Navratri Diet Recipes and 10 Brilliant Tips to Loose Weight like a Pro this festival

Keep fast happily with these Navratri Diet Recipes for weightloss


The nine-day long festival of Navratri is round the corner with all the excitement. I am sure your shopping for yourself as well as kids clothes is going in full swing.

If we talk about keeping fast i see everyone around is excited yet apprehensive of keeping fast yet staying healthy and also not putting on weight at the same time.

Navratri Diet Plan for Weightloss


I always keep nine-day long fast with a hidden desire to loose weight, but in the end to realize that I have put on more weight during the fasting period.

It must be a constant worry of other such moms like me. So this year I decided Navratri Diet Recipes well ahead of the festival to keep fast and yet shed some kilos in a healthy way.

It will also serve the dual purpose of losing weight and getting blessings from God.


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The restriction on diet especially for people who eat non-vegetarian food helps in reducing the muscle mass from body.
But however if you indulge in oily puris (kuttu ata) or sweets it will no way help you.

“So I planned some of the Navratri Diet Recipes which I will be preparing for myself. Since I’m a mom too I need to keep it in mind that the food must not only be healthy for me but if possible can be served to my children”

Here are few Navratri Diet Recipes and ways to cut down the calories intake during the upcoming navratri festival which I’m sharing with you all below:


  1. Spicy Boiled Aloo in Green Chutney Chaat


Boiled Potatoes 4-5 medium sized

Coriander leaves about a bunch full

Mint leaves 1/4th of bunch

Green chilies 4-5

Ginger about an inch and half

Lemon one piece

Sela namak to taste


Boil 4-5 medium sized potatoes, peel them and cut them into equal sized pieces. In a chutney jar keep the washed coriander leaves, green chilies, ginger, mint leaves, sela salt and grind it in the mixer to a smooth paste.

Add lemon and your chutney is ready.

Now in a non-stick pan place the boiled potatoes and pour the green chutney over it. Keep on flame for few minutes checking in between so that the dish doesn’t get burned.
If you want you can pour 3-4 drops of olive oil before you put potatoes it will give a charred effect and will add to crispness.

The spicy aloo green chutney chaat is ready, you may add curd if you like it.
I liked the non-crispy version so I didn’t cooked it much after adding chutney to it.

It is not only less in calorie count and will satiate your desire to hog any available readymade fasting namkeens which are often full of calories.

Potatoes being rich in carbs will keep you going and make you full while satisfying your tongue with the spiciness of chutney.

Boiled Potato

Spicy Boiled Potato


2. Fruit curd/ Fruit chaat:


Fruits of your choice like apples, banana, orange, strawberries, papaya, and guava

Curd made of skimmed milk

Sweetener/ sugar of your choice


Cut and clean fruits into equal size. In a bowl sift curd to make a smoothie like consistency and add the sweetener to it.
You can skip this as well if you want to cut any calorie addition due to sugar, as fruits have a natural sweet taste.
Mix the fruits with curd, refrigerate and serve. The fruits are a great way to fill up and they do not add to your calorie count as well.
When mixed with curd that is sweetened will make a great dessert without adding much calorie count.

To make kids eat fruits i also make fruit kebabs as snack sometimes.

Fruit Chaat recipe for navratri

I am sure above Navratri Diet Recipes will help you loose the unwanted FAT.

Some other important benefits might include body detoxification, purifying the gastrointestinal tracts, cleaning all organs of the body and balancing the metabolism.



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Other than Navratri Diet Recipes here are proved tips to loose weight this festival.



1. Instead of making potato curries or fried potatoes you can eat and replace it with ghia or pumpkin. It tastes great and is much lesser in calories as compared with potatoes. You can also try making their soup as it tastes great and keeps you full for longer.


  2. Avoid cooking food in too much desi ghee. You can cook equally delicious food in little to no desi ghee.


  3, Keep your body hydrated with regular intake of coconut water, fruit juices and lemon juice. It is not only a great way to maintain good fluid level in body but also to keep you full and energetic.

4. Having lemon juice in Luke warm water in the morning is a great way to detoxify the body. It also helps in having a good bowel movement.

5. I ate at least two kuttu ata or buckwheat flour puris in my last navratri fast. From last navratri’s i started preparing kuttu roti for myself.


Kuttu roti recipe for navratri


6. These days’ readymade chaas/ buttermilk are easily available in market. So one can buy the non-salted one and have it during the day time. Chaas/ buttermilk are a great way to keep oneself hydrated and energized.

Buttermilk recipe for navratri


7. I have also planned to have at least two glasses of skimmed milk in a day as it will be good for maintaining good calcium level in body and any will take care of fluid level in body.


8. One of my favorite evening time snack is dry roasted makhana(dry fruit) and peanuts. Both are good sources of protein and will also curb the unnecessary urge to munch readymade fasting namkeens which are often rich in calories.

One more tip here as you roast the makhanas you can keep few aside and grind it to make a coarse powder. This can be used to make makhana kheer for your little ones. It has great nutritional value and extremely good for their growth and development.

Makhana for navratri


9. Avoiding fried and sugary food would be the best remedy to prevent the weight gain during fasting.

10. Also eating at regular intervals will keep your metabolism rate working thereby helping the body not to accumulate fat.
I will try to eat at a regular interval of three hours. This will not only keep my energy levels high but also keep the hunger at bay.


Hope the above tricks and suggestions will help you in keeping your fasting enjoyable as well as in avoiding unnecessary weight gain during the navratri festival.

Please try Navratri Diet Recipes and share your feedback. Would love to hear from you.

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