5 Golden Rules to lose weight fast – They will boost your confidence too

Internet is flooded with many articles on how to Lose weight fast, diet to Lose weight fast.  Do not worry i am not going to write about diet and recipes here.

This post will talk about 5 golden rules which will not only help in losing weight fast but will also boost your confidence and motivate you to further loose until you reach your target goal.

 Read my post – My baby steps for healthy weight loss if you have not read it yet.

. Stop listening to people:


You will find people saying ‘ohh you are so picky and careful with your diet’ ‘Aray yaar aaj to kha le’  ‘Now you are looking weak..see face kitna dull ho gaya hai

 Learn the art of ignoring and say NO