5 Points To Consider Before Investing On Kids Jewelry

Interested in kids jewelry?  Keep these 5 things in mind before purchasing jewelry for babies and kids.


5 things to consider before buying your kids jewelry

5 things to consider before buying your kids jewelry


The festive season is round the corner. Just like we mommies like to doll up, we also want our kids to look their best.

So, it is the time to keep away their jhaplas and bodysuits and invest in some fine clothing. Look how i dressed both of them as Radha and Krishna in Janmasthmi.   Now, I will deal with kids fashion and kids festive wear later but what I want all fellow mothers to think about is jewelry for kids. Kids jewelry is a latest trend and parents are not hesitant to invest on them.


The debate that comes to our mind –


Is it really worth buying them jewelry?

Won’t they outgrow it soon ?

Is it a good investment strategy ?

Well, it’s an ongoing debate and there are both sides of the story. However, that does not mean that you do not buy small knick knacks for your baby doll.

In fact keeping in mind the demand for baby jewelry all leading jewelry houses have come up with a special collection dedicated to the babies and toddlers.

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Buying baby jewelry is certainly not a mean feat. As typical Indian parents we always have a tendency to go overboard thinking and taking care of our cherubs. Buying baby jewelry is also a matter of national importance for some of us. So here are some things which I think that we absolutely must keep in mind before going to buy kids jewelry.


1. Check If It is Hypo Allergenic

Buy kids jewelry that are made of hypo allergenic materials

Buy kids jewelry that are made of hypo allergenic materials

My daughter has sensitive skin. Though she is about 5 years old, she still easily breaks into rashes when she comes in contact with allergic agents and synthetic elements.

As parents, we need to keep them away from such allergy triggering elements. Hence, when buying baby jewelry ensure that you buy one’s that are made of hypo allergenic materials. This will help to keep reactions at bay.

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2. Check On The Fact If The Jewelry Is Adjustable

I have picked up cute pair of baby bangles cum bracelet for my daughter to wear this Diwali.

Choose adjustable kids jewelry

Choose adjustable kids jewelry

These bangles are sleek in look and have options for adjusting .That means that with passage of time, the bangle can also be adjusted according to her wrist size.

Try and avoid buying jewelry pieces that cannot be adjusted easily as your toddler will outgrow them easily.



3. Check On The Purity

Check the purity of metal before buying your kids jewelry

Check the purity of metal before buying your kids jewelry


In continuation of the first point I made, always buy jewelry for your babies that are made of pure metals.

You can opt for silver, white gold and yellow gold. These metals are known to suit almost all kinds of skin type.



4. No Sharp Edges


No sharp edges should be there in your kids jewelry

No sharp edges should be there in your kids jewelry


This is something that I really harp on. If you see the jewelry pieces picked by me , I have double checked to ensure that the designs are sleek and have no sharp edge in them.

I bought a cute small pendant for her on her 5th birthday. Though it looks sleek, it does not have any sharp edges and the design is such that i also sometimes share it with her. Here are my summer fashion accessories where few we both mom and daughter already share.

If you are picking up a trendy bracelet for your little one, ensure that you choose one with dangles that do not have sharp edges.

Who knows, better than us that kids are extremely careless? As a result, they might get easily scratched wearing uneven and sharp jewelry pieces.


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5. Check On The Design

Buy kids jewelry design as per their age

Buy kids jewelry design as per their age


Remember that there is an appropriate age to wear particular designed jewelry.Baby and kids jewelry is available in a plethora of designs.

Look for pieces that are simple but cute as a button. Elaborate designs might not look good on them. So, pick up designs that are age appropriate like small bangles, payals and bracelet with alphabets hanging from them.

So, what are you waiting for ?  Check out the huge range of baby jewelry and pick up pieces that catch your eye for this festive season. I am done shopping for baby jewelry , are you ?


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39 thoughts on “5 Points To Consider Before Investing On Kids Jewelry

  1. Nisha Malik

    Another fabulous article on child saftey. You pointed out the most important facts to keep in mind while shopping for kids jwellery. Thank you very much.

  2. Jiya B

    This is a lovely post. I do buy kids jewellery I got few gold pendants and earrings for my daughter. But for my son I always end up buying silver glass, spoon and plate ha ha . Actually you gave details here which will be really helpful for me this time for Diwali shopping. Thanks for this post

  3. Zainab

    Very nice tips Minakshi
    I agree we need to take these things in mind before buying ornaments for our kids, or even for ourselves:)

  4. Snigdha

    You have written some important points here which is helpful for new moms ,infact for every mom… I agree with all the tips you have mentioned here…

  5. Blair Villanueva

    Very adorable jewelry designs 🙂
    As much as I wish to buy my (future) kid jewelry to wear, I think it is safe to say not. Let’s be real, jewelry catches someone attention, and we dont want our kid get to trouble because of a little gold bracelet.

  6. alpanadeo

    Everything in kids section looks super cute and attractive that we get into impulsive buying but asking the questions you have mentioned to ourselves can give answers.

  7. BellyBytes

    Great tips. Though I would be careful about getting real gold , diamonds etc because children can tend to drop jewellry . Also children love removing jewellery so remember to carry a pouch to keep all the things when you take them out all dressed up!


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