Mango smoothie: A must summer drink for kids

Summers are here and we mothers are looking for something chilling for our kids to beat the heat. Today I am sharing mango smoothie recipe which is a perfect and healthy drink for kids during summers. I always encourage my kids to eat seasonal fruits as they have all the nutrients present to fight with the seasonal infections/bacteria.
It is always good to eat the fruit raw but for kids who do not eat fruits smoothies are best possible solution.

This smoothie is so easy and simple to prepare. Mango is rich in calories so this smoothie is said to help in increasing weight. The smoothie is very filling that it recharges your body within no time. I often offer this to my toddler once she returns back from her activity classes in evening. The dish keeps her full till dinner gets ready.

Mango Smoothie Recipe for baby and toddler

1. Wash the mango and peel.
2. Take the mango pulp in blender by removing the center part.
3. Add ½ cup water
4. Run the mixer(Please don’t add sugar. Let the natural sugar of fruit does the magic)

You may also add dry fruits like cashews, coconut to enhance the flavor. My kids likes it plain so i do not add any other stuff. You may serve this to your kid once a day daily. I serve it to my daughter twice a week.

This smoothie should be best consumed within 1 hour. The above quantity is sufficient for my 4 years toddler and 8 months old baby. You may increase/reduce the quantity of mango pulp and milk according to your need.

So friends do try this recipe and let me know how you liked it. If you know another method of making it please do not hesitate to share. I would love to hear from you. Till then enjoy and welcome kids with mango smoothie.

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