exist then and we had to go through magazines and books to figure out how to make them. It was a nice bonding experience 🙂

  2. gayle6

    Thanks for some great information! I didn’t know there was a Friendship Day and now that I do I will be making a point to celebrate next year with my kids and daycare kids (I run a home daycare!)

  3. worldofmakeupmagique

    I did not know about the origin at all 😀 Such days are great to get in touch with long lost friends 😀

  4. Papri Ganguly

    I never know all of this behind the story of friendship day. Yes this year friendship day and rakhi fall altogether so celebration will be great,


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