Raise Independent Child – My Parenting Mantra

              My  Parenting Mantra  –  Raise an Independent Child

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Today I am sharing My Parenting Mantra –  Raise Independent Child.

Before i share my views to raise independent child let me
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Raise Independent Child: Specialists dealing with child psychology hold the opinion that children are like a lump of clay you can mold them in any form you desire.

In other words, the first few years of your child is an extremely impressionable stage of life.

Set a parenting mantra for yourself at this stage and raise independent child.


raise independent child


Whatever you do has a direct or indirect effect on your child.

Humans by nature are nurturers and they will always try various ways and means to pamper and take care of their loved ones.


However, it is important that somewhere we draw a line and raise independent child.

I believe in making our kids independent from an early age and so i set my parenting mantra around and i raise independent child.

This is not only beneficial for them but also for us. With 2 kids at home there are times when I want to tear my hair off.

That is when I realize that if we teach our kids small ways to be independent it helps them as well us makes our job of parenting easier.

I believe in raising an independent child and here are my parenting mantras that help me achieve the same.



I realized that I was still treating my 5 year old girl like a baby. She was going to school and I was still packing her bags.

I realized that my little one is more than capable of doing this on her own but the only reason why she was not doing the same was “ Me “.

To change this I have stopped treating her like a small baby and ask her to pack her school stuff herself.

Agreed, that I used to supervise her initially but post that she does it on her own. Guess what !! I do not even need to remind her and she does many of the jobs so well.

Some of the tasks includes:

  1. Setting her own cupboard.
  2. Put shoes back to their place.
  3. Hang uniform on hanger after coming from school.
  4. Put her bag at place
  5. Water the plants
  6. Polish shoes for school
  7. Packing bag for school and
  8. Making her bed.






raise independent child


As parents we can often become extremely overbearing. We have to realize when it is time for the kids to start doing tasks.

Make them a list of To Do and ask them to do the same daily. This list can include small stuff like tying shoe laces, folding their clothes and putting them at their defined place and so on.

 raise independent child


When we are assigning a task to our children we should try and encourage them.

So what if they took 20 minutes extra to pack their bags, the fact that they are doing by themselves.

Always encourage them so that they get motivated.

raise independent child

When you are assigning a particular task to them tell them why you are assigning them the same.

I sat down with my daughter and made  her understand that she is old and responsible now and I am sorry for treating her as a small kid.

I told her that I knew in my heart that she can do tasks like making her own bed at night.



This small pep talk made her feel important and ever night without fail she makes her own bed.

Also, the best part being she enjoys doing the chore as she feels important doing the same.




Another thing I consciously try and avoid doing is to micromanage my kids.

As adults we have a tendency of always being on the lookout of our kids.

We do not realize but at times we might end up being a tad bit overbearing in nature.

Kids might get intimidated by our constant monitoring.

It is important that we give them space and also allow them to do the task at their own pace.




this is another problem with us parents when we leave a chore to be done by the kids we must be realistic in terms of the results.

Like, when I ask my little one to sort out the dirty clothes from the clean one’s I am prepared that the results will not be 100 % accurate.

Be realistic that this job is done by a 5 year old girl and not an adult.

The fact that they are doing the chore by themselves is what makes the difference and what actually matters in the long run.


You know what drives your kids to take responsibilities and finish the task at hand – a word of praise from you.

So, ensue that you always praise your baby.

Encourage them at whatever they do. No matter how sloppy the results are ensure that you praise them.

Sit down with them later and show them another way to do the chore that will be easier and simpler.


There are many ways of parenting.
Various people across the world are known to follow various schools of parenting.

Ensure that you choose the mantra for your kids that would suit them.

Keep in mind that every child is unique and each one will react to a way of teaching in a different manner.

So here was my parenting mantra on Raising  Independent child.

Do share yours with me too and i hope  you enjoyed reading my parenting mantra – raising independent child?


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48 thoughts on “Raise Independent Child – My Parenting Mantra

  1. Shub

    Ah! Do not micromanage…Such an important reminder…Seriously kids are much more capable than what we think.

