My 5 Best Oils For Hair Fall Control | Give Them A Try

Now a days most of moms suffer from hair fall including me.Hair fall control includes many things from healthy eating to keeping right routine and perfect hair care as per season.


Oils for Hair Fall Control & Regrowth

Oils for Hair Fall Control & Regrowth



In my last blog on homemade magical hair mask to save your hair post-delivery, I had listed out the entire process of making and application of the mask.


I benefited a lot from using the mask and hope you too are finding it useful. Today, what I am writing is an extension of the last post.


If you have read through my earlier blog, you will see I had touched upon the various hair oils that can be applied.


If you are suffering from post delivery hair fall i suggest you to read my article – 10 effective solutions to control hair fall post delivery

A lot of you had requested me to brief you more about these hair oils mentioned.

Here, I take the chance to write about top


Disclaimer: My take on these products is solely based on my own experience.


Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil:

There are mainly 2 reasons which made me try this Kesh Kanti Oil from Patanjali.

Firstly, I am a huge digger for all things natural.

Since childhood, my mother has instilled this belief in me that application of natural products on the hair will be far more beneficial than application of products filled with artificial ingredients.


  Patanjali, being a famous name in Ayurveda and natural products caught my attention.

hair fall control

Best Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control


Secondly, if you read through the huge list of ingredients used in this Kesh Kanti Oil then you will realize the fact that many herbs, oils and plant extracts are used in same.

In short, I found the same quite appealing.

Price: INR 130 for 120 Ml


  • Mixture of various promising herbs

  • Does arrest hair fall

  • Anti-Spillage packaging

  • Helps To cure dandruff

  • Does not contain mineral oils


  • Slightly thick in texture

  • Has a slight smell that may not be conducive for mothers with kids.

Parachute Advansed Hair Oil:

Parachute is a product of the renowned Marico company that is known for high quality products.

Since, I started losing hair post childbirth I was on the constant look out for a good coconut oil. We all know that coconut oil is good for hair in various ways.

hair fall control

Best Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control

It helps to nourish the hair, replenish lost moisture, retain its color and so on.



During my quest to find the perfect coconut oil, I glanced upon the parachute advanced hair oil.

Price: INR 70 for 175 ml


  • It is made of pure coconut oil

  • The advance formula ensures that the coconut extracts are retained so that your hair derives the maximum benefit from it.

  • It is easy to apply

  • It helps to nourish the hair and address frizzy hair


  • It only contains coconut oil

  • It is slightly thick and needs a good shampoo to wash off.

Bertolli Olive Oil:

Bertolli is a renowned company. I trusted my mane with their virgin olive oil. Though edible I personally found it extremely good for hair.

hair fall control

Best Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control

Price: INR 240 for 200 ml.


  • It instantly adds a glow to the hair

  • It makes the hair thick and bouncy

  • Helps to nourish and strengthen the hair roots


  • It is too thick and applying it daily can prove to be a nightmare as you will take 2 to 3 washed to remove the same

  • It is an edible oil and needs to be used in moderate quantity

Aromatherapy Hair Oil:

I had heard a lot of good things about hair oils infused with benefits of aromatherapy.

hair fall control

Best Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control

I had picked up this aromatherapy hair nourishing oil from my last visit to the salon and simply fell in love with it.

It is made of 4 various kinds of natural oils and infused with 10 herbal extracts. The best part being it is based on vegetable oil and not mineral oil like others.


Price: I picked up this one for INR 400 for 100 ml


  • Helped to address my problem with split ends

  • By God’s grace it helped to regain my lost hair growth

  • Addressed my issues with hair fall


  • Has a very strong smell which may not go with kids around

  • Very thick in texture, so ideal for overnight application.

Sesa Hair Oil:

I had heard a lot about Sesa hair oil and many virtues and thought of trying out the same.

hair fall control

Best Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control

I somehow, did not find it too great. Maybe after months of usage the benefits will start showing but I simply did not have the patience to wait and watch.

Price: INR 95 for 90 ml


  • It is easy on the pocket

  • Since the oil is thick, the bottle lasts for 3 to 4 months

  • It makes the hair soft and silky


  • Did not notice any immediate relief from hair fall.

So, try these and let me know what is your take on them. Look at these tips too to control fall. Also, if you find a better hair oil then please share the same with desperate mothers like me.

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16 thoughts on “My 5 Best Oils For Hair Fall Control | Give Them A Try

  1. Shell

    Love this list because I’m always looking for new products for my hair… especially in the summer when my hair goes rather frizzy…

  2. Sangeeta G

    I’ve tried all these oils. Didn’t feel like they were any better than other oil brands for hair fall. However some were a lot more nourishing or added extra shine to my hair.

  3. Snigdha

    Nice compilation… I too have hairfall.. I was using keshkanti oil and didn’t find much effective… I will try the aromatherapy oil one…

  4. Jiya B

    I loved this post. I love my hair an Cant see them going and leaving me like this. I am using Sesa at this point of time will share my experince soon.

  5. Florah Njoki

    Thank you for the recommendations. It is funny that I have always used Bertolli olive oil for cooking but I have never thought of using it for my hair. I am incorporating it into my hair regimen immediately.


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