Are you going to be the next Beethoven? #myfriendalexa

Next Beethoven

Are you going to be the next Beethoven?

Are you going to be the next Beethoven?

The road to success is never easy nor is it laid out in front of anyone just to start walking on it.

“Are you going to be the next Beethoven?” his father used to ask him. He didn’t know who that person was to whom his father used to look upon with such respect.

“Beethoven,” the name itself was something extra-ordinary. He took up piano lessons when he first sat on the side of the music room in his house.

“I am going to the first ME,” he finally replied back to his father one day.
Now, finally, after ten years, people from across the world come to witness the magic that those fingers create.

People don’t come to watch and witness the deaf pianist or the next Beethoven. He proved to be one of his kinds and became the most popular one whose fingers create harmony. His disability hasn’t taken him back, and the best is rare does anyone know this.

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31 thoughts on “Are you going to be the next Beethoven? #myfriendalexa

  1. shanayatales

    Very true. We can only be the best version of ourselves, because everyone else is already taken. 🙂

    Thank you for participating in Chatty Blogs. Hope to see you around in the upcoming monthly link ups too. 🙂

  2. Nisha Malik

    I loved when he said ” first I m going to be me” thats the heart and core of every success story. Very inspiring piece you have written 👍

  3. beautyissh

    Honestly that’s very inspiring! And the lesson we get is that one can overcome any disability if they have passion inside them. Also, we need try to be just the best version of ourselves not the next ‘celebrity’

  4. Shamik

    What an inspiring post… Whether it’s schools, colleges or workplace we are compared with others giving as an example… Why can’t we just be ourselves!!


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