7 Most Useful Baby Products That Helped Me In 1st year of Motherhood

Most Useful Baby Products

most useful baby products

Motherhood is undoubtedly a magical journey that one embarks. It is both surreal and special to say the least. The feeling is so overwhelming that most mothers would find it hard to express themselves.

There are many articles on parenting, motherhood, Do’s and don’ts where fellow parents would chip in their two bits to advice you about what their experience and journey was like. I know you are looking for a list of most useful baby products so that you can and buy them.

Trust me, no two experience are alike. Since each child is unique their demands and needs are also different from one another. No matter how much we desire, there are no manuals available for handling children.

Soon, you will realize that it is a journey of trial and error. Here are 7 of my favorite most useful baby products that helped me during the initial years of babyhood. Hope, you too find them as handy as I did.

1. Chicco Wipes:  Being a parent, you cannot ever thank enough the person who invented this wonderful product called “wipes”.

There is so much that you can do with wipes, right from cleaning a messy mouth to cleaning a messy butt. Also, not to forget after a tiring and long day, the wipes also comes handy in removing the makeup from mummy’s face.

most useful baby products

Yes, it indeed can serve a lot of purpose. I took refuge in the Chicco Wipes. They are soft textured and gently cleanse the baby skin without dehydrating it and keeping the moisture level intact.

What I particularly liked about the Chicco wipes is that apart from being free of parabens, it also has aloe Vera and chamomile that lends it a fresh and tingling smell, making the whole experience worthwhile. This is one of the most useful baby products.

2. Sebamed Body Cream: Babies are gifted with great soft skin since birth. As a mother, it is your duty to ensure that the softness of the skin and the healthiness of the skin remains intact.

Unlike adult skin, baby skin does not have any acidic surface called acid mantle that is alkaline in nature and serves to protect the skin layer.

Hence, it is important that since birth a proper paraben free body cream is applied on the baby skin to ensure that the natural PH balance of 5.5 is restored and the body is protected from harmful bacteria and germs.

What I personally loved about it is that the texture is soft and creamy but not too thick making it easy to apply on baby skin.

3. Sebamed Protective Facial Cream:   Just as we use special cream on our faces to keep it looking good, my doctor recommended that the same needs to be done with babies too.

The skin on our face whether as an adult or as a baby always needs extra attention and care. It makes sense to invest in a good facial cream that will keep the skin supple and good.

Most of us make the mistake of using the body cream on the face also without realizing the damage. I loved the Sebamed facial cream. It has an easy to use application bottle and you need a very small amount to smear all over your baby’s face making it a long-lasting product.

Also, I could use this facial cream on my baby from day one itself.

most useful baby products

4. Sebamed Baby Shampoo: There are a plethora of baby shampoo’s in the market. Some assure you “baby no tears” while others assure you “natural shampoo” and so on.

I trusted on this German company called Sebamed and went for their baby shampoo. I love it because it ticks all the boxes. It is free of chemicals and it keeps the hair PH balance intact which is important as most baby shampoos end up drying the baby hair.

Not to forget the no tears formula ensures that my baby and I have a lovely bath time together without having to worry about red eyes.

5. Pampers Pant Style Diaper: God bless the person who invented diapers for children. Most parents will agree with me, that along with parenthood you also embark on the journey of sleepless nights.

No matter what you do, your quota of sleepless nights will never be satiated. This is when I take refuge in pampers. I use diapers to keep my baby clean and dry all night long. If you make them wear nappies, then you run the risk of them waking up every time they wet the bed.

This is not the case thanks to my dear pampers pant style diapers. I love it because it is easy to make them wear these pant style diapers and they keep the baby dry and most importantly no rashes. Thanks to it I can at least catch up a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

6. Mother Care all we know baby milk bath: All parents will agree that the bath time is indeed a magical period spent with babies. Infants seem to enjoy water and regular bath sessions brings the mother and child together making it a great bonding exercise.

most useful baby products

To make the experience even better I resort to Mother Care all we know baby milk bath. Made with milk it is free of additives and can be used on baby skin from birth itself.

7. Himalaya Body Lotion: A common misconception most parents make is to avoid using a body lotion. Many hold the belief that baby skin is soft and healthy and they avoid using any cream or lotion on them.

However, thanks to our scorching summers baby ‘s sweat and I believe that a good body lotion is a must application post bath. I have been using the Himalaya Body Lotion.

most useful baby products

It is creamy but light in texture making it easy to apply on baby skin. What I love about it is, it instantly gets absorbed into the skin without leaving any trace.

As I said, there are no manuals that comes with the baby. It is a trial and error method. The above 7 are my personal most useful baby products that helped me during the initial years of parenting. Hope you enjoy using them too.

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23 thoughts on “7 Most Useful Baby Products That Helped Me In 1st year of Motherhood

  1. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Good compilation. Effective for all new moms. Yep! Diapers are real blessings for mom and child both.

  2. Safiyah

    Hey such a great compilation. This would be useful for a lot of mommies. I’ve used some of the products mentioned for my baby too 🙂

  3. Misha

    Sebamed facial cream and pamper pants are my favourites too
    Though with Chico wipes I felt okish
    Himalaya and mee mee premium wipes are too good

  4. Rooshna

    Wipes and pant style diapers have been my saviours after my last baby was born. I’ve struggled with my eldest two for lack of knowledge. Thanks for this informative post ??

  5. Alpana Deo

    I agree every baby is different. But having a list handy is always useful and advisable for new moms.i have tried Himalaya products and am very satisfied but never tried Himalaya baby lotion. Thanks for suggesting.


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