Globetrotters Box(France) – Review

GlobeTrotters Box Review

Like most of the parents i too want to travel the world with my kids.

One Sunday noon we both husband and wife were discussing about how raising  kids as global citizen helps and what we could do to practice the same with our kids.

Looks like someone was listening as next day i got a call from Globetrotters.


globetrotters box monthly activity boxes for kids

globetrotters box monthly activity boxes for kids




GlobeTrotters Box is a monthly learning subscription box in India, for kids aged 4 to 12.

GlobeTrotters Box help kids learn about different countries by encouraging their creativity and curiosity.

The activities are fun, engaging and easy for kids to learn about geography around the globe.

I find the box a great opportunity for travel lovers parents and kids to explore the world, country by country with Globetrotters Box.




globetrotters box monthly activity boxes for kids

globetrotters box monthly activity boxes for kids


  1. Welcome note and plenty of stickers.

  2. A very good sized World Map

  3. Water colors, brushes

  4. DIY kits

  5. Wooden puzzles, stickers

  6. Eiffel Tower miniature

  7. French memory card game

  8. French Napoleon Hat

  9. Skier Activity – Popsicle pipes, glue, stick, pin




globetrotters box monthly activity boxes for kids

globetrotters box monthly activity boxes for kids


After having initial discussion over email,  Globetrotters Box team suggested France Activity Box for my daughter.

 I received the packet within 2 days after sending confirmation email. Packaging was perfect and the box was filled with so many goodies to keep your kids engage for good no of day.

I personally liked the World Map a lot. We pasted it in my girl’s room and now a days her favorite activity is to ask everyone about a new country.

My girl painted the eiffel tower and it now sits peacefully on her study table. She was not able to make the hat so we have to intervene.

The passport is her favorite as she has yet to get a real passport. She pasted her picture and proudly flaunt it.

These tiny things make kids happy and also keep them engaged.

Glad that Globetrotters Box designed their subscription boxes by doing enough market research and case studies which is clearly visible from the activities each subscription boxes contains.

The box is good enough to keep kids occupied for a good 1 month until their next subscription box comes. I find this the best subscription box for kids to be available in India.

The wooden puzzles are amazing that even i enjoyed.


She was not able to make castle so we called her friend.
See how beautiful castle they had made together while we moms had chit-chat over a cuppa coffee without any disturbance.


Overall we had a happy, fun play time with Globetrotters Box.

I as a parent would highly recommend Globetrotters Box to kids above 4 years.

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Disclaimer: We received Globe Trotters Box for review. The opinions expressed are totally mine though.


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13 thoughts on “Globetrotters Box(France) – Review

  1. Jiya B

    I loved their concept. Infact the activity box as everything in it. Kids enyoyed it to the sore. And My daughter shows her work to all We got Australia Box. France will try soon.

  2. Hena Jose

    Thank you very much for introducing GlobeTrotters Box. This is for sure is a great way to teach kids about countries and facts, without making it boring. I remember how I had to struggle with geography lessons. Wish I had access to these kind of stuff then…..

  3. Snigdha

    Wow… The box is awesome for kids.. In fact I am in love with the stuffs inside… Now I want one or my son… It’s a very goood option for kids to explore…

  4. Lancelam

    Hi there,
    I was really looking for a detailed step by step guide to do this because I was really confused about doing this.
    Thanks a lot, buddy.
    Keep posting good stuff. Cheers.

  5. Dipika

    Learning boxes concept is really smart and picking up well in India, I am so happy to see little ones getting adapted to more of activity time and less in front of TV and Mobile games.
    Lovely review I would definitely have one of these for my little one.

  6. Shub

    Fun no to watch them explore the world with such subscription boxes?!! Lots of useful stuff they have packed in the box.


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