My Skin Care Routine Which All Moms Can Follow

skin care routine



Once kids are born, life takes a 360-degree turn.

We are so engrossed in taking care of our child’s needs and taking care of their welfare, that we almost start to ignore and neglect ourselves.

Agreed that being a full-time mom is a herculean task but remember, that you need to take diligent care of yourself too. A simple skin care routine should always be practiced.

If you are a slouchy and unkempt mom then your frustration and unhappiness will have a negative impact on the kids. If you feel tired and energy less often


On the other hand, if you are a happy and well-kept mommy then you will be surprised to see how happy your kids turn out to be.

I know exactly what is going on in your mind. You must be thinking as to who does not want to take care of themselves and follow a skin care routine but who has the TIME?

Well, squeeze out a few minutes from your super busy schedule. Here are some time saving recipes for you in case you are looking for.


Try them and save some time for yourself. You will see the difference these changes will make to your whole being.

Here Are Tips On Skin Care Routine For Super Moms With Hyper Kids


No matter how hectic your schedule must be ensuring that you diligently follow the Cleansing toning and moisturizing schedule.

No matter what your age or skin type might be a proper and regular CTM is what will help you flaunt a well- kept and glowing skin in the long run.


I personally use the Body Shop Tea Tree skin clearing face wash. Though ideally it is best suited for oily skin.

I have seen it work wonders on all kind of skin type. I have a normal skin and assure you that the face wash works great on me.

It is mild and has pure tea tree extracts that works on the skin and ensures that no rash, boil or acne sprouts out. Also, the best part being that it does not over dry your skin and retains its PH balance.

This is a crucial step in skin care and one that cannot be skipped or missed. When we cleanse our skin, our skin pores open.

As a result, a lot of dirt and grime gets easily attracted to our skin and clogs our open pores.

This may trigger acne, black heads or white heads. To avoid such situations, it is important that we tone our skin.

skin care routine

I personally use the Lotus Rose Tone Facial Toner. It is made cv with pure rose extracts and helps to close the open pores. It also smells of fresh rose petals that makes the skin smell good.


Noe, moisturizing helps in sealing the skin after cleansing and toning. It helps to nourish the skin.

However, I believe that with age just a moisturizer will not work. I noticed that post-delivery my skin started developing tiny dark spots.

Went to my doctor and she said it might be due to hormonal changes. To combat these small spots, I use an Arish Spot Corrector.

This is made of natural ingredients like sandalwood and is supposed to help to lighten the spots on your skin.


Also, after a long and tiring day of running behind kids, I realized that my skin loses the luster required.

To replenish the glow, I use an Arish Green Tea Anti-Oxidant Serum. This green tea serum helps to soothe the skin and detoxify it. Other than CTM follow these tips to look beautiful this summer.




Just taking care of my face is not enough. During pregnancy, the skin stretches and you will realize that post pregnancy, the skin still does not regain the lost glow and youth.

The skin on your arms, stomach and legs look a bit saggy, tired and dry. It is equally important to take care of these parts of your body also.

I use an ubtan mix. An ubtan is an age-old skin ritual that is a concoction of everything good like sandalwood, rose petals, multani and so on.

I make a paste of this ubtan powder with milk and apply it all over my body. I keep it on for a few minutes before washing it off with water.

With regular use, I noticed that the dryness disappeared and the glow came back.

Also, after application of ubtan, I apply coconut oil all over my body. This virgin coconut oil helps to replenish my skin with lost moisture.

You can browse amazon or big basket for pure virgin coconut oil and Ubtan.



Also, on days when I have slightly more time in hand than others, I apply a facial pack made of natural ingredients like sandalwood, honey and so on. This weekly face mask helps my skin to rejuvenate from within.

Again, I pick up homemade face packs of mint leaves and masoor daal.. You can get the recipe here:
1. Mint Leaves Face Pack 
2. Masoor Daal Face Pack


These are simple beauty regimes and skin care routine for busy moms like me with Kids. Trust me all it takes is a few minutes but with regular use it makes a lot of difference in the way your skin looks.

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