Tips To Wear A Saree During And Post Pregnancy

Saree is considered the most elegant and graceful wear.

They are also preferred during special events like wedding, festivals and parties in India.




Women adore them as a daily wear but some find it difficult to drape itduring pregnancy or post pregnancy.

Baby bump or even postpartum bump can make it a bit uncomfortable to wear Saree.

But at the same time, some prefer to wear saree during pregnancy for coverage and comfort.

Below are few Tips to Wear it during and Post Pregnancy:


1. Select a saree with light weight fabric to feel comfortable.

Saree fabrics like cotton, linen, raw silk are super easy to drape & let your skin breath.

Right fabric of designer saree also helps to hide any body flaws post pregnancy and add more grace.

2. Make sure to avoid heavy patterns or horizontal lines in your sari. These tend to make one look fatter & also enhance their baby bump.

3. Try monochrome designs that have different shades of the single color to make your baby bump get unnoticed.




Post pregnancy a women’s body goes through a lot of change and hence you may feel uncomfortable in many things.

Thus, select it that accentuates your mood, body type and comfort ability.


1. ‘The traditional Gujarati draping style looks very beautiful with the pallu pleats around and over the right shoulder.

This gives best coverage to your pregnancy or postpartum belly.

2. You can also drape in Indian style without any pleats at the pallu. This ensures a got coverage to your belly area.

3. Buy a belly band to the matching color of your Party wear Saree. Make sure it’s of a stretchable material to wrap it around your belly.

It helps in adding an extra comfort and support, especially in the last trimester.  Belly band can also hide your baby bump post-delivery.

4. Get stylish by adding layers to your Indian attire. You can wear an ethnic jacket, jacket style blouse, shawls to match with it.

5. Bright contrast jacket over a saree is the best idea to make your postpartum belly unnoticeable.

6. You can also consider to wear Bengali style  to hide your baby belly. T        This style to drape is also very easy to wear. Buy your favorite saree at Jomso



Wearing it properly is an evergreen fashion that is a must have in every wardrobe collection.

Hope I was able to clear your doubt about wearing it during and after pregnancy to hide your belly.

Make this elegant & versatile outfit match perfectly with accessories and be a stylish mom!

Do comment with your feedback below!



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  1. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Though I am not a saree lover your style tips are tempting to wear them. The tips are really useful. Thanks for sharing.


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