Skin Care in Rainy Season (For All Skin Types)



Skin care in rainy season


  Monsoon skincare routine for every women  – Monsoon takes a toll on the immune system of our body and the risks of infections are always on the higher side.  Hope you already follow these simple tips to look beautiful.


One might have to deal with stomach issues, respiratory problems, skin infections and more.


All mothers especially the breastfeeding ones always need to be careful for their babies and themselves.

Babies skin is soft and so baby and mother’s skin care in rainy season becomes essential.

If you are fit, your baby will also be hail and hearty.

Downpour is definitely a relief but you must change your skincare habits with altering season.

Women generally manage work and home; they get very less time for self-care.

I have a daily routine for my skin care but skin care in rainy season needs some extra care which you should not miss.


Below presenting complete information as per your skin type so that you get  healthy and glowing skin in the rainy season.

A guide for your skin care in rainy season.



Dry skin is good only for the summers otherwise skin when not hydrated looks rough and uneven.

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Dry skin is the result of lack of vitamins and minerals. During the monsoon this skin type is more prone to infections and gives you an aged look.

Best face wash for rainy season is water. Drink as much as water as possible and wash your face with the same, you body will be free from toxins and the skin will remain hydrated.

Consume fruits and especially the ones that have Vitamin C.



skin care in rainy season


Buy only hydrating products, those manufactured only for dry skin and not the ones for normal skin.

A lot of women who have dryness tend to order products for normal skin types.

Mothers who are breastfeeding tend to have excess dryness and you simply cannot do without a moisturizer, a day cream and a night cream.

On applying moisturizer generously, your skin will be soft and tender from inside out.

Do not use toners that have alcohol base instead use rose water.

HOMEMADE FACE PACK – Pomegranate seeds have Vitamin C and lot of                                                                    antioxidants which helps to revitalize dry skin.


**Mix two tbsp of pomegranate seed paste and a cup of raw oatmeal. Mix a tbsp of buttermilk and honey. Apply on the face and neck, leave for 20 minutes and rinse off.**

Facial recommended – Chocolate


 TIP:  Always apply a cream base sunscreen



You can never have same skin conditions on a permanent basis but you can definitely follow a daily regime to take care of the skin.

Monsoon means there is lot of humidity in the air and it’s bad for oily skin.

It’s good to rinse your face with an oil-control face wash 3-4 times a day.


skin care in rainy season


Use an ideal facial scrub daily or every alternate day to keep the pores free from blockages and to remove the dead cells.

To control excess oil secretion, use hot water to wash your face.


Homemade Pack – Home remedies are the best.

**So you can make a pack of besan, curd, papaya, honey, lavender oil and lemon, apply it for 20 minutes and wash off. Do this twice a week for visibly clearer skin.**

Facial recommended – Aloevera

 TIP – Use toothpaste of calamine on pimples and leave overnight.                 Discover beautiful skin next day.




There are many women who have a combination skin with the T-zone oily and rest of the face dry.

Use a cleanser and a moisturizer for the dry zone and for the oily zone it is cleanser, scrubber and toner.

For the monsoon season use an anti-bacterial face washes if you have an itchy skin.


skin care in rainy season


After washing your face do not rub hard with the towel, just pat dry. Use face packs only meant for combination or normal skin.

  Homemade Pack – Blend a cup of strawberries; add a cup of yoghurt and a tbsp  of honey. Apply, keep 20 minutes and rinse off.

 Facial recommended – Fruit


 TIP: Carry wet wipes in your purse




Women tend to concentrate more on the face, leaving out the rest of the body.

Body care is no less important because your hands, legs and feet are all a part of your body and it’s good to maintain those as well.

Use soaps that do not rip off natural moisture, milk base soap are good for all skin or you can use shower gels for an extra fresh feeling.



Do you take care of your underarms?   The skin there is very soft and can easily get rough with shaving, cream hair removal or waxing.

1. Apply a cleanser, scrubber and light moisturizer.

2. Use a deodorant that comes with natural moisturizer for softer and supple underarms.

3. If your body skin is dry or normal, massage body oil after bath or before going to bed.




Skin becomes very much prone to damage during the rainy season therefore try to avoid any kind of heavy makeup.

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Do not forget to use a BB or a CC cream with SPF, pat compact powder, wear kajal and a light lipstick.


skin care in rainy season

Remain simple if you are going out daily during the monsoons.




It’s very important to do a pedicure and manicure twice a month, especially if you are going out in the rains.


skin care in rainy season


You can wear close shoes but it’s also important to let your feet breathe.

Along with monsoon skin care please do not forget your nails.

During the monsoon nails become very brittle, apply nail colors to protect your nails and remain stylish.

Look at Some simple nail art ideas for busy moms


skin care in rainy season

So friends these are some skin care dos and don’ts during raining season.

Hope now you are not worrying about skin care in rainy season.

Experience the beautiful rains without worrying about your skin.


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  1. Rakhi Parsai

    Wow, this is such a holistic posts. I loved all the solutions and suggestions. We actually tend to forget taking care of our skin with changing weather. And it’s a must for us to be careful about pampering our skin. I am sure going to follow this blog posts for skin care.

  2. Jiya B

    This is so good. Infact as a baby’s Skin is required to be soft so is mom’s . And during this humid temerature. your post is a boon.

  3. Hena Jose

    Seriously speaking I use same products round the year and then wonder what’s wrong with skin. Thank you for this post. Will be more careful this time

  4. Safiyah

    Face pack made with strawberry, yogurt and honey sounds too tempting that I would not only apply it on my face but also eat it :). Btw this was such a wonderful post.

  5. Shub

    Rains in India make everything so magical. Even skin starts looking refreshed. Thanks for highlighting the products that we should use to make skin look even better.

  6. Snigdha

    Very nice post.. You have covered all skin type needs… I have normal-dry skin type and keeping skin hydrated is really important… Drinking water is a good option as you have mentioned…

  7. Aesha Shah

    I have a dry skin type. I shall try and incorporate your suggestions in my daily skin care routine.

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    An extremely useful and informative post. You have covered all the points. It is a bit tricky to take care of the skin during monsoons but you have discussed it well.

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    My skin is a combination one and I am sure these tips will help me alot to keep my skin healthy. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Anubhuti Seth

    First and foremost look ravishing in that pic…
    You little tips are must to follow …thanks for covering the tips for combined skin type too as these are rare…and I have one…

  11. Nayantara Hegde

    Your make up bag looks kinda like mine. Compact,, Lakme 9 to 5 CC and kajal. Maybe a neutral lip balm. This works well for me for all seasons. I have very oily skin and it is a pain in summers. Will try some home remedies from your list here.


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