Don’t Miss to Watch Mighty Raju’s Biggest Movie On His Birthday

Hiya Moms, Your kids favorite Mighty Raju’s brithday is coming. YAY!! I know you are equally excited as your kids are.


So lets celebrate his birthday by watching Raju’s movie all day on Pogo TV.


Raju is on a cruise vacation with friends and family that has all his well-known people and even Inspector Khanna on board. Rich businessman Popat infamous for his miserliness also boards the ship with his naughty but cute dog, Millie.

The cruise is a blast-thanks to the perky entertainment master, Manoranjan.  However, Tango and Dango two criminals are on the ship disguised as dancers, having plans to capture Popat for money.

Would they be successful in capturing Popat or will Mighty Raju defeat the two criminals?

Know More on 15th AugustTuesday @ 10:30am




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23 thoughts on “Don’t Miss to Watch Mighty Raju’s Biggest Movie On His Birthday

  1. Nisha Malik

    One day I noticed that raju from Chhota Bheem is Similar to the might raju. Then my 3 yrs old explained yes mama raju has his own series. Face palm moment.


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