Pamper your skin in Spring season with these simple yet effective ways

Spring season-Pamper your skin

Said bye-bye to winter clothes?  All set in Spring mood?
Lets learn some ways to pamper the skin and welcome Spring season with your beautiful glowing skin.

This post is in series of my skin care resolutions i made for 2017

How? Yes, how is the question whenever we see a mother with a beautiful glowing skin because we mothers manage to take care of all the roles but skip our own care.
In fact, there are days when we don’t get time for even combing our hair, forget skin care, right?

But stop, you are heading in the wrong direction and this excuse can be harmful to your skin in long run. We are bestowed with beautiful skin and should certainly take care of it in every season, but right now let’s talk about spring season.

We feel blessed bidding adieu to heavy sweater and Jackets as spring season hops in. But this pleasant season can be very taxing on our skin if we don’t take care of it properly.  The air is still dry like winters making skin hard and dry leading to cracked and dried out skin.

The story doesn’t end here; the rising temperatures and heat of sun also endow us with skin burns, dead skin and other skin ailments.
Who doesn’t love hearing compliments from friends and family that you still don’t look like a mother?
So let us all gear up and stop giving vague justification for having a dull skin.

The most amazing part is that for maintaining your skin’s glow you don’t have to invest on expensive cosmetics, the treasure is enveloped in your very own home. So girls come on and rock this spring season –


  1. Say Bye Bye to dull skin with this simple scrub:

The dead cells which cover our skin as a result of non-humid air and harsh sun can easily be wiped out through regular scrubbing.
Since our facial skin is very delicate therefore exfoliation ingredients should not be very rough.

So one scrub can be of oats and curd, Just mix two spoons of curd with one spoon of oats and leave it for five minutes. Then apply this mixture on your face and massage gently for five minutes and after massaging it, keep the pack on your face till it dries. Now wash your face to reveal the rejuvenated glowing skin.

I bet after using this exfoliation pack, you are sure to get a flattering remark from your husband.
This pack works in multiple ways firstly it removes the dead cells softly without harming your skin, subsequently moisturizes it and also removes tanning.
So use this magical scrub twice a week to add sheen to your skin.

Spring season - Curd and Oats facescrub


  1. Want glow and a beautiful complexion? Try this:

Pollution, sun rays and stress take a toll out of our skin. As a result, we not only lose the gleam of our skin but also the complexion we were endowed with.
So this spring and in fact in all the seasons you can try my secret recipe for radiant skin.

 Just take one spoon of powdered dhuli masoor dal, one spoon of powdered urad dhuli dal, one spoon of powdered rice and soak them in raw milk for one-two hour and just before application put few drops of lemon, one spoon honey and few drops of rose water. Apply this mixture till it get dries and before removing wet your hands and sprinkle little bit of water on your face. Now rub your face gently on your face and then wash off. What you get next is softer, brighter and lighter skin with just one application.

Use this pack once a week and just within a month leave everyone awe-struck seeing your new skin.

Spring season Spring season - in



  1. Don’t avoid going outdoor, just use a sunscreen:

Spring season means that now you don’t need to avoid going out, fearing from the shivery cool air. But keep in mind that our dear sun is ready to bake your skin.
So before going out make it a point that you don’t forget to apply sunscreen and prefer a sunscreen moisturizer that gives you full spectrum of protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Also after you come home do wash your face immediately so that you wash away all the bacteria and infectious microbes which you bring along with you. Seeing you, your kiddo will also inculcate this habit and you can keep all the infections at bay.


  1. Don’t forget your scalp:

Dry air also evades the moisture from scalp of our head which leads to many other problems like hair fall, split ends, dandruff and frizzy hair.
Doing a coconut oil or almond oil massage once a week can help you to keep your head skin healthy. In addition, keep your hair tied up when you go out, especially in a two wheeler, so that you do not lose some more hair strands in untangling the tangled hair.
Learn how to wash your hair properly



  1. Watch Out what you eat:

We mothers have a habit of eating the leftover food of our children.  This has two outcomes, firstly, children need more carbohydrates and protein since they are super active all the time and if we eat this food we tend to gain weight and secondly, we develop unhealthy eating patterns. Know 5 super foods every mom should take for active and healthy lifestyle

Whatever we eat gets reflected on our skin. So if you eat more vegetables and salad, not only your skin will be healthy but your copy machines (your children) will also develop love for veggies. 


Summing up, I would like to say your skin is the report card of your daily habits. So to achieve good grades in it, apart from the above mentioned suggestions you should exercise daily which helps you keep strong and your skin glowing.
Also, try to keep your stress as low as possible as stress makes the skin look dull and pale. Hence, be happy, glowing and gorgeous.


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