Top 10 Summer Fashion Accessories For Trendy Moms


summer fashion accessories

Hello beautiful moms..

Today I’m going to talk about top 10 must have summer fashion accessories for moms. We moms have the dual responsibility of keeping our self stylish and beautiful following the trend and yet be practical when it comes to accessories.

When we are girls we could wear any type of fashion accessories we come across. But BEING MOMMY makes us very careful in choosing the summer fashion accessories as they needs to be picked as per baby’s ease.

So here are my picks from street to stores on the 10 essential ways to look stylish  with these summer fashion accessories.

  1. The black beaded soft neck piece with matching bow earrings.
    I picked it up from the central retail shop. I found it chic and baby friendly as the neck piece was made of cloth kind of thing.

    So if your baby is teething as is mine, you can easily wear it and look stylish without causing any harm to your baby. The earrings too, were small, so the baby won’t be able to grab them.

    It is a minimalist yet smart piece which can be worn at the office, or a semi formal occasion.

  2. The mustache earrings.
    Picked it from the streets of Janpath. Very chic and trendy and light in weight too. Goes with all your jeans and Indo-western dresses.

    The earrings are small, so they stay high making them difficult to grab by the babies.

  3. Antique chunky rings.
    Picked from forever21, these take you to the Victorian age.
    The chunky pair can be teamed up with kurtas or with jeans for a casual yet chic look.

    You can also wear them as a stand alone piece to impact them as the centerpiece. The edges are smooth, so it won’t cause any problem for your baby.

    I mostly wear two rings together in a single finger for a boho look.

  4. Stoin two way pearl earrings/ top.
    I picked it from a Pantaloon retail shop. Found it at a good price point of 125/-.

    You can wear them in two ways, if you are going to a night time event or party, wear the big pearl side, and for the day time you can wear the smaller pearl side.

    This is an absolute essential for me.

  5. A printed scarf.
    This is a must summer time essential accessory. Stepping out in the sun or tying the hair the scarf is a must have in any woman’s bag.

    If you are breastfeeding, it can also serve the purpose of a nursing cover on the go. Folds easily to slip in your bag. I usually carry two-three of them to change the look.

  6. Sunglasses.
    One for the baby and another for myself. It is a must have accessory for me in the summers.

    You look stylish and protected at the same time. Right now I’m using these chic ones I picked up from Charles and Keith. They providedme a nice sturdy box to carry them safely wherever I go.


  7. Belts.
    They not only keep your jeans in place, but also enhance your look.


    Wear them with your jeans, or dresses. I think it’s a must have accessory be any season.

  8. Clips and hair bands.
    I have so many of these babies. For my daughter, and myself.

    We even do the matching-matching thing. I feel they not only keep your mane in place, but also are a savior in the blazing heat.


  9. Bag charms.
    This is so me. I usually own different types to keep them matching to my outfits and bags.

    Recently I bought these key holder ones which can sanely keep my office locker keys and keep me sorted.

  10. Last but not the least, are the brooches and pins.
    With the patch jeans, dress, and t-shirts trend I find these pretty awesome.

    summer accessories

    I can place them in whatever pattern I like and can remove if I need a plain shirt or dress for a formal occasion.


So these were my summer fashion accessories for the season. Tell me yours ladies. Please like, comment, and share and do let us know your view on the trend.


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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Summer Fashion Accessories For Trendy Moms

  1. Yogita

    I remember my days before marriage. I loved this post a lot. As I am a total accessory person,it’s been long time I hvnt used anything else then a gold mangalsutra and earrings ❤️ thnku fr dis post

  2. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Very nice and smart compilation. The rings and black beads neckpiece are impressive enough.

  3. PinkDazzleBlog

    My daughter thinks sunglasses are compulsory while dancing. Can’t dance without her Kala chashma on 😉 makes me wear too. It’s a must accessory for both of us!


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