Menstrual Cups – Everything You Want To Know

Menstrual  cups are here – Say good bye to sanitary pads


Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cups


Recently there is too much of buzz about the eco-friendly menstrual cup, an awesome alternative to tampons and pads.

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But not many did dare to try this amazing cup.
It’s time to know more about it and get one before you have your periods next month.


Do you think menstrual cup have been discovered very recently?

You will be amazed to hear that these have been manufactured around 1930 but U.S took time to adopt it in 1987 and now it’s in India.

Since then these cups have been there but now due to so much awareness, such awesome advertising and ecommerce, its easily available.


Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cups


How well it works?

This flexible, small-sized cup is manufactured of latex and silicone therefore it collects the flow instead of absorbing.

Just before the flow, fold the cup steadily and insert it, similar to a tampon that has no applicator.

There are no chances of feeling it inside if you wear correctly. It is like wearing a copper T ring or diaphragm there.




The cup opens like a spring but you might require rotating it at first and then it rests against the vaginal walls.

It’s like a seal and prevents any type of leakages; the blood slowly drips into the menstrual container.

There are reusable as well as disposable ones. I did buy a reusable one and it is simply superb, I do not feel like using a sanitary pad anymore.

Removing is very easy though, just pull down the stem beneath and pinch to open the seal.

At first I did feel a bit nervous but I was eager to use it. It’s so easy and safe. Are you thinking about the cleaning part?

Empty the periods discharge and wash using soap. It’s good if you sterilize it after the end of periods every month, I do it to keep it germs free. Personal hygiene is of utmost importance.

I got it online from hygieneandyou, it’s easy you know but you can also buy from drugstores. Do not buy if pack is tampered.



Menstrual Cups


The benefits

  • Affordable and eco-friendly – The reusable ones are not very expensive. I got one from Orion and it did cost around Rs 640 and can last for years. Check and read reviews before buying. You are doing a favor to the environment, not putting too much waste.

  • Wear it for 12 hours – You need to change pads and tampons every 4-6 hours but cups can be worn for 12 hours.

  • Menstrual Cups

    Menstrual Cups

  • It’s the best for overnight protection there will be no leaks. Once you get into the habit of wearing these, you do not need a liner. These cups hold around 1 ounce of liquid which is 2 times more than a sanitary napkin. It’s great for the days with heavy flow.

  • Least odor – Every woman hates the smell of menstrual blood and tries to find out ways of doing away with the bad smell. These cups are airtight and rightly sealed, no odor is leaked.

  • Very safe – Its safe, recommended by doctors as there are no toxic chemicals in it, thus les chances of bacterial infections. Wearing these cups you won’t get rashes or itchy feelings.

  • Sex without mess – Usually you need to take off these cups before intercourse but the disposable ones can be worn while having sex. The disposables ones are not dome shaped but look similar to a diaphragm.

    So start using them. Beginning has to happen some day.

Menstrual Cups - Everything you want to know about them

Menstrual Cups – Everything you want to know about them


A few Cons 

Hard to find the perfect fit – Menstrual cups are available in various shapes and it all depends on your figure, height, age, flow.

Finding the right size is challenge for women with low cervix and tilted uterus. You might need to perform trial and error method to find the right fit.


Can interfere with IUD – If you have an Intra Uterine Device, it’s not recommended to wear a cup. You can consult with your doctor about it and then put it on.

Messy removal sometimes – Inserting the cup might be easy but taking it off is a bit tricky for beginners.

If you sit on the floor, use your pelvic muscles to push down the cup and you grab the stem.

While taking off tilt the cup slightly to prevent spilling. Wash your hands immediately.

Wear it on girls and enjoy your periods and do share your experience with them!!



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  1. Jiya B

    I liked reading this post. Honestly it gives you all the answers of your queries about Mensurational Cups. I would like to knoe the right age to start its use.

  2. Papri Ganguly

    To be honest, I didn’t know anything about Mensuration Caps and I don’t know whether I will try it or not. But your post is a deep one and informative.

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    Thanks for the interesting facts regarding the Menstrual cups… i have heard abit about them but have been rather hesitant. This post is very informative. Thank you

  4. Prisha Lalwani

    Recently, when whisper degraded its pad quality, i knew it was finally time to switch. I bought my cup, but am yet to use it. This info is helpful, thanks a lot 🙂

  5. priyadarshani panda

    this is completely new to me and I know this concept will take its time but I never came in terms with tampon either…Tried tampon once and was highly uncomfortably may be i need to come of the apprehension and try …

  6. Shell

    Is it made of plastic? I don’t drink or eat off plastic… not sure how I feel about putting it inside my body…

  7. Shell

    I thought I would add, I shared this post with my sister and she loves the idea even if it is plastic because she would feel like she was helping the environment by not buying so many pads….

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    Interesting! I know people who speak highly of it and a few like me have never bothered to find out more about it. After reading this I think I’m well-informed. Thanks for sharing!


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