Softsens Baby Care Products – REVIEW

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Softsens Baby Care Products – A REVIEW


Being a mother is both exciting and overwhelming. Exciting because you see your baby play, grow, learn, & adapt.

It’s overwhelming because in this whole process of transformation from a baby to a kid & kid to an adult; you want to ensure your baby has the best of everything. Being a mother myself, most times, I am apprehensive about trying out new products for my baby.

I recently received a package from Softsens which had their entire range of baby products. The packaging was very impressive, and they inserted a lovely note which made my day!

For all my readers who are not familiar with the brand, Softsens is a recently established baby product company based in Mumbai. All their products are natural, safe, not tested on animals, and are made out of the best organic materials.

The package that I received contained eight baby products which were:

  • Baby Lotion

  • Baby Oil

  • Baby Cream

  • Baby Powder

  • Baby Milk Bar

  • Baby Wipes

  • Baby Wash

  • Baby Shampoo

I have tried out all their products on my kids, and I was delighted with the results. All their products are very gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritation.


Baby Powder


The baby powder costs Rs. 110 for 200g, and it is worth the money. It keeps my baby’s skin dry and clean.

It is formulated to ensure less friction on the body which avoids irritation even on hot and humid days. It is enriched with olive oil and clove lead extracts that give a cooling effect.


Baby Cream, Baby Wash and Lotion

Softsens Baby Products - Body Lotion


The baby wash, baby lotion & the baby cream, all of them, are rich in shea butter which helps to keep the baby’s body soft and supple.

There are no added laxatives which is definitely a positive. The natural milk in the lotion helps keep the skin nourished and healthy.


Baby Milk Bar and Shampoo

The Milk bar is formulated to leave your baby’s skin soft and smooth because of the rich content of milk cream and shea butter. Not just that, it is also non-greasy which is a bonus.

The baby shampoo is definitely worth all the money because it is a tear-free formula which keeps your baby’s eyes safe and does not cause any irritation. It is very gentle on the scalp and keeps it healthy and moisturized.


Baby Oil and Baby Wipes

Softsens Baby Products - Softsens Oil and Wipes

Softsens Baby Products – Softsens Oil and Wipes

The baby oil & baby wipes are probably my go-to products. I always use baby oil after my baby’s bath to ensure his skin is soft and moisturized. Softsens baby oil is rich in Vitamin E and olive extracts which help keep the skin well-nourished and healthy.

The baby wipes is infused with lotion & Vitamin E extracts. The texture is thick and free of paraben & alcohol. The package is the best fit for trips. I also carry them in my bag for short outings and use them on a regular basis.

The entire baby package kit by Softsens is one of the best in the market at the moment. They are also very affordable which makes it a great buy.

The products are very gentle and mild on the baby’s skin which is exactly what I was looking for in a baby brand.

Softsens has found a loyal customer in me. I will continue using their products and would definitely recommend their products to all of you.

You can buy their products from their official website where they offer amazing weekly deals. Their products are also available on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, First Cry and Nykaa.

Have you tried their products? Let us know in the comment section.


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28 thoughts on “Softsens Baby Care Products – REVIEW

  1. Jiya B

    This is a new in Indian market. I would love to get the products from Softsens for my kids. Your reviews are always helpful for your followers like me as we get to know about good brands. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Papri Ganguly

    This brand has all the baby care products and the packaging is beautiful and study. thank you for introducing a new promising brand.


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