Essential Safety Measures For Kids During Rainy Season

Essential Safety Measures For Kids During Rainy Season

Safety Measures For Kids During Rainy Season


Rain is such a relief after the scorch summers.

Children love to sit by the window and watch the incessant rains, the clouds floating by, the birds getting wet, colorful umbrellas while enjoying the cool breeze.

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Moms have to be very careful during the wet season because it’s the time for bacterial infections, viral diseases and other water borne sicknesses takes place most.


Along with child care you should not miss your skin care and hair care as they are most vulnerable during monsoon.

Precautions to be taken during rainy season should cover whole family and not just kids.


Children are very much susceptible to such illnesses. Monsoon is enticing till your family is fit and fine. So here are a few essential safety measures for kids during rainy season:



 Typhoid is a very common disease of the rainy season and it happens because kids tend to consume contaminated water.

Do not buy packed juices, no lassis and other outside drinks but give them only filtered water.

Cook fresh hygienic food and wash vegetables very nicely.

If you are a non vegetarian, do wash fish, chicken and meat very nicely with lukewarm water.

Do not allow them to have fruits that had been cut hours ago but serve instantly after slicing.

Avoid eating outside in hotels and restaurants during this season.

The rate of digestion gets slow during the monsoons therefore it’s good to offer foods rich in antioxidants.

Give them a balanced diet and avoid too much fried food.

Use Indian herbs like ginger, garlic, turmeric and other essential herbs in your child’s diet. Include these healthy tips in rainy season and welcome monsoon.

Do not feed any sort raw servings like different types of salads, chances of contamination are more. We should avoid these food items in rainy season.




Do not feed your kids leafy vegetables as those might contain worms, dirt, larvae. Rainy season and our safety is very important.

Try feeding your kids, bitter gourd at least 2 times a week. Make sure they wash hands before eating food.




 Keep your homes clean and make sure there is no water accumulation around or inside the house.

Use disinfectants while cleaning floors, toilets and bathrooms.

Keep shoes and damp clothes in the balcony or near the store room. Give your kid a bath with antibacterial soap.


First of all water is very essential in the raining season to keep your children hydrated and to ensure the body is flushing out toxins rightly.

Kids get dehydrated soon in the rainy season because the sweating on the body takes time for evaporation.

Give fresh prepared juices and water to drink in plenty as a Safety Measures For Kids During Rainy Season. Serve only filtered and boiling water, do not compromise on it.

Mothers who are breastfeeding must also drink purified water for all good.



 Safety Measures For Kids During Rainy Season never completes without foot care. Foot care is very important for children who goes out to school.

Make sure they are not walking into dirty puddles, the chances of infection gets higher.

If the shoes get wet, remove immediately to prevent cold and fungal infections.

Wash the shoes and socks and hang them to dry.





No leather shoes but they can wear sandals but its best to wear baby boots to keep the feet protected.

Make them wear very light cotton clothes and use talcum powder regularly.

Wash clothes in Dettol or Savlon once a week.


A grandmother’s tip: If your kid comes back home with wet foot, give them hot haldi milk to drink and massage their foot with mustard oil.


Safety Measures For Kids During Rainy Season includes Newborns and very infants too, can take bath 3 days a week during the monsoons but use a baby soap and shampoo once a week for sure.

Do not use direct tap water, its cold. Keep bath sessions very short. It’s good to give your baby an oil massage before bath and if possible before bedtime.

Make them wear light clothes, use a light blanket, switch on the fan or AC and they will be comfortable.

Sterilize feeding bottles and boiling water is a must. Use a sanitizer before preparing baby food and follow these baby hygiene tips.



Children are at a high risk of getting infected by water borne diseases and babies as well because they are unable to protect themselves.

This is how you can keep these diseases away:

  • Use mosquito repellents and nets

  • Cover buckets and tubs in your home

  • There should be no standing water around the house

  • Dispose garbage properly and there should not be accumulation to prevent flies.

  • Keep doors and windows closed when necessary.

If your kid goes to swimming, check the water and follow these guidelines to keep kids safe in swimming pool


Apart from water borne, there are AIR BORNE DISEASES as well caused due to dampness. Here is how you can stay protected:

  • Teach them to use a handkerchief when they have cold and cover their nose when someone beside sneezes.

  • Washing hands

  • Family members with cold and flu must get immediate treatment.




Doctors are best friends and this is true especially when we are managing babies and toddlers.

It’s good to take the necessary vaccination for seasonal changes and this is a must Safety Measures For Kids During Rainy Season.

There are vaccines of flu, typhoid, hepatitis A and pneumonia, you must take these.

Keep medicines of cough and cold, fever and stomach upset handy, you might need anytime.

Take doctor’s advice. Home remedies to prevent cough and cold is also very effective.

Syrup made of boiling tulsi leaves, pepper and ginger is great for sore throat.




So these are some simple tips for rainy season. Prevention is better than cure so parents must always be aware of changing seasons and must know how to cope up.

We are here for you dear parents!! Also do not miss to read baby center guideline on monsoon care.


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  1. Dipika

    That cover all mom woes during rainy season and i swear by haldi-waala doodh for immunity & mild fever/cold.
    Very informative post.

  2. Snigdha

    You have covered everything… I think all the tips also essential for adults… I completely agree with the grandmother’s tip, haldi wala milk is really effective during monsoon…

  3. Sangeeta G

    I always ensure that one washes their hands and feet every time after coming back home. This reduces the chance of any infection spreading through dirty hands/legs. This holds good so much more during monsoons.

  4. Papri Ganguly

    Very well written. You have pointed out every thing so clearly here. Must check out post for every mother.

  5. Ingrid Snydal

    Excellent care ideas for any area that sees a lot of moisture and humidity that leads to bacteria sitting for long periods of time. Not all of these concerns apply in my area of the world but certainly they are things that every home needs to be mindful of. Wonderful ideas, thank you!

  6. michele

    We do not have monsoon season here in the US. I enjoyed your post and learning a little more about life in another culture. You sound like a wise mom who is doing all of the right things to protect her children!


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