Travelling With Kids? Use This CheckList Before Planning Your Journey

Hacks to make your Journey disaster proof while travelling with kids


travelling with kids

Every parent should know these travel hacks

Whether you are travelling with kids in flight or train these tips are definitely going to help you.

Travelling with kids is a faraway dream for many parents.

Though, we all love to travel with our kids we get scared at the mammoth task in hand.

Travelling with kids

Hacks to make your travelling with kids easy

Kids need so many things and as parents not only do we have to carry the mini kid’s universe while on the go, but also, we need to be on toes to handle any emergency or exigency during the trip.


Phew !! who said being a parent is easy? It’s a full time 24x 7 hours’ job!

Does that mean we stop travelling with kids?

Not, all it means is going through the following hacks that will make you disaster proof while travelling with kids.

Read Safety Measures For Kids in rainy season if you are planning a journey in monsoon.

Below is the checklist which will make your journey disaster proof while travelling with kids::


 Have a realistic approach while chalking out your itenary.

Remember, that you have a baby to attend whose mood and schedule cannot be manipulated by you.

Travel with kids by car

Travel with kids

So, try and opt for a relaxed itenary instead of a jam packed one.

 You are not a super human who can do all the things on your own.

There is no shame in asking your partner or other co travelers to help you out with baby chores.

You will be surprised just how easy life becomes once everyone chips in and i witnessed this when i was travelling with my 2 years old on a plane.

I ask my elder kid to carry her small bag of eatables, engage with the little one while i complete the check-in formalities and many other.

This way i also ensure that i am raising an independent child while these small things boost my daughter’s confidence a lot.


 Ensure that when you are booking your accommodation tell them that you are travelling with a baby.

A room in close vicinity of the pool might invite trouble.

Tell them beforehand so that they can help you to make your stay with a baby disaster proof and your travelling with kids become easy and simple.

When travelling ensure that you travel with extra time in hand.

Keep time to accommodate extra stop overs if required by the kids.

While travelling from one place to another ensure you leave on time and keep some extra hours with you in case of any requirement.



Be prepared with a Quick Dry Sheet:
God bless the person , who has invented the quick dry sheet.

There is so much you can do with this sheet while on the go.

My friend always keep this in her diaper bag when she travels with her toddlers in a car.

You can place it on a flat surface and use it as a changing mat. You can also put it on the bed and use it to make a makeshift bed to keep your loved one.

Also do not miss to follow baby hygiene while travelling.

Bottle Warmer :
While on the go, it is important to carry adequate baby food with you.

Whether your little one is formula fed or breast fed, it is important that you carry your stash with you. Also, you cannot feed the baby cold milk or food.

Hence bottle warmers are must in travel mamas packing list. There are various varieties for the same.

  • One is stand alone bottle warmer where you can keep each bottle separately in a cover . The insulated cover keeps the milk warm for 2 to 3 hours making it perfect for short drives.

    Travelling with kids is easy with bottle warmers

    Use Bottle warmers while you travel with kids

  • The other option I use is an Avent bottle warmer. This one has special casing that keeps 2 bottles of milk warm for 6 hours .

  • The third option is a life savior. A bottle warming machine from Chicco. You can use it through out the childhood of your little one. It is like a mini microwave and helps to heat all the baby food or bottle instantly. It is quite a compact one that makes it easy to travel with

Food Bibs:
Ensure that you carry your stash of large food bibs.

Food bibs for babies have many options. Instead of going for the cloth ones, you can opt for bibs that are ready to use and throw or the child safe plastic ones like I use.

Hacks to make your travel with kids easy

There are many types of baby bibs, the ones I use are big enough for kids to wear and usually cover their entire clothes that helps to keep clothes clean while travelling.




We as adults find travelling boring and struggle to keep us engaged while on the go.

Think what the kids must be going through in such cases.

There are many toddler plane activities which you can plan like carrying small games with you to keep them occupied.

I particularly like these wrist band rattlers that is safe and engaging.

travelling with kids

Use these wrist bands to keep kids engaged while travelling with kids


All I need to do is tie it on their wrist and it keeps the kids occupied for a long time.

You can also carry an activity book with you for a slightly older child.

While we should engage kids and appreciate their activities we should never do too much and make  parenting mistakes  unknowingly.

Remember travelling with kids is fun. You end up building a lifetime stock of memories with each other.

That’s not all, research also points out that kids when exposed to new destinations are known to have a higher sense of alert as compared to others.

Being exposed to new cultures and meeting new people help them to get smarter kand personifies their character.

Keep these simple hacks in mind to disaster proof your travel while travelling with kids.

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  2. Snehalata jain

    Hey i totally agree as I have been traveling with my angel from Month she was born, and quick dry mat is always saviour. But i love having room near pool, so that we can go more times

  3. Anjali Sengar

    Frequent traveller like me need your post.. Thanks for sharing 🙂 There was a time when I used to carry 10 dresses for 2 days vacation.. Now I carry 30 dresses for 2 days but that for my baby.. He he..

  4. Hena Jose

    Only a mother can write this detailed tips. Very helpful. I too agree with you that Quick dry sheets are great. They have helped me to save my mattress.

  5. Jiya B

    I agree Kids need so much stuff. From Medicine to Night suit. From Brush to footwear . List is long. Trust me 90 % of my vacation goes in manging kids stuff and rest in finding the missing items. Your tips are awsome will try them for our next travel.

  6. Papri Ganguly

    A must read post to all parents. I just forgot to travel after my baby was born. So this post is a helpful one.

  7. Mrinal

    Travelling with babies is really very hard.. but great tips.. following them the travelling becomes easier!

  8. manveen

    I think checking about facilities with the hotel is so important. We didn’t pre-book an extra bed on one trip and were so stuck. We always pre-book now!

  9. SaveDelete

    My 2 yr old vomits every time we take road trip, and belive me we are scared everytime we plan anything. We avoid going long distances by car. I guess we have deal with it somehow. Thanks for the article and keep writing such inspiring posts.

  10. Charu Sareen Gujjal

    Travelling with kids isn’t easy. These are some super useful tips. Keeping kids engaged on the move is the toughest. We usually try to book the night flight so that kids sleep all through.

  11. Geethica Mehra

    Travelling with baby is like packing the whole world with and specially if it’s rainy or winter season. And if you are going abroad then the world comes to an end?

  12. Kavita Singh

    I took a trip with my toddlee recently and it was a really fun experience. I agree keeping kids busy during travel actually helps them being happy and less cranky…❤


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