Simple yet effective ways for mommys to celebrate valentine day

Yesterday i was talking to my friend and during discussion i casually asked her plans about valentine day celebration. She laughed and said Celebrate Valentine Day? It used to happen when we were couple without kids.  Do you think it is possible to celebrate valentine day with kids?  Her question is genuine. After i returned home i thought a lot over it and decided to pen down my ideas to celebrate valentine day even with kids.

Mommys, here are some simple ways for you to celebrate valentine day


I have divided this post in 2 categories:

  • A) Moms, who have support system in place like parents to take care of kids for few hours while they can go and spend some quality time with their husband


  • B)  Moms who have no choice to leave kids but to celebrate valentine day with hubby along with kids

Ideas for category A moms: Have support system to take care of kids in your absence


1. Go for a movie or a show

If you want to disconnect yourselves from all the troubles during the day, then watching a movie is the best option. Valentine’s Day could be the perfect day to watch a romantic movie.

Another thing you could do is go to a show together. Whether it is a concert or a play, make him feel special by choosing something that he likes.

2. Dinner together

One of the ideas that will never fail is having dinner out. Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant you always wanted to go. Impress him by wearing your favorite dress and forget about everyone else. Just enjoy the good food, his company and celebrate the valentine day the way you want.

3. Write a NOTE-Appreciate him and recite it to him

One way to keep the romance alive and to show him how strong your feelings are for him is to simply write it down on paper. Letters have something special that no modern form of communication could imitate so I encourage you to express your feelings in a more ardent way. Be completely authentic and let your feelings pour out on the paper.

Modern technologies may make promises to keep everyone close but you cannot beat the classic traditions that really express the human emotions.


4. A mysterious journey

If you are more a spontaneous type or maybe you just feel that your relationships lacks some fun, then I think I found the perfect idea! Go to the train station or a bus station, flip a coin and choose an unknown destination. It doesn’t have to be far away, just somewhere different to get you out of the ordinary. You will have a blast traveling just the two of you, and the suspense of not knowing where you will arrive will be a something to remember forever.


Ideas for category B moms:  I belong to this category. I just got exhausted after celebrating my daughter’s birthday and was looking to spend some us time with husband. What better it could be than Valentine day specially when it is very near now.

BTW now since i talked about birthday these 2 posts might help you if you have any upcoming kids birthday – Hacks to throw birthday party on budget   and 20 easy to find birthday return gifts under 100 Rupees
To make this day a special day for your husband and for your kids, you don’t necessary have to invest in expensive gifts or in sophisticated surprises. Take advantage and celebrate valentine day along with your kids in an interactive and funny way!

Valentine day ideas

Valentine day ideas

1. Picnic together in the park

For an inexpensive outdoor fun, a picnic in the park is a great idea. Kids are always excited to go outside and this will be the perfect opportunity for you to have some fun together, to relax and enjoy the sun. While the kids play you can admire the nature and talk about life.

This could be another opportunity for you to connect with one another while enjoying the fresh air. You can play some activities together and make this day an adventurous one and don’t forget that kids will always be influenced by your enthusiasm! Be together and celebrate the valentine day with family.


2. Make valentine cards for all the members of the family

A fun way to celebrate valentine day at home is to teach your kids how to express their love by making Valentine cards for all the members of your family. If they have grandparents, this will definitely put a big smile on their faces and even more, they will cherish this memory forever.

You can have fun by writing to each other sweet memories from your relationship and express your gratitude towards him for the little things that he does. Other than you can also express your feeling to your husband as well.

3. Create a treasure hunt in your own house.

Hide some heart candies or toys in your house, and draw a map. Whoever finds the small treasures has to say something nice to one of the members of family.

We’ve tried this last year and I have to tell you that it was one of the most memorable days. Whenever I found a treasure I had say something nice to someone or hug someone and point out the thing I love about him! It was an experience that brought us more together as a family and also as a couple.
4. Go for a ride in the park and after that eat ice cream

One way to spend quality time with your loved ones is to go for a ride. It will be a day filled with laughter and positivity that you and your husband will enjoy even if the kids are around.


Valentine’s Day do not have to about flowers, chocolate and cards, it should be about expressing love to each other. Reviving the connection between two partners.
We wish you success, a lot of love and much inspiration to celebrate Valentine’s Day truly special!

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