Matrikas Woman Creative Journal – A Review

Matrikas Woman Creative Journal – A REVIEW


matrikas woman creative journal

I’m not very fond of journal and diaries as a person. But when this piece arrived to me, I started loving my Matrikas Woman Creative Journal at the very first sight.


Many of my blogger friends have been discussing about it and so I too wanted to experience matrikas woman creative journal  first hand.

Luckily, there was a blogger contest round the corner so I got my copy of matrikas woman creative journal.

So, today I’m going to share my review of Matrikas Woman Creative Journal


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So I received this pretty Matrikas woman creative journal  in red color.
There are four color options available at the moment.It is made it India, and is one of their best sellers.


I got the “write” one (red color). The cover of matrikas woman creative journal is hardbound and has a satin finish, with pretty golden dots and a golden feather in the center.


Feather denotes pen and wings of creativity (for me) gold and red color are symbolical to “Ma Saraswati” (the Hindu goddess).
The design overall is simple yet chic (p.s. I have a secret crush for red color).

Matrikas woman creative journal had an elasticated band on the side which makes it easy to hold.

There is a loop attached at the back where you can keep a pen.


matrikas woman creative journal


Few things which make the journal, distinct from other journals available in the market:

  • The paper used here for writing is very smooth,but it doesn’t make the ink bleed and transfer to the paper that follow. Even if you use markers or sketch pens.

  • Unlike the other regular diaries, there are no dates inside printed. So you can write on any date (in case if don’t write on a particular date) and the pages don’t get wasted.

  • The font used is very feminine too. It is the cursive font, just like the feather on the cover.

  • Another thing which I liked is that this is not just a basic journal to write words only. It’s an adult coloring book too. So you can color when you don’t feel like writing.

  • Matrikas Woman’s Creative journal has a quirky note by including four pages of unique stickers which say a lot of things. Like your wish lists, things to do, etc.



matrikas woman creative journal

  • There are many blank pages where you can doodle or scribble anything.

  • In the last it has this old diary feel of having a contact list pages the places you want to visit, etc.

So that was my review of the matrikas woman’s creative journal,

I have already started using it. You can easily buy this through, it is reasonably priced at 450Rs..

I can say that this is a must have item if you are a stationary, or a desk person like me.

Who love to note down little things on a piece of paper, the ones who would like to own a journal to keep themselves organized.

Moreover, I’m just in love with how pretty the cover looks.


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  1. Kavita Singh

    Such vibrant and beautiful journal. Thank you for this review, will surely buy these soon. @momtasticworld


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