Nutrition Week 2017 | Do You Know What Is It?

Do you know what is India celebrating in the first week of September? NO? Let me tell you -“India is celebrating National Nutrition Week from 1st to 7th September”


India is celebrating National Nutrition Week from 1st to 7th September

India is celebrating National Nutrition Week from 1st to 7th September


I am sure you all would be interested to know about it. We all moms are concerned about nutrition and good health.

Last month i shared an article on breastfeeding week.  Many of you liked the post and I  received requests to share more such informational posts.

 So when i heard about Nutrition Week i got all excited and decided to share it with you all.


National Nutrition Week Theme – 2017

Like breastfeeding week, Nutrition Week also have themes. This year the theme is ‘Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health”
This campaign is highly promoted by ‘The Ministry of Women and Child Development’.

The objective of this initiative is to create awareness about child nutrition, it’s importance for proper physical and mental growth.

As they say proper nutrition in children contributes to  brain development, productivity, national development and finally economic growth hence nutrition week sounds utmost important.


India is celebrating National Nutrition Week from 1st to 7th September

India is celebrating National Nutrition Week from 1st to 7th September


Nutrition Status in India

 In India and in other Third World countries, the scenario of nutrition is not very bright. So many children die every year due to malnutrition.

Malnutrition is very common here because more than half the people are not aware of a balanced diet. Men and especially women who give birth do not receive adequate nutrition.

The result is the birth of chronic diseases like anaemia and low bone density. The rural part is the prey but what about the cities?

Do you think there are no nutritional issues in the Metropolitans and adjoining areas?

The city dwellers also hog on unhealthy food while they are busy working late night and are sleep deprived.

About 57% of low-income household only consume cereal for protein intake.

Moms ignore their nutritious meals because they are busing running after their kids. Whatever is the case please ensure to take your required vitamins through food.

I have some energy hacks which i follow religiously. If you are an exhausted mom like me read these energy hacks here.

Over-nutrition is another issue – cause of obesity, high blood pressure and other health problems.



A few malnutrition facts in India

  • Based on Global Hunger Index statistics, India is ranked 20th among other countries that face tough hunger situations.

  • Since 1991, India has seen an increase in about 50% of GDP, yet the world’s 1/3 rd malnutrition ed kids live in India.
    Source: Wikipedia

  • According to Hindustan times report from India Spend in May 2017, 1 among 10 children gets proper nutrition in India.
    Reports also say the number of stunted children due to malnutrition is highest in India.

  • Global Nutrition report says, obesity is increasing among adults, about 22% adults are obese and 9.5% suffer from high blood sugar.

  • Low height and weight under 5 years of age is very common in India, it’s about 38.7%. Here India ranks, 34th out of 39 Asian countries.

  • About 48% women are anemic in the country. There is a target to bring it down to 15%.

Every year this 1 week campaign works with themes related to curbing malnutrition.



The first week of September

Awareness is created about different food groups, consuming a balanced diet for optimal nourishment.

This movement is supported by eminent nutritional experts, dietitians, yoga experts and doctors of our country.

Read.  5 superfoods for active and healthy lifestyle.



Balanced meal – A target yet to be achieved

A healthy meal must include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, skimmed milk, cottage cheese, fish, meat, eggs, different nuts etc.


National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week


The main objective is to improve the level of awareness about right nutritional practices among all communities.

There are training, seminars, education, various competition, road shows and other campaigns. If you are a working mom you may follow these quick recipes but always ensure that you and your family get the required nutrition.


Another part of the campaign

The one week program also includes cooking food using ingredients rich in vitamins, protein and other nutrients. There are interesting exhibitions conducted by Home Science and Nutrition students.

There are sessions for new mothers and pregnant women because they are the ones who require maximum information.

A Nutrition Week Kit is handed over so that families can start eating healthy. Since 2010, the World Food Day is also a part of this campaign.



The history of this campaign

In the year 1882,  National Nutritional Week was first started by the central government.

This was to educate masses about healthy food and good life. The national development is hindered by malnutrition, a major issue in rural parts.

The Food and Nutrition Board and other 43 units including women and child health development department and NGOs have come together to be a part o this campaign.

A very important part of this campaign is that lactating mothers are being constantly educated about their nutritional demands.

They are also encouraged to offer the first yellowish milk colostrums and to continue breastfeeding for 6 months minimum. This gives newborns a lot of immunity and good health.



Take a look at the key messages:

  • To create a healthy eating style including a variety of healthy food.

  • Eating more of home cooked food.

  • Eating and drinking in the right proportion. What we eat and how much we eat both are important.

  • Children and mothers need adequate nutrition.

  • To remain physically active throughout the day.

  • Manage body weight to lower various health risks.

  • Personalized diet and nutrition chart..

  • Motivational training materials are supplied to create awareness.

  • There is training about food analysis and diet standardization.

  • To evaluate the right techniques to curb nutritional problems via deep research.


How to participate and contribute?

The Food and Nutrition Board of Ministry of Women & Child Development along with 43 Community Food and Nutrition Extension Units (CFNEUs) are conducting this.

These units are located in 30 states and Union Territories and they will work with the Departments of each state to carry out the campaign.

The governments, NGOs, national institutions will organize camps, training, workshops, orientation, awareness programs, meetings and theme based campaigns. There will be many district, state and village level activities.

You being an aware citizen can always participate actively in the National Nutrition Week. You can also celebrate this week in your institution and educate others about it.

If you have any unique idea to celebrate this week within your community, share with us.

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