What Is Inside My Office Makeup Bag? Makeup Bag Essentials Every Mom Should Own

makeup bag essentials - What Is Inside


Hello people, I recently cleaned and organized my makeup bag which i carry with me while travelling.
After my 2nd kid was born there was no such kit in my hand bag. All I had was kids related stuff as I carry same bag while going out too.

Now feeling great after putting together everything again.
Life is slowly coming back in shape. My kit is now loaded with all makeup bag essentials. Yay ..Happy me ?? 

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So today I’m going to talk about my office makeup bag, things which i keep in my makeup bag while going to office.
I also put same bag in my hand-bag while going out with kids for shopping.  I will talk about my makeup bag essentials but before that let me show you pic of my makeup bag and its content.

my makeup bag essentials

So that’s my bag ladies, don’t judge it by its size. It holds the world for me.

So lets see what is my makeup bag essentials list:


makeup bag essentials content


  1. Wet Wipes:  To begin with, I always keep a packet of wet wipes. Here I have the Himalaya baby wet wipes, to clean and refresh my face on the go. It is mildly fragrant and is blessed with moisturizer so it won’t make my skin go dry. My skin type is dry (extremely

    dry) so it serves a dual purpose of hydrating my skin while cleaning it.

2. Lip Balm: Next, I have is my lip balm.
I’m using these days the oriflamme organic honey lip balm. It is great, and the best part is that it’s organic. I use and apply this as many times I feel like.
It can be applied to any part which one feels is becoming dry.
And the packing is pretty tiny so it fits easily in my bag.
It is a must have for me. I keep a moisturizer too. I’m using this Love Nature gel based Aloe-Vera from Oriflame.
It is light and moisturizing gel based cream.
It not only moisturizes the skin but also hydrates and gives a cooling effect which is much needed in the summer season.

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3. Hair Brush/Comb: Next is my flat brush comb. I have voluminous hair so to keep them sane I need a flat brush. The benefit of keeping a flat brush like this is that you can easily do a look as these maintain your mane well.

makeup bag essentials - inside

A piece of tip here, avoid using a local flat brush, the reason being they are made of bad plastic and can cause more harm than doing any good to your hair.

The one I’m using is of Vega brand. It cost me about 250/- which is a fair price as it serves the purpose well. It has an additional feature of cleaning comb attached at the tail end which can be used to clean the brush from hair.

4. Lipsticks: Next, I keep lipsticks of two shades. Since its summer i keep one is pink and the other a coral shade. The brand here is Oriflame 5-in-1 color stylist lipstick.
The lipstick has a nice creamy texture, easy to glide and a good stay on for longer hours. Oriflamme offers great discount every month, so the lipstick too I got at some reasonable price of 279/- each.

makeup bag essentials - lipstick


5. Chargers: So I have my mobile phone charger and a power bank which is one of the Makeup Bag Essentials in my bag. Also, I have this cute little wire de-tangle to organize my headphone wires. It keeps my headphones from getting tangled, looks cute too.

6. Sunscreen: Since its summers now a sunscreen is a must. But I keep a Bb cream for the purpose and a compact for quick touch-ups. I use Oriflame Bb cream and Maybelline power shine control matt pressed powder. Both are great and give me a perfect corporate look for the day.

7. Kajal: I keep some kajal pencil as I love to wear it every day. Since its summer the kajal tends to smudge so I keep one with me to blot the excess and draw a neat line.

Even if there is any party I need to attend post office, the kajal pencil helps me in achieving a day to night transformation in minutes. I just darken my eyes more and smudge a little of my eyelids to create a perfect Smokey look.

8. Perfume & Sunglasses: A perfume is a must have in my bag. I’m using this Victoria secret body mist which a friend of mine gifted me.
It is nice and woody notes based. Summer makes it all the more essential to keep one in the bag.
A pair sun glass is an essential thing for the summers, so I keep one in here. Also, I keep a scarf as I often step out in the sun. To cover my face and hair as both gets severely damaged if bared in sun.

I keep a small diary which I picked up from a local stationary shop. It has this unique floppy disc kind of shape. I just scribble and note whatever thoughts come to my mind while I’m on the move.
It also helps me in keeping my day organized. I know what I need to do next as I have noted it down in there. The pages can be added to it as I got a supply for it for a year, and it’s a spiral binding.
Next is the pen which is essential to note down things, pen down the thoughts, etc.

I keep few savories and candies to just keep myself uplifted. It is just one of my weaknesses, SUGAR!

And YES, there is a wallet, to sum up, which keeps all my cards, cash, and I-cards in a much saner way. But that’s not all I carry a separate bag which stocks up the diapers, food, and water for my babies while going out with kids.

So that’s all my Makeup Bag Essentials which goes inside my bag.
I hope you guys like it.
Your suggestions and comments are valuable. Please let me know your thoughts.



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33 thoughts on “What Is Inside My Office Makeup Bag? Makeup Bag Essentials Every Mom Should Own

  1. Dipika

    I love your vanity up there…. kajal, lip balm & wet wipes are my fav’s too.
    Vega comb brush is something I picked up on persuaded by little one and turned out to be a best pick.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Rakhi Parsai

    Hey Minakshi, I so loved reading the posts.. Only a mother can replace her cosmetics to kiddy stuff. Kuddos to all of us. Happy to see that you are back to original kit of yours in the bag. 🙂

  3. Vasantha Vivek

    I too have all these in my hand bag except lipstick and kajal. I have in addition hand sanitizer, small tooth pick box, dry pocket tissue pack and some safety & hair pins.

  4. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    My makeup bag is also full of all these things, except that charger. You have reminded me of it. From tomorrow it’ll take place in mine. Nice detailing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jiya B

    This looks great. Loved the tag line on the bag. Happy girls are the prettiest. It is easy carry and has a room for so many items . 🙂

  6. Papri Ganguly

    ahh! Just love love love your makeup vanity. It looks so cool I carry a little less product for everyday.


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