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Essence of Maa Durga for kids

Maa Durga stories for your kids

I love this season of festivals … Post Ganesh Chaturthi the series of festivities kick in. As a mother there are more than one reasons why I am in love with this part of the year.

Apart from the food, the fun, the frolic and the dressing up involved this is also a time when I can acquaint my kiddos with Indian mythology.

Our kids courtesy Pogo, Disney and so on are acclimatized to stories revolving to foreign land.

But what about the stories that pertain to their home land, stories steeped in Indian Mythology?

This is the time when my start to replace their bedtime stories with Indian stories filled with grandeur of Gods and Demons.

One such is the story of Goddess Durga that I love to tell my little one’s.I heard them from my grand ma and happily passing it on to next generation.


Adhisthatri as Maa Durga

Adhisthatri as Maa Durga


This story is a millions of years ago when a Tyrant demon by name of mahishasura live on earth.

Though he was a demon he was a follower of Lord Brahma. Physically he was part buffalo and part demon.

He was an astute devotee and is known to have prayed for more than 1000 years to please Lord Brahma . Seeing his devotion, Lord Brahma blessed him with power and the essence of being immortal .

This is exactly what the demon desired for – Immortality.

When Lord Brahma asked him to ask for a boon that he desired he immediately laid down the condition that no man or God  will ever be able to kill him.

Lord Brahma did not understand the true intention of the demon and blessed him by granting him his wish. Though there was a loop hole in his wish that only time would tell.

Courtesy his boon, Mahishasura considered himself to be almighty thinking that no man or God could ever kill him.

In his pride and rage he went on destroying Earth. People and God’s were petrified of him. Slowly the earth was engulfed in a cloud of darkness as he created havoc all around him.

He did not spare Heaven also. He also went ahead and started to torture Gods and chase them away from their abode.

The Gods flocked together and ran to Lord Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva for refuge. They asked the Gods to protect them as they feared that just like earth even heaven would be destroyed by Mahishasura.

The Trinity of Gods – Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva got furious at the audacity of the demon and their anger translated into a blinding light that no one had seen before.

The light was brighter than the blazing sin. The three lights converged into one light and that gave birth to Maa Durga the symbol of power also referred to as Shakti.




This Goddess(Maa Durga) was so powerful that she was armed with as many as 10 arms. Being a woman she could slay Mahishasura as he cannot be touched by men and Gods alone.


Maa Durga

Maa Durga


All the Gods , who came to take refuge gifted her weapons to fight the demon. The Trinity gave her the final three weapons

Lord Shiva gave her his Trishul

Lord Vishnu gave her his Sudarshan Chakra

Lord Brahma gave her the pitcher or kamandal

Last but not the least the Himalayas gave her the lion to ride on.

Armed with 10 weapons and riding a lion she went ahead to slay the demon. She fought with him for 10 days straight.

On the 10th day Maa Durga chopped off his head with her sword. With the end of the Demon earth came back to its old full bloom mode.


Teach these stories of maa durga to your kids

Teach these stories of maa durga to your kids


This is the essence of Navratra or Durga puja in Hindu Mythology. She fights the demon for 10- days and on the 10th day also known as Dashami she kills the demon and frees the earth from his malice.

Another school of thought also preaches that during Durga Puja the Goddess comes to earth to visit her fathers house with her kids leaving her husband Lord Shiva in Heaven.


These 10 days she spends with her family members on earth. She and her kids are pampered throughout before bidding adieu to her with the promise to meet her again the next year.

Dussehra is also known to be the day when Lord Rama killed the demon Ravana.

No matter which version I tell my kids, what matters the most is the fact that they understand that 
Everytime there is something bad or evil around them, the goodness in them will overcome that.Click To Tweet

It will teach them the important fact of life that good prevails over evil in all circumstances.

This is my favorite part of the story do share what is yours ?

I as a practice always share the history and stories of festivals with my kids. Read the story of last month celebrated festival Raksha Bandha.

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  1. Mrinal

    The story that I know is Mata Parvati takes the form of Goddess durga and with the blessings of all the gods she kills mahishasur.. I love the fact that it shows a female can also do what sometimes male can’t! We need to bring this change in the mindset of society today! ❤

  2. Mansi Laus Deo

    What a great post! I was reminded of my childhood days when I used to ask my grandmothers to tell such stories again and again. I love that you’re educating your kids with mythology while also imparting them lessons for life. Wish you a very joyous and blissful Navratri 🙂


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