As promised i am here with something exciting.  Yay its RAKSHA BANDHAN CONTEST now


Mommystimeline.com and IGP.com brings you a fun RAKSHA BANDHAN CONTEST

 Just answer these questions and 2 lucky winners will get a chance to win INR 1000 Gift Voucher from IGP.com. 

So come and participate in RAKSHA BANDHAN CONTEST below:


QUESTION1:  A fight with your sibling which you still remember?





QUESTION 2:  Gift received from sibling which you cherish the most?




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  1. Ruchi Sahil Garg

    Following you both already on all platforms.
    * I would love to share my fight with my younger bro who is so calm most of the times. And I have always been the naughtiest of all in the family. I always used to threaten him to get his things. Once I fought with him over the last piece of pani-puri. He was also not the same (he used to be) that day. He pulled my hair very badly. And I punched him very hard on his face. That fight turned worst that everybody has to step in to stop us. 😂😂

    * The gift I have got from my sibling and I really cherish the most is that Once he organized a big party for all of my friends in college by saving all his pocket money. He used to be pursuing B. Tech in those days and I was in MBA in the same Institute.
    This gesture of him has really strengthened our bond of love and care. 👫

  2. Ankita mishra

    #IGPSiblingRivalry As a kid my little brother who is three years younger than me was very naughty, I remember this incident when I was about nine, my dad bought me a Barbie Doll that had wonderful blonde hair. On the day after my father gifted the doll when I returned from school anxious to play with it, I was shocked to see the Barbie completely bald. My brother with a pair of scissors had chopped the hair off the doll, and as if to add insult to injury, started grinning sheepishly looking at my shocked expressions. We fought like cats and dogs and because he was tiny and I was tall he had this dirty habit of biting whenever we fought, I retaliated scratching his face, and because the scratches showed on his face I was the one that faced the brunt of my mom’s anger. But in spite of our squabbles, there was an abundance of love between the two of us, two days before Rakhsha Bandhan he always bothered my mom asking her money, so that he could buy a gift for me, the trend still continues this day.

  3. Hena Jose

    Following you and IGP.
    Q1: My brother is 11 years younger to me. So my relationship with him is much above a sister and more close to mother. It doesn’t mean that we never fought. We used to fight for small things. I used to have an antique knife with me which my grandmom gave me. It was priceless for me. One day my brother picked it up from my drawer. I fought with him for that whole day and got it back. Then on another occasion I myself gave it to him as gift.

    Q2: He is my little brother and for my birthdays he used to give me little and cute gifts. I have a small tiger soft toy still with me which he gave for my 20th birthday. I must say this year I got MotoGEplus….

  4. Swati Bhargava

    Ans1- We as siblings fight a lot. I remember two fights of my childhood days 1) when I use to cherish my huge doll collection and my brother has a habit to remove their heads, arms, and legs to which v fight with mouth, hands, hairs, throwing object, & whatever one can think of. Our mother use to scold us ” kambakhto sudhar jao was her pet dialogue and v ended up laughing.2) we use to fight over Maggie and try to get more than each other. V fight with our forks if caught stealing Maggie from others bowl. Usually end up with broken bowls or spilling on floor.

    Ans- 2 my brother gifted me a watch from his prize money in badminton championship. It was the best day for my brother & best memory for me. I was so happy as he thought of gifting me instead of buying anything for himself. I still cherish that watch which brings tears to my eyes till date.
    From all the ups & down I completely rely on my brother & after marriage is my bff cum support system

  5. sumita

    Brother is someone with whom you can share your joy your sorrow. My brother is my pillar of strength. We share a unique bond we used to fight like terrorist as he always called me moti we always had a huge fight over TV Remote,Cycle or any common toy .I always call him copycat as he copy my style just to make fun he tease me for everything . He used to irritate me annoy me a lot always,He used to Follow me around and stare at me wherever I go he act like a spy agent but these fight makes our relationship more stronger. I always taunt him mom picked you from drainage and he always get angry Maggie is the prime reasons of our fight he finished his Maggie very fast then stare my Maggie like bhukad and always says give me one spoon .

    the best gift he gave me was cute little miniature toy erasers that too packed in empty match box he saved his pocket money these erasers are still with me

  6. Suruchi Aggarwal

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway mam….Following you both😊😊

    👉My both brothers are younger than me. My youngest brother was very naughty in his childhood days. Whenever we saw movie together then after that he become Hero of that movie and predicted me as a Villian😄😄 He fighted with me just like real movie scene. Once time as usual he was fighting with me and during fighting he gave me punch in my stomach. As a result of this I got stomach ache. I had to go to doctor. He was very scared by seeing this. My father scolded him very badly. Then he felt sorry. I hugged him👫👫 and said “IT’S OK..NEXT TIME MAIN HI HERO BANUNGI AUR TUJHE VILLIAN BANANA PADEGA”. Everyone laughed loudly 😃😃 This is the incident I remember and cherish now…love you bro to the moon & back☺☺

    👉The best gift I got my brother was money for my Manali Tour. Our school organised KULLU MANALI TOUR after Raksha bandhan. My father refused me to go on tour. He said you are small now so you can’t go. I cried most😢😢. My brother was seeing this. On Raksha Bandhan when I tied rakhi on his wrist then he gave me 600 Rupees from his pocket money and said “Didi TU JA TOUR PAR MAIN PAISE DE RAHA HOON”. My all family was there. When my father saw this then he gave me permission to go on my Manali Tour😊😊 Really I am very lucky to have u in my life.👼👼😊😊

  7. Navdeep inder bamrah

    **We are three siblings and we used to fight with each other for tv remote…. My dad fixed our turn for 2 days each…. And the day who had turned was feeling like boss and other two request boss for favourite tv shows and blackmailing and emotional attyachar got started…
    **And the best gift my brothers gave me 1100 rs from their first salary… That’s was precious gift ever

  8. Sunita Katyal (@sunitakatyal)

    Ans 1) #IGPSiblingRivalry My brother Anil Trehan and me fought a lot in our childhood… My father used to bring Samosas and I wanted to eat them all there is always a fight over samosas and the other thing He used to fight to use the bathroom to bath first every morning as we had only one bathroom in our home 🙂
    Once accidentally My brother Anil Trehan broke a vase while playing and in order to save him from my father’s anger I lied that I had done it. In the evening my father came back home he started shouting at me. My brother felt so bad about it that on his own told my father that actually he had broken the vase. Seeing this beautiful bond between me and my brother of protecting each other, my father cooled down and was so happy that he hugged both of us tightly and completely forgot about the broken vase.

    Ans 2) #IGPSiblingRivalry When I was in fifth class one day my brother saw me crying lonely in my room.He came to my room and asked politely that what had happened to me and why I was crying.I told him that next day I have a maths exam for which I don’t know anything and I am sure to fail in that exam.My school teacher tries her best to explain me but I am unable to understand it.My brother took my maths books in his room and came back after couple of hours,he then spent next 2 hours explaining me my maths chapters in details with great Interest and care and helped me to prepare really well for my exam.I appeared for my maths exam the very next day morning & surprise!!! Surprise !!!scored 50 out of 50 in my maths exam.My teacher was surprised & praised me a lot .I came back home with a big smile on my face as my brother came back home from office .I hugged him tightly.He was too very happy to see her sister performed so well with his little effort.This incident
    is the most memorable and touching moment in my life.


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