How To Use Ergonomic Ring Sling With Do’s Don’ts

Baby Carrier Ergonomic Ring Sling Review

Ergonomic Baby Carrier Ring Sling Review

So I recently came across this beautiful superlight and ubercool baby carrier ring sling from Kol Kol baby carriers family. I borrowed it from my friend for a days’ trip.

Skeptical at first whether I would be able to carry my  toddler in it, but voila as my friend guided me how to use it and with a few hacks, up we go. It was such a breezy feeling.

I felt so much free and relieved like a bird must say. The hands free feeling just doesn’t find right kind of words to express my emotions.

And to tell you more the carrier is ergonomic and safety tested too so I had a piece of satisfaction as well that I’m doing right as well.  Read what is ergonomic carrier in next paragraph.


What is an ergonomic carrier?

An ergonomic carrier is the one which is safety tested by the international and national testing agencies. They pass through stringent tests before they are made available for the consumers to use. The design and safety is of prime importance.

The ergonomic ring sling was made of a sturdy cotton fabric with beautiful pinks and grey adding an ombre effect which is so much in trend these days.

The rings were secure and tested too. The recommended weight limit to carry your baby in a ring sling is from new born till 15 kilograms but I find my toddler easy in that.



How to use Ergonomic Ring Sling Carrier

So we as instructed by my friend with making a pleating to start with, gathered the cloth on the other side of the ring sling as we do saree pleating and made a bag kind of sling thing, putting it across my shoulder made a smart shawl drape kind of loop.

Then I pulled my baby close who was so apprehensively looking at me as if questioning ‘mommy what are you gonna do to me?’ pulled him close to myself and placed him inside the bag kind of seat I made with the ring sling.

Instruction Manual that comes with the baby carrier – Ergonomic Ring Sling

Ergonomic Ring Sling - Manual


I adjusted the rings and cloth to get a proper and snug seat for my baby. It was a little difficult at start but as I followed the instructions provided in the booklet(image below) which came along with the carrier and also as per my friends’ instructions.

I adjusted the cloth with the threads colors. It was very snug and warm feeling. Felt liberated a lot too as my hands were free although I was holding my baby close enough.


Kol Kol Ergonomic Ring Sling - Manual

You must be thinking that my shoulders must be hurting carrying a grown up baby, but to tell you honestly I didn’t felt a bit.

The carrier is such designed so as to distribute the weight equally, so it was much comfortable. I too was amazed. We then took a stroll around the park nearby for good forty-five minutes.

It was such a wonderful feeling. As we all know walking increases blood circulation and helps us stay fit too. With my baby in my arms I felt so good and happy.

I felt so blessed. Baby wearing helps in creating good bond between mother and child too, or even the caregiver or father and the baby.

I strongly recommend baby wearing for the new mums although I had my first hand experience a little late but enjoyed and cherished every moment of it that i am planning to buy one Ergonomic Ring Sling for me as well.


Dos and Don’ts while you carry your baby in a ergonomic ring sling carrier:

  • Never run or drive while you carry your baby in a ring sling of any other carrier;
  • Keep the baby in a high up position such that you are able to kiss your baby’s head that’s the best position and way to carry your baby and keeps them snug and comfortable;
  • Make the ring sling snug fit and don’t make the cloth loose as it may cause sudden fall or slip off;
  • When it is very hot and humid make the layers of clothing worn by baby and you less else your baby might become uncomfortable;
  • Follow the specified weight limit religiously;
  • Never make your new born baby wear footed onesies when in a carrier as it may cause deformities of toe;
  • You can nurse your baby comfortably in a carrier too and that will help the baby too in settling down as all the babies feel secure when in their mother’s arms.

So the above dos and don’ts explain quite a bit. My baby knocked to sleep within few minutes of carrying him and I accomplished my task of picking few groceries down from the market (between we caught a lot of attention from people there).

Ergonomic Ring Sling – Baby wearing Safety
Ring slings is a good carrier for beginners too as it is not only budget friendly but easy to use too. Especially with my baby who wants to come out of it every now and then to run around and when tired to be pulled in again. It is very compact, stores in my purse easily.

Coming back to the brand Kol Kol, it’s manufactured by a momprenuer Bayiravi Mani who owns this brand, based in Gurugram, Haryana, makes carrier especially suitable to Indian climate and in variety of patterns and colors.

For me it was an amazing experience. Hope you gals find the review helpful. Share your feedback if you have used the ring sling or any other baby carrier.

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