Homemade Magical Hair Pack To Save Your Hair Post Delivery

Combat Hair Related Challenges  With This Hair Pack


Once, you become a mother, the biggest challenge in your life is to raise an infant.

Decoding an infant is a herculean task, but an equally important challenge is saving yourself from being bald.

All mothers would agree to the fact, that post-delivery they all face severe hair loss. The hair loss saga kicks in around 6 months post-delivery.

If we do not address the same it can leave bald patches on your scalp forever.

After browsing through a plethora of anti-hair fall remedies and hair pack available on Instagram and Pinterest, I finally zeroed onto these few steps below.
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I realized that we should not create too much fuss about it. The more you fuss and apply more products on your head the problem worsens. Before we move forward know the Proper Way To Wash Hair

Follow a simple regime of nourishment packs and oil to derive maximum benefit out of them.

As compared to over the counter cosmetic packs, homemade one’s are far better and beneficial. This is what helped me to combat hair fall post-delivery.



  • A bunch of curry leaves

  • A fist of methi seeds

  • 2 bananas

  • 1 egg yolk

  • Honey

  • Yoghurt

  • Lime Juice


Making this mask is very easy. The day you want to apply the mask soak the methi seeds in distilled water the night before.

In the morning strain the water and make a paste of the methi seeds. Then in a mixer grinder put all the ingredients till a pulp is made.

Once the mask is ready, you can simply part your hair and apply the hair mask all over the scalp and hair shafts. Keep the hair pack for 45 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.


  • Cut the banana into pieces when making a pulp so that it gets mashed easily.

  • Oil your hair before applying this pack for better results. We will soon discuss the various oils that you can use on your scalp.


This hair pack is like a magic potion. Every single ingredient used in the hair pack would help to arrest hair fall and trigger hair growth.

Here are ways, that the INGREDIENTS are beneficial

     These leaves are enriched with nutrients that helps one to grow hair. They have lots of amino acids and antioxidants that help to arrest hair fall.

    Also, application of curry leaves helps to retain the natural black color of the hair.

    Meethi Seeds also known as Fenugreek seeds have the nutrients to arrest hair fall. Also, it aids in promoting hair growth.
    It works in both ways and helps you to regain and restore your lost hair.


  • BANANAS: This fruit is filled with natural oils, potassium and carbohydrates.

    It helps to prevent split ends and prevents hair breakage. It adds a shine to the hair and makes it extra soft.

    Application of egg yolk on hair strands will make your hair super soft and strong.

  • HONEY:
    This is natural source of moisturizer. Application of honey on hair makes the hair anti frizz and also lends it a healthy gloss.

     This is enriched with nutrients and amino acid. It is excellent for boosting hair growth and controlling dandruff.

    Apart from containing acids , that actually aid to lighten the color of the hair ( it’s a secret ingredient for lightening and high lighting hair at home).

    it also takes away the unbearable smell of raw eggs.

Ideally, apply this hair mask twice a week for two or three months to start seeing the results.


Now, before applying the hair pack, it is important to oil the hair properly.

I generally use 3 oils in concoction together or separately as the case might be. This is what I like about each one of them


The Parachute Advanced Hair Oil is enriched with pure coconut oil. It is suited for those who are in a hurry and cannot oil their hair too often. The oil can be applied for a short duration to get the desired effect on the hair shafts.


I recently discovered an Aromatherapy Oil that is enriched with lavender and jojoba extracts. this hair gives instant nourishment to my hair making it bouncy and lending it a great shine.


Olive Oil is enriched with nutrients and vitamins. Though a bit thick, it instantly provides the hair shaft the required nutrition and moisture making fizzy hair disappear in a jiffy.

Another hair oil that I use occasionally is the Patanjali Kesh kanti hair oil. This oil is actually a concoction of various oils and herbs and makes the hair soft and supple.

So, this was my hair care regime post delivery. This hair pack has helped me to fall in love with my hair once again.


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  1. Alpana Deo

    I love the smell of curry leaves. I have used a pack with curry leaves, methi. But never applied banana. You gave a solution to my hairfall. Thanks..

  2. Papri Ganguly

    Absolutely worth trying recipes. Specially the ingredients all are beneficial to our hair.


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