Steal These 5 Products From Your Baby’s Diaper Bag and See The Difference

Want to get that look but locked at home with baby?

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Don’t worry just steal these 5 products from your baby’s diaper bag and see the magic.

Being a mother is an overwhelming experience. It leaves you emotionally high and lends you a sense of fulfillment.

We all love nurturing and when we get the chance to nurture our own blood we give all it takes to be the best mother around. Little do we realize that at times in our quest to be the best mommy around we forget ourselves. This is the biggest mistake we make.

Many women complain of post baby blues and depression it is mainly because we  stop taking care of ourselves while taking care of our baby. That’s a bad sign.

We need to remember that it is perfect to be a tad selfish and take care of ourselves at times without feeling guilty.

Never the less, the biggest challenge that a mother faces is the fact that there is never enough time. No matter whether you have a singleton, a twin or a triplet 24 hrs. is certainly never enough for you.

Here are some amazing ideas where you can steal the baby products from your baby’s diaper bag and use it for your own beatification purpose.

If you are still thinking whether it is a clever idea or not, then remember that baby products are generally made with pure ingredients and are gentle on the skin.

You will be surprised to see, the difference they will make to your appearance without burning a hole into your pocket.

So, borrow these products from your baby’s diaper bag and see the difference it makes.

Steal 1: Baby Oil:

Baby oil is a must item in your baby bag. If you are one of those who have dry skin but hate to apply the adult body oil as it leaves you feeling happy after a body massage, then use baby oil.

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This unlike an almond, sesame or olive oil is not thick and will easily absorb into your skin in a jiffy. That’s not all, it will also leave your skin soft and supple making it feel fresh and soft.

Steal 2: Baby Wipes:
God bless the person who has invented baby wipes. Not only does it come handy at a plethora of occasions while handling the child but it also is an amazing make up remover.

Keep a stash in your hand bag and you are always ready to go. You can use one to take off your make up, you can use one to freshen your face and so on.

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You can also pour a few drops of baby oil into and wipe your face with it at night instead of a moisturizer.

The best part being that these wipes are made of pure ingredients and ensures that you do not break into rashes of any kind.


Steal 3: Baby Powder:
There is so much that you can do with a baby powder. Apply it on your lips to make it a base before applying lipstick. This will ensure that your lipstick lasts longer.

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You can also apply it on your head and turn it into a dry shampoo to leave your hair fluffy and voluminous. Also, if you are suffering from heat rash, then this gentle powder comes handy and gives you instant relief.

Steal 4: Body Wash:
Baby body wash is mild and is made with gentler ingredients like milk that ensures that the PH balance remains unaffected on their skin.

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Also, a baby body wash is enriched with various kinds of vitamins and mineral oil free that helps the skin retain its natural bounce and suppleness.

You can also use the body wash as a replacement of your face wash as it is gentle in nature and will not damage or harm your skin in any manner.

Steal 5: Baby Cream:
Baby cream is thicker as compared to an adult cream. You can use the baby body cream to heal chapped lips, cure cracked heels and apply it on small burns and mosquito bites.

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There are so many ways that you can use baby products from diaper bag. The fact that these products are devoid of artificial elements, made of natural ingredients, gentle on the skin, free of allergy and keeps the skin in its natural elements makes it a hit with adults.

For a mother, it is an added boon. On a busy day when you are running from pillar to post trying to take care of kids, these make up hacks that you can borrow from your child’s diaper bag makes the whole task simpler and quicker.

So, use these hacks from diaper bag and ensure to take care of yourself along with your baby. Remember your baby will be happy only if you are happy.

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19 thoughts on “Steal These 5 Products From Your Baby’s Diaper Bag and See The Difference

  1. Shubhreet

    Haha… what a cool post! I loved it… I used baby oil to remove eye make up but will try out all the other tips for sure now. Awesome hacks!

  2. Deepa

    Thats a great idea and I actually used baby oil for my dry skin. Who says we moms can’t use them for our skin and hair? 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #MMM 🙂

  3. BeautyMommies

    Loved reading this!!

    I swear by baby oil for removing makeup and giving my skin that much needed moisture! 🙂 Makes a good shaving base too!! :))
    Baby powder can also be used on your lashes to give them a fuller lash effect! I do this all the time, saves me time and hassle of putting on falsies!!

  4. Papri Ganguly

    Baby oil, wipes and powder is must for me. Baby oil and wipes are use to remove my makeup and use baby powder for setting my foundation. Innovative post.


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