PreSchool Preparation: How To Prepare Your Toddler for PreSchool




Preschool preparation  – Our kid’s transition to playschool will be easier if you come up with some interesting ideas and activities.

At this tender age, learning should not be a chore but fun-filled. We should know when our child is ready for preschool.


Start your preschool preparation by not letting your child first learn that preschool is a place where moms and dads leave them for an hour or so alone with the teachers.


Preschool preparation is about making new friends, learning new activities, playing with new objects, singing, dancing etc.  I started swimming classes for my daughter where other kids of her age were going.

Before school begins, pay a visit along with your child so that he/she gets familiar with the environment.


These days most of the children stay alone with nannies at home or maybe only moms, except for the ones staying in creches and that is why it is essential that you spend sometime in preschool preparation enfore enrolling your tiny tot for the same.

Once you feel its time for playschool, teach your child how to socialize. Take children to the parks, visit your friends, plan outings, get-together etc.

Teach them to share their goodies and foods with other children and play together.

This way they will gradually learn acceptance and tolerance and will ease you preschool preparation.




This is very important and you must do this consistently atleast a month before the preschool starts regularly.

An early morning waking up routine is good as the child gets time for brushing at ease, bathroom, breakfast, getting dressed and reaches school on time.

Make it a habit to say Good Morning everyday and your toddler must reciprocate as well.

By 8.30pm your kid must be on bed after saying prayers and wishing Goodnight to the family members.

This creases a sense of awareness among children.


Developing fine motor skills is very important; this is a part of their development.

Introduce your kid to alphabets, abacus, various shapes, animals, fruits so that they know how it feels holding the models.



You can give your child Play-Doh and they will do a lot of hand movement with those.

Reading to children atleast for 10 minutes is a good habit; it gives them interest in reading and story books.

Daily reading makes the child more composed, will boost creativity and give a lot of space for imagination.




School is always  little different from home therefore you must make sure your child cultivates the habit of eating and drinking a little independently.

You can plan an outing where your child carries backpack and a lunchbox inside. This will also give them a feel of independence and you would be able to raise an independent child.

Motivate him/her to unpack the lunchbox (with parents help) and gain some interest in picking up the favorite food first.

Give them sturdy sipper cups for drinking water and gradually introduce to water bottles.




Train them in using sanitizer, washing their hands before and after eating food.

Give them some baby wipes to use and tell them to practice using it and putting it in dustbin.


This will help them in initial days of play school.




Do not start preparing in too much advance because your kid needs time to grow and enjoy the freedom.

A month to a couple of weeks before joining preschool is perfect.

Gradually have a schedule at home and your child will automatically start adjusting in school.



Make sure your kid is toilet and potty trained before he/she joins playschool.

You might have to use diapers initially but pooping before going school is the best thing.

Teach your kids that they must use the school toilet which is same as the one at home. Kids require a lot of support and reassurance, provide them that.

The painful good-bye teaching
There are very few cases when babies do not cry on their first few days to playschool.

Remember, do not get emotional but teach your child to stay without you’re for a short period of time.

At home, you can leave the kid with the nanny and go out for few hours more which you usually did not do.

You can also leave kids with grandparents. Kids whose both parents are working are more or less used to this.

Teach hi-five, saying good-bye with a smiling face, something new that makes the parting happy.





Finally, on the first day do not take the risk of leaving your child behind alone even if he/she is not crying. You never know when they will start finding their parents.

Sit inside with the baby for a week, then you might have to sit inside for 15 minutes, then for 5 minutes and gradually within a month your child will feel good and very secure.

Make a promise of collecting him/her from the school really soon. Keeping the good-bye short, simple and sweet helps your child to control separation anxiety.

If its hot outside follow these summer safety tips to protect your toddler.


Parents must cooperate so that kids cope up with their first time in school and you see them adjusting to the environment very fast.

Playschool is a phase of rapid growth.

You just need to do a little preparation to build up confidence within your small one and it would be an overall harmonious experience.

This is the time when you need to focus on your child and rest everything can wait. Children have a beautiful world; try to make it even more beautiful.


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    My kid is 2.5 yrs old and I think good time for Playschool now. So planning for things. You cant imagine how much this content helped me. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    I was searching such posts before sarting my son’s schooling… The post is really helpful for moms to prepare their kids for schooling…


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