How To Make Bath Time Special For Your Baby

Bath time is a real fun for the little ones, they love to splash in the water and it’s a time when mommies bond well with their babies.

How To make Bath Time Fun For Babies

How To make Bath Time Fun For Babies


Small babies of 3-4 months usually have short or sponge bath sessions but right after 5 months babies love to sit in bath tubs and enjoy the everyday sessions.

Seeing the baby sitting in a tub and splashing water is an absolutely cute sight.

Baby Bath Tips

Tips to Keep In Mind While Giving Baby Bath

A Time For Bonding

Bath time is far more than simply maintaining and following the hygiene tips, it’s a time to relax and focus only on your baby.

The baby plays with the parent (mother mainly) allowing emotional and physical bond grow strong.

Parents value bath time a lot and according to a research about 85% parents agree that this is the best time to bond with their little ones.

Bathing is important but since it is rainy season you should follow some safety measures for kids to protect them from the seasonional infections.



Babies hate to take bath alone; their toys must go with them so buy such floating toys that boost their enthusiasm.

Use floating Toy to make baby bath time fun

Floating Time to make baby bathe time fun


The harder they splash, the more enjoyment they get out of doing that. Playing in water improves the hand-eye coordination and they also learn to identify body parts. Consistent bathing keeps a baby healthy and happy.

I bought lot of floating toys and use a different toy each day of the week.



Cater to your baby’s special needs while bath sessions, use products that they love, that suit their skin and makes them feel fresh.

After Baby Bath Essentials

After Baby Bath Essentials


Babies respond very well when they see water around, applying the soap for the first time, first time shampoo and wearing the gorgeous bathrobe is so much fun.

I started carrying few of these items in my diaper bag as well. Read my ULTIMATE DIAPER BAG CHECKLIST FOR FIRST TIME MOMS


Baby Bath Time Essentials

Baby Bath Time Essentials


Touch is a very important sense organ.Parents tend to touch more while giving baby bath and this is very important for social and cognitive development.

While rubbing the baby’s skin mildly, the vagus nerve is stimulated offering much relaxation. All the senses are equally engaged during baby bath because they love smelling the products, hear the sound of water splashing and see the bubbles.


Daily Bath Is Great But Do Not Use Soap Daily

Bathing controls excess of oil in the hair and washes away the unnecessary moisture from the body.

Do you know that using too much soap is not good for the skin? Baby skin is very supple and soap can rip off the natural moisture and cause rashes. Even if you are using hydrating soap, daily use is not recommended.

I use a loi on my baby that keeps his skin soft and supple.


I use soap 2-3 times a week all over the body and shampoo twice a week.

Clean the diaper zone and the skin folds regularly, use soap on the palms and clean their little feet daily.

Bubble baths can cause irritation in the urethra and lead to UTI. Let them play in the beginning, use soap later, wash and pick them up from water. Play with your little ones, sing songs and make them happy.



Are you maintaining safety tips while bathing? Take a look at what safety you must maintain:

  1. Always be on supervision while your baby sits in the tub inside the bathroom. Babies can get suffocated even in an inch of water. Gather all your supplies before you begin giving bath.
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  2. Hold the baby’s back with one hand when in water, its very important for safety.

  3. During  winters the bathroom should be warm and it must be cool in the summers. Monsoon is a very tricky season; do not give long bath sessions this time.

  4. The baby should fit in a small bath tub but in case you are using the family tub, make sure it’s not slippery. Use a bath mat made of rubber and a comfortable spout cover.

  5. Tub should be filled with 2-4 inches of water for babies

    Baby Bath Time

    Make Baby Bathe Time Special

  6. In the winter season when you are preparing warm water, dip your elbow to check the hotness of water.

  7. The baby should not stand up in the tub.

  8. Keep electrical away.

  9. Last but not the least; rather very important, do not attend any phone calls or rush to open the door leaving the baby. Either complete the bath or take the baby along in a towel.

Finally bathing the baby involves no such technology; it’s close to nature. A parent’s pure touch and warmth makes bath time special for babies.

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These moments are so intimate and adorable that parents and babies both get addicted to it.


Bathing is best for cranky babies and bath time induces good sleeping habit. As they say babies grow fast so enjoy the cuddle and bath time as much as you can before they come out of their bath tub.


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21 thoughts on “How To Make Bath Time Special For Your Baby

  1. Jiya B

    Lovely. In mycase I donot have to do anything kids are already ready to take bath and jump in the tub. My son is so crazy he takes bath for almost 5 times a day be it summer or winter. loved your points you shared here. It is important for a baby to enjoy the bathing activity.

  2. Ar. Shivali Singla

    Awww. This is such a beautiful post. It is important to have a pampering session once in a while.

  3. Snigdha

    Very important tips you have mentioned here.. You know I have also bought these yellow ducks for my son when he was that small and he enjoys a lot while bathing.

  4. anamika

    Yes I’m agree with you using too much soap is not good for the skin. Even I’m not using soap daily. Bathing time is most favorite time for kids.

  5. Safi@thebeautyinsideout

    You’ve mentioned some informative points in this post. My baby too loves to play in the bath. Btw we also have the same ducks, she loves them 🙂

  6. jayshreebhagat

    My baby always loved taking bath and it was her favourite time of the day… Still she takes 3 times bath a day… Everytime she enters the bathroom, it has to be her bath time

  7. Tejal

    Omg your little sweetie is having so much fun on his tummy! I never thought to do that! Def for my second! Thanks for these great tips!

  8. upasna

    My Kiddo is 3 but loves his bath time…I allow him to sit in water during weekends and yes, he wants his car inside too. He loves lukewarm water even in that fine?


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