Vegetarian meal plan for 1 year baby

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Friends sharing sample vegetarian meal plan for 1 year baby.
Its now known to almost everyone that at 1 year baby should not eat pureed food. If you are still giving her purees please stop it right away. At 1 year baby is capable of eating all solids/semi-solids food.

Monday: Borken wheat daliya
Tuesday: Oats Porridge
Wednesday: Sooji Kheer with home made nuts powder
Thursday: Cornflakes with milk
Friday: Rice kheer
Saturday: Beetroot kheer
Sunday: Sweet Potato kheer

Mid morning
1-2 slices of any fruit(Seasonal)

Monday: Moong Daal with 1 small chapati with ghee
Tuesday: Arhar Daal with 2 spoons rice with ghee
Wednesday: Palak gravy with paneer
Thursday: Biryani with curd
Friday: Aalo parantha with curd
Saturday: Rajma/Kidney beans and rice
Sunday: Chola/chickpeas and rice

Evening Snack
Monday: Corn salad
Tuesday: Roasted lotus seeds
Wednesday: Papaya slices
Thursday: Popcorn
Friday: Boiled potato(My son loves it)
Saturday: fruits
Sunday: i keep it as cheat meal…Give him chips, biscuits 🙂

Monday: Soup
Tuesday: Aalo soyabean sabji and chapati
Wednesday: Rice khichdi
Thursday: green veg with roti
Friday: Soup and kheer as sweet
Saturday: Fruit Salad with cream
Sunday: Family meal

Please do not force feed your baby. I did this mistake with my elder one and i am still facing the challenge. She is a very fussy eater and would always want someone to feed her though i corrected my mistakes but guess i am late.

Try to include salads/vegetables in their meal. This is the time when they develop taste. Give them some healthy eating habits which will be with them for life. I daily offer my daughter haldi ginger milk after her morning rituals. Initially she did not like the taste but slowly she got over it and now it has become a routine for her. I will write a separate post on the benefits of haldi ginger milk.

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  1. Papri Ganguly

    This is a great help for mommies like me. I always wonder that what I would give my baby in breakfast and evening snack.


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