Summer Snack Ideas For Toddlers And Older Kids

Summer snacks ideas for toddlers and older kids

Summer Snack IDeas For Toddlers & Older Kids

So your child’s vacation has started and moms are thinking of some great snacking food this vacation for them. Aren’t you?

Like some low-calorie snacks which keep them healthy and happy and at the same time how to avoid repeating the same snacks daily.

Moms have to show some creativity in what they put in front of their kids because it has to look good before it goes to their mouth.

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But wait….What… you are not so creative?

Are you running out of snack ideas as you have to keep junk foods away too? Not able to make snack time as fun time… Aah forget all these worries moms right here and look at my summer snack ideas for toddlers.

Here are some summer snack ideas for toddlers and older kids that will not only help you in this summer vacation but will also keep your child healthy.

These are easy to do any are gone in seconds. Believe me, I’m a working mom and I don’t get hours to make food.

So here are some of my tried recipes for snacks which are easy, yet healthy and most importantly quicker to make.

TIP:  Kids judge food first by their name so give funnier names to your snacking food and be more creativity with what you put in front of  them.)

So list of summer snack ideas for toddlers start with Fruit Kebabs.

I think you have got the idea what it is the name itself. Just wash some fresh fruits like banana, apple, mango, kiwi, grapes, and whatever you feel to add and chop them in some good shapes and thread the pieces onto skewers or cocktail sticks.

Remember to use different fruits every time to avoid repetition and boredom else your kid will not show any interest in eating it again.

They are not only appealing but easy to do. My children love it. It is a refreshing treat.

summer snack ideas for toddlers




Just similar to fruit kebab try to replace fruits with some cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and its done.

You can also try grilling them, my kids love the paneer tikka version of these kebabs.



I place them on skewers with some salt, capsicum, onions, and a dash of oil or butter.



 Take a bowl of yogurt and dip some fresh strawberries with the help of toothpick and then take them out and put it in a freezer.

You can also try making these with any other berries like raspberry, blueberry.

summer snack ideas for toddlers

 Summer snack ideas for toddlers list is incomplete with these beauties. You can also call it as watermelon pops.


Add watermelon and sugar in a blender and blend it till it comes in a liquid state.

Fill the popsicle maker with this mixture and place them in freezer and freeze completely.

The popsicle looks extremely attractive to kids and is a real treat for them on a blazing summer day.





Put some honey and vinegar in a pan and boil it till it becomes hard. You can add vanilla and peanut butter also.

You can also make sesame honey candy by just adding sesame in the pan of honey and vinegar.

Once it is cool you can take them out of the pan and cut into desired shapes before offering to your kids.


Now time for your creativity test. Just make a car or some vehicle with some fruit pieces.

Still no idea about it…Well, try this out.

Cut apples into some slices(1/2 inch) and place toothpicks horizontally on both the ends and then insert four grapes at the end of toothpicks as a wheel.

Yipee your fruit car is ready although not for a drive but to eat.



 All time favorite, Cut slices of  banana, kiwi, orange, cheese, berries and more that you like in circular shape in a plate and name them as planets and the sun.
You can also use yogurt as stars between planets. Healthy snacks along with education. What else for this summer vacation.

I need to try this with my kids as this is the recipe I saw on the internet. So, attaching a reference picture for the same.

summer snack ideas for toddlers





Cut sweet potatoes into slices. Now make a mixture of oil, chili powder(optional), and salt.

Place the potatoes in a pan and apply this oil mixture on them. Now place the sweet potatoes in a baking dish and put it in the oven and bake until the potatoes become golden brown.

Now take them out allow it to cool and serve with a ketchup or any sauce your kids like.



Blend some coconut powder and dates in a blender for 2-3 minutes.

Now take this mixture out in a bowl and make some small balls of it with your hands and then put some coconut powder to the top again.

summer snack ideas for toddlers



Roast makhana in a pan for few minutes. Now add oil, salt, pepper, and turmeric powder in it and stir for few minutes.

After this allow it to cool and it is ready to serve. It is one of easiest and healthy snack for your kids.

summer snack ideas for toddlers




Take some chopped ripe mangoes in a blender and add some ice, milk, yogurt, honey and blend it for 2 minutes.

Now serve it in a glass. You can also replace mangoes with some other fruits like bananas next time.


Take some cupcake cases or silicone muffin cups on a tray and fill half of it with yogurt.

Now put some fruit pieces in each cups and place the tray in the freezer until it becomes hard. After that take it out and its ready to serve.

Tips for moms

1.  Kids learn from what they see and whatever you are doing your kids will also follow the same.

2. So be a snack role model for your kids and include some low fat and healthy food in your diet too.

3. Never force your kids to eat certain things. Just make snack time funny with your        creativity and keep catching some funny snacking food names.


So here were my few summer snack ideas for toddlers which are good to go for in summers. What are your views and opinions on the same.

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