Spruce up your child’s wardrobe with Hugsntugs.com

Hugsntugs.com –   REVIEW Of Kids Clothing & Accessories Website


There are plenty of online shopping sites from where you can buy kids stuffs and me being a working mom always find it easier to shop from my laptop. I hope lot of moms will agree to me.


Well, if you are fond of online shopping let me share my recent experience with a new website hugsntugs.com





Hugsntugs.com is a startup kid’s online shopping brand selling superior quality stuffs. This website offers the trendiest collection of kid’s clothes and accessories in India.

You can shop for both boys and girls right from newborn to 8 years of age and i am very glad to know that because both my kids fall within this bracket.

Normally i struggle in finding little boy trendy clothes but this website has such a vast collection as per toddler fashion trends that i already bought 2 pieces for little human from Hugsntugs.com

This company is an initiative of the two new moms Mukta and Nimisha who love dressing up their little ones and encourage other moms to do the same.

Both the founders are from the fashion designing industry so you can rely on their styles, quality of fabric and collection.

They both have their families working in top positions in the apparel industry. The collection contains a touch of passion and smell of care.


Being a website and product reviewer, Hugsntugs.com parceled me two trendy Jumpsuits for my 6 years old daughter.


Hugsntugs.com Review, Kids online clothing website

Hugsntugs.com Review, Kids online clothing website


Both the jumpsuits I received have the coolest color combinations, one blue and white and its cold shoulder.

The other one is a stylish off-shoulders having light abstract print on white. The suits are absolutely super cool, stylish, and trendy, of superior quality with proper stitches.


I washed one of them and found out that the color is intact after wash which ensures that the stuff is of good quality.

This online shopping website sells dresses for each and every occasion. Jumpsuits are always there in summer fashion trends for little girls, autumn and spring season.

It’s now a very popular style among little girls and women. The fit of the jumpsuit is a very important factor and I found that the one they sent fits perfectly on my daughter.


Hugsntugs.com Review, Kids online clothing website



Overall, I would say it’s a good buy if you are ordering clothes from hugsntugs.com website.

Raksha Bandhan, the traditional festival that celebrates the brother-sister bonding is just around the corner and did you shop for your little ones?

They have a special section for Rakhi

There is a lot to gift on this occasion. Hugsntugs.com has a superb collection of Indian traditional dresses for the little brothers and sisters.

The fairies can flaunt their lehengas while the masters can be comfortable in designer kurta and pajamas.

Kids love to wear clothes with their names written on it.

Hugsntugs.com Review

Hugsntugs.com Review

Isn’t it a cool idea to gift them on their birthdays? They are selling customized wears for both boys and girls at a competitive pricing.


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 They also have a section from where you can shop customized products.

My son is going to start preschool from next month and so my preschool preparation is going in full swing which made me buy one customized bag from Hugsntugs.com


If you are looking for real heavy discounts, you can always check the clearance sale section and find real good items to buy.  Scroll up and down and you are surely going to find items worth buying.


Hugsntugs.com Review

Hugsntugs.com Review


Christmas is a very special occasion and kids look very smart wearing those Santa wears and other Western collections.

Just 4 months left for Christmas. This company has a wonderful Christmas collection. You can just visit their website to check out and by the time it Christmas, they will have plenty of new stocks added.

Incase you want to shop beforehand, the prices are very reasonable. They have special collection for each and every season.


Buying clothes and accessories from this website will ensure your child would remain updated when it comes to fashion and style.


By now you must be thinking that how easy would it be to buy from here? How would you decide the size?


There is a measurement chart given right on their website for boys and girls. The measurements are given of skirt length, tank length, armhole, waist, hip, neckline, thigh, front rise and back rise.

The measurements are given on the basis of age group and sex. Night suits are meant for comfortable sleeping at night so they have a separate measurement chart for night suits as well.

This shows that how dedicated they are when it comes to kid’s clothing.

I am very satisfied with their collections and will spread this message across.

Incase you wish to gift someone, Hugsntugs.com gift vouches are awesome. The delivery is on time, very simple and the return policy is flexible.

Signup with Hugsntugs.com and you can receive the best deals in your email or mobile.

Thank you Hugsntugs !!


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45 thoughts on “Spruce up your child’s wardrobe with Hugsntugs.com

  1. Caroline

    I have two little boys and sometimes struggle with finding cool outfits for them. I’ll have to check out the website, it sounds like they have a great range of clothing.

  2. Udita Saklani

    The fabric of both the jumpsuits looks pretty decent and your daughter is carrying it with just the right attitude.

  3. Prisha Lalwani

    I absolutely love the floral one. The quality of the dress is quite visible in the pictures itself!! Sounds like an interesting site with newer thigs to offer!!

  4. Papri Ganguly

    Two jumpsuits look amazing on her and she looks so comfortable. Seem like those have rubber band but it doesn’t look hurting. And oh my my she is a poser girl

  5. Katie Bressler

    Loving these prints and what a cutie! I am in love with rompers. I have one I wear all the time & my little one has some shorts rompers. I will have to check them out!

  6. Rakhi Parsai

    Let’s begin with your daughter who is looking absolutely stunning and adorable in the jump suits. Even I have tried hugsntugs and they are fabulous. I loved the traditional wear by them.

  7. Nayantara Hegde

    Wow those jumpsuits are too awesome. I love jumpsuits myself. They look really pretty on little girls too. Hugs and tugs seems like a great place for children’s clothes.


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