  2. Zainab

    All the tips are good and I agree that constant monitoring makes the child doubt himself!
    Good write!

  3. Joshita JJ

    All the above mentioned points are important parenting tips. I have always admired your parenting style and how maturely you handle everything. Great post Minakshi…

  4. Anamika

    Awesome !!! To be honest I give a freedom and encourage my boy whatever he want to do. This helps a lot to learn and explore things. Nice read ??

  5. Papri Ganguly

    Excellent post. I have described every point so realistic way. Good parenting tips every time.

  6. Sayeri

    Nice post!!, I agreed with you. It helps them to be more responsible. My kid is 2.5 yrs old. I also give him small small work to do and the funny thing is, kids are super enthusiastic, they can do a work 100 times better than us.

  7. Misha jain

    meenakshi i totally support your mantra, and u know i followed same too.
    but now its so tough.. they wanna do everything themselves yaa..
    even doing back buttons 🙁
    it takes hours to dress them up now

  8. Snigdha

    Loved reading it… Beautiful pictures. And agree with you that we should allow kids to do theirvown works by themselves… I too follow that for my 4years old…

  9. Kavita Singh

    What a wonderful tips you have shared. I am sure each parent want their kids to be independent and I agree many times unintentionally we do their work even when they are fully capable of doing so. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. dipika singh

    That’s a masterpiece here I would say. loved it thoroughly from the pictures to all the pivot points you mentioned here.
    Make them independent not for us to have some free time but for their own development, I have been doing it since last 6 months or so.. doing simple stuff like cleaning up your own toy area, keeping shoes, uniform, used dishes etc … now it’s becoming a habit for her.
    Lovely and realisticly adoptable post Minakshi.

  11. Geethica Mehra

    These are very appropriate points and I have been practising almost all. But there are gender differences, my girl used to listen to me and was obedient enough to do her things herself. But my boy doesn’t like doing things himself. I have be after him to let him practise doing things independently.

  12. Nayantara Hegde

    This was a great read. I am so impressed by this and want to follow the same. Doing self work is not something that kids should shy away from. It teaches a lot of important skills and is also a great way to showing them to be responsible. And yes you are right, sometimes mommying is about tearing hair out. I better begin quickly.

  13. Rakhi Parsai

    Lovely posts Minakshi. I especially loved the point where you are focusing on the fact that we should not micromanage our kids. It’s very very important. Also, one more thing that I really liked is the fact that the result should not matter much to us once a task is assigned to a child as it can’t be 100% to our satisfaction and after all, they are just kids. I totally agree with you that we need to raise an independent child.

  14. Prisha Lalwani

    i loved reading your post! I have always strived to make my kids independent s well – and i can agree – two kids can mke you tear your hair off for sure 😀

  15. Manisha Garg

    I think Minakshi this is very important, helps the child also in long run. When they have to work for themselves it would be their habit and not a forced thing.

  16. Crystal Green

    I think this is an ideal way to raise our kids. I strive to make sure that they are independent. I think I hoover to much and micro manage more than I should. I’m working on fixing that issue.

  17. Perzen

    It’s so important to let go and allow kids to make mistakes while doing their chores because thats the only way they will learn. I know I used to love ironing as a kid for much the same reason!

  18. preetjyot kaur

    That’s what i strive to do as well..Thanks for sharing ur tips … My girls are quite independent for their age and i feel it’s d best thing that i could do for them…
    I’m glad u wrote about this so others could benefit too..

  19. Snehalata jain

    I realised that I m making angel very dependent on Me, I liked as u said let her pack her own bag which I neve tried. Hope it helps

  20. Neha Gupta

    Excellent post dear ☺️ I completely agree with you on making our kids independent.. The best thing we can teach them is to be independent. To be able to help themselves and do their tasks and to be there when they need or ask us for help.. This is something that I follow with my toddler as well ☺️

  21. Smita

    Loved reading this and I agree to all you said, specially I agree that we should try and raise independent children. Give them importance and treat them as per their age. Let them do things And also appreciate them. This is how we can hope to raise confident children. Very well written


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