Nail Art – Find Some Simple AND Easy Styles To Go With The Trend


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Yes, Nail art can compliment your look and style instantly, making you look gorgeous and beautiful, by adding up to your overall personality.

But if you are worried about intricate nail art which is not only expensive but a tedious task for a person like me. So here is the solution, there a number of simple yet easy to do at home designs for moms like me who still want to feel like a trendy mom.

So to begin with there are few simple nail art to try:

  • Duo-tones

  • Glitter and jewels

  • Polka dots

  • Stickers

  • Color block

To begin with, the first step is to prepare your nails by:

  • Removing your old nail polish and removing every bit of it so that you have a clean nail to work upon.

    nail art

  • Trimming and filing nails to make nails neat. As you need to do nail art don’t cut them too short. It is always good to work on longer nails.

  • Always apply the base coat first. You can use Oriflame nail growth booster serum as it is very good for nail growth and also prevents nails from getting yellow due to nail paint application. Just apply one layer of base coat and let it dry completely before moving further.

    nail art

Second step, selecting a design

  • Beginners design, this is one of the most simple ways to do. You need to select two contrasting colors which look best against one another. Like choosing black and white.

    To start with once you are done with a base coat, cover the tip of your nails with French manicure stickers or you can use your general sellotape if you don’t have one. Apply it across your nail leaving tips.

    Apply the nail paint and take off the sticker while the polish is still wet. Doing it helps to prevent any chip off later when the nail paint has dried. Allow it to dry completely. Then follow with a top coat and your nail art is done!

  • Adding a jewel or sticker to your nails, simply start with any color of your choice, then adorn it with stickers and jewels. When you do so be very careful about the placing of jewels and stickers.

    You can use tweezers to gently press them in place, allow it to dry, then follow with a top coat. Completing the nail art with top coat is also essential as it holds jewels and stickers in place and prevents them from falling out.

    Moms you can also make your kids do this for you on summer holidays. They will get an engaging activity and your will get your nail art.

  • Glitter effect, you can use a glitter top coat or can use one of the tricks of mixing the loose glitter available in the market with nail gel or clear top coat.
    Start with a base coat, then apply your nail paint shade, when the application has dried, apply the mix you made of glitter and top coat. Once it has dried, apply a clear top coat to finish.

    For a more dramatic effect dust the nails with loose glitter before you allow it to dry and finish it off with a top coat.

Simple polka dots design

  • This is one of the easiest and my personal favorite nail art design.

  • You need to choose any two contrasting colors to make your nail art stand out.

  • Apply a base coat first and let it dry completely.

  • Then apply any nice dark color as the base and let it dry, then use a toothpick or pin and dip the rounded part into the other color to create dots. Now lightly make dots as per your choice on the nails.

  • Once the dots have dried completely apply the clear top coat to finish. Polka dot was my design of nail art. Simple and easy.

Geometric or half and half design

  • Apply the base coat first. Then, using a brush as angular applies a color diagonally on your nails.

  • Let it dry completely, then using a clear top coat finish it off

Rainbow nails

  • Apply base coat and let it dry completely.

  • Now paint every nail in different colors, you can also draw a simple grassy kind of design using toothpick or pins.

  • Finish it off with a clear top coat.


Floral stickers design

  • I used the floral 3D stickers I bought from a local shop. Start by applying the base coat and letting it dry.

  • Paste the floral stickers as per the choice you want them.

  • You can also first paint your nails with a light or unique shade like blue and then stick stickers.

  • Once the nail paint has dried, finish off with a clear top coat.

Color block design

  • Use contrasting colors like orange and black, or black and white, or red and yellow/green, or any other combinations you could think.

  • First apply a base coat first and let it dry completely.

  • Then apply the darker shade first to half of the nail. You can also do it by applying sellotape to half nail to prevent covering your entire nail with one shade.

  • Remove the sellotape while the paint is still wet. And apply the other shade to the remaining nail area.

  • Let it dry off completely, then follow with a top coat to finish.

You can also take some short-term professional training at a salon near you to learn more tricks. There are many books available to learn new designs of nail art, tips, and tricks. You can buy them and practice at home.

One of the best ways is looking for tips and suggestions online. There are many online tutorials on YouTube, you can easily follow them and create a nail art for yourself.

One of my blogger friend creates amazing nail arts by just playing with colors. Check her Halloween nail art which she shared on her insta page.

If you want to move a level ahead can think of buying tools and stamping pads to create designs and patterns with ease.

So that was my share of tips and tricks of some nail art fun which all moms can do at the comfort of home easily without any hassle. So ladies go ahead and have fun experimenting with your nails and share your nail pics.

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