Hair Care In Rainy Season | Essential Tips To Follow In Monsoon

Hair Care in Rainy Season


hair care in rainy season


Monsoon is a vulnerable season, people are more prone to falling ill, there can be skin issues and most importantly this is the time for maximum hairfall.

Hair Care in rainy season is very imprtant as rain cause fizzy locks and hair gets easily damaged.

Modern multi-tasking moms hardly have time to take care of themselves but don’t let your hair fall off your head and ruin your beauty.

I know you are here because hair care in rainy season is important for you.

If you are facing hair fall after delivery use this magical hair pack.





Hair care in rainy season starts with keeping your hair dry. Do not pour water on the entire hair while bathing if you have hair below your shoulders.

Instead make a bun at the back so that all of it does not get wet.

It’s not good to use a hair dryer regularly but you can sometimes in the rainy season.

Try not getting wet in the rain; it’s not good for the hair. Incase you get wet in rain, take a bath and wash your hair when you some home.




If you are living with the notion that shampoo damages the hair, it’s a wrong one.

Before shampooing, you should know  correct way to wash your hair

Not shampooing the hair leads to accumulation of dust, sweat and dampness which leads to more hairfall.


hair care in rainy season


If you are staying at home then shampoo twice a week but if you are travelling daily, it’s recommended to do thrice.

Use a shampoo that suits your hair type and just use a dollop of it. Shampoo hair right from root to tip and do not forget the conditioner.

Its important to follow right conditioning techniques which includes not using too much of it and using it only in the hair length.




Moms never get time for a comfortable oil massage session but do find out some time for it when you get a bit of free time.

I use a specific Oil Concoction.  Oil nourishes and moisturizes your hair keeping it supple and free from tangles and fizzes.

Hair oil with vitamin E is very effective.


hair care in rainy season


Do not step outside the house with oily air or else it will accumulate dirt and cause damage. Shampoo the day you are going out, preferably the next day.

This way you can also take care of frizzy hair in monsoon.




Comb is good for the hair till you are using the right type.

Combing your hair is a massaging technique but its best to use a wide toothed one.


hair care in rainy season


Combing your hair with a wide-toothed comb 3-4 times a day keeps scalp healthy giving proper blood circulation.

Never comb wet hair. Also Read some dos and don’ts for your hair.




Monsoon is a damp season therefore the hair-roots are also not crisp during this time.

Do not tie tight ponytails or else it will result in limp hair. Buns are the best when the season is wet and damp.




The raining season is most favorable for plants; you must notice that your aloevera plant is fresh and juicy in the monsoons.

For shiny and soft hair, massage natural aloevera gel onto the scalp and leave for 20 minutes and wash it off.


hair care in rainy season



This herb also keeps excessive hair fall away.


Mint leaves are also very beneficial for hair. You can also make a hair pack for monsoons using them. Read Amazing benefits of mint leaves



It’s very essential to do a hair spa if you have frizzy and uncontrollable hair.

Mothers usually do not have time to visit beauty parlors, never mind because you can always do a spa at home.

Buy a container of spa cream, take generous amount and apply the cream on the hair length from root to tip, keep it for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Rinse off with a shampoo, do the conditioning and wrap a hot towel around your hair for 10 minutes. Do not blow dry.


hair care in rainy season




Indian women are very familiar to henna, a brown color powder that is got from mixing various herbs mainly mehendi, aamla and shikakai.

It’s known as food for the hair. It’s very important to apply henna during the monsoons. Do not worry its simple.


hair care in rainy season


I apply it once in a month.

And its very simple to use. Tear a pack of henna and add water to it, mix it well till the mixture is dense and dark brown and leave overnight.

Next day apply on your entire hair and leave it to dry for 3-4 hours. I also add 1 spoon of coffee powder and 2 spoon curd.

You can also add an egg to the mixture for added protein.

Shampoo your hair and discover silky, manageable tresses.

To cover few grey hair i find Henna anytime better over chemical treatment.




Hair care in rainy season also means eating right food. Moms are the heart of the family; eat healthy food always, especially in the monsoons.


hair care in rainy season


Include these 5 super foods for active and healthy lifestyle

Consume green vegetables, fresh fruits and lots of water. Wash vegetables and fruits properly before having and no junk food.

Haldi Milk is very good to keep your immunity up.
Read why you should drink turmeric milk daily.

Eat food rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega 3.



Styling products and equipment are  harmful for the hair; avoid using these at all in the monsoons.


hair care in rainy season


If it is getting difficult to maintain long hair, go for a manageable cut.

Go out wearing water proof jackets that have nice hoods.

Enjoy the rainy season with your baby and be beautiful inside out.

After your kids, hair is another prized possession, take care of it.




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  2. Harmony, Momma To Go

    We dont have the rainy season where I live (NYC) so i never gave much thought to this! But I am sure those with frizzy hair (likemine) need to change up their routine. I need to wash and condition every day …. my hair gets so oily!

  3. Anonymous

    Thank goodness I have short hair and no monsoons where I live! But know I’m curious, I have friends that do live in these climates, I wonder if they’ve ever given much thought to hair care then. Lots of advice!

  4. Papri Ganguly

    Again very useful post! I face fizzy and tangled hair in rainy season. Will keep in mind your points.

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    I´ve bookmarked this post because the tips are really helpful. Especially the aloe vera tip. Its hard to remember all of them at once when the rainy season comes. Thank you.

  6. Aesha Shah

    Thanks for this post. I am struggling to maintain my hair. Currently on medication from dr , but wanted to know since you mentioned using aloe vera gel , which product to use. There are so many available in the market. Also I have heard there are many varieties of aloe vera plant.

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    Very informative and detailed post. You seem to have done quite a research. It comes just at the right with the arrival of the monsoons.

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    You have written all possible points here… Loved it… I too agree that shampooing twice a week or more doesn’t damage hair texture… Just want to know, how is that matrix shampoo…?

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    i needed these so very much… for some reason this monsoon season my hair has become uncontrollable

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    Hair becomes so sticky during Monsoon because of humidity in the air. I must say the way you have explain in the post is really amazing and will help many of us.

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    I have a smoothening Keratine treatment done so i have to be even more careful. Thanks for these wonderful tips. Nutrition sure is critical

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    For nature, the monsoon is about everywhere green and for us, it causes hair damage … But you and your useful tips are always with us so we are not worried about our hair and skin. thanks again 🙂

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    Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips. Just one question …have you tried this loreal spa shown in one of your pic….I have been planning to buy it for long but don’t know if it would work on my hair or not.

  14. Geethica Mehra

    Oiling a night before has always helped me but still hair falls like anything during monsoons. I use aloe vera for my skin and I am yet to use it for hair. Your post is very informative and helpful

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    Very useful tips for all of us. The best tip here is that spa one. I must try it out. Let me buy a spa cream ASAP.

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    Great tips!! Alovera plays the magic everywhere…but dont you think applying heena for long hours is not good. It might cause headaches…read it somewhere…not sure!!


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