Thin Hair Treatments You Should Look At Your Salon

Looking for Thin Hair Treatments??


Available Thin Hair Treatments

Available Thin Hair Treatments


Pregnancy brings  lot of joy and happiness. However, amidst all the happiness is the constant fear of going bald.

I am sure all mothers will agree that once we deliver the baby our hair starts to fall off as if there is no tomorrow and we continuously look for thin hair treatments.

That is not all, by the time the baby turns 6 months the condition is beyond repair and we are almost on the verge of going bald.

It is time that we sneak out  few moments from our busy schedule and opt for salon services to control hair thinning, hair fall and look for thin hair treatments.

Now, before we blindly head to the nearest salon we need to understand that basically there are two main kinds of thin hair treatments

1.  Thin Hair Treatments that treats the scalp and 
2.  Thin Hair Treatments that treats the hair.


While the former takes months to reap results, the latter will show results only in a few sittings.


Here are a few thin hair treatments that I checked out and which helped me regain the bounce in my scanty hair.


Thin Hair Treatments Starts With Controlling Hair Fall:

This is more of a scalp treatment where salons will give a hot oil massage followed by a  hair pack made of goodies like shikakai and amla or other herbs. At home when i have time i apply Satthwa Premium Oil and then apply my magical hair pack.

These hair packs will address the scalp and aim to rejuvenate the hair roots from within.

This will aim towards the hair to grow faster. Also, in case you are sporting bald patches then the patches will also start to diminish.

However, one needs to remember, that these are things that will reap varying results in individuals. And one more thing which cannot be ignored that one should always use the correct way to wash the hair.


Olaplex Hair Insurance:


Hair Insurance Olaplex for  thin hair treatments

Hair Insurance Olaplex for thin hair treatments


I had heard a lot about this thin hair treatment and was waiting to try it out. This is supposed to be the next best thing to happen in hair world post the invention of hair dryer.

The Olaplex hair products are available at amazon and the services are available at the salon.

This is basically a hair treatment that made me go “wow” . Thanks to our hectic schedule as a mother, we hardly get time to oil or pamper our hair.

However, one session of Olaplex, instantly transformed my hair into a well-kept mane that was soft to touch and silky to look at. It is a three-step process that strengthens the hair bond and makes it feel good.

This hair building bond will help to address all major hair related concerns like split ends, breakage, rough hair, damaged hair, hair damaged by excessive coloring or perming and so on.

The best part being I also found it helpful to address hair related concerns post pregnancy.Presently, I am addicted to it as I love the way my hair feels after its application.


Wella hair Products:


Wella products for  thin hair treatments

Wella products for thin hair treatments


While Olaplex is only available at a few niche salons like Looks in Defence Colony or Online at Amazon, wella products are more widely used by one and all.

The wella products are enriched with various kinds of elements that helps to address the root cause of your hair trouble and make it feel better in a jiffy.

Wella products are light on the hair and leave no residue ensuring that your hair looks and feels as light as a feather post application.

You get Wella range for Dandruff, split ends, thin hair, volume hair, frizzy hair and so on.

No matter what might the issue with your hair, the Wella range is the perfect solution to all your worries.



Tresemme Hair Range:


TreSemme products for  thin hair treatments

TreSemme products for thin hair treatments


If you are one of those tired and exhausted moms who are struggling for me time between two kids, then you will have to settle for salon like service at home.


I think the Tresemme product has been made for people like us alone. I am in love with their vast range of ready to use shampoos and conditioners. I particularly like their Volume building shampoo.

In fact, they have a unique approach to the same. If your scanty hair like me, you will realize that once you apply conditioner even after using a volumizing shampoo, the same will instantly fall flat.

To combat this issue, they have a two step hair regime where the conditioner comes first and then the shampoo. This way, the shampoo does not fall fat after conditioning.


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However, remember that these salon treatments will either have an impact for short term or they will take a long time to show results.



If, you are still thinking if you will be able to squeeze out time for same then best is to apply small baby onion juice mixed with alovera gel on your scalp once a week.

Agreed, you will smell like a rotten onion but small sacrifices need to be made in order to flaunt a healthy and bouncy hair .


So, whether you try home treatment or opt for salon services, do something to combat your hair issues post-delivery before you go bald. Hope these thin hair treatments will work for you. If you see results from any other service kindly share in comment box.


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