Why can’t you just be a normal guy? #writetribe

“Why can’t you just be a normal guy?”


A short story of a normal guy

A short story of a normal guy

These words always kept running on his mind, eating away the only fragments of sanity that his mind had. He was used to it now, but that didn’t mean that it hurt him any less. “Normal Guy” and more such words tore his heart away.

Everything had a limit, and his will to live too which was why he found himself on the edge of the cliff. His heels are lying limp in the air! Like every other time, he was convinced on just doing it, but he couldn’t. In all the chaos he was surrounded with, he met him.

“Shhh! Don’t tell anyone” was the reaction when he broke the news about him to his parents and family. 

He came to his life like a fresh breath of air. The thing was the same, but it hurt him little less. That unknown stranger suddenly became the thread of hope he could adhere himself into.

And now after five years, he was standing on the same cliff where he thought of ending his life with the only difference that it was just the beginning of something new with that familiar stranger now.

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23 thoughts on “Why can’t you just be a normal guy? #writetribe

  1. Team MocktailMommies

    In this age the definitions of being normal needs a brave change. Happy that the life was not lost to silly labelings. Need of the hour is to understand and accommodate!
    A warm heartwarming tale, Upasana!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  2. snehalboricha

    In life there will be good…there will be bad… that doesn’t mean that one must end their life! Liked the story!

  3. Varsh

    People cannot accept anything different and then call the person abnormal. Good the guy didn’t take any drastic step and started a new life with someone precious.

  4. Dr Bushra

    Taking your on your which brings satisfaction require lots of courage. He standup for his decision indeed love the positive and inspiring ending very beautifully penned


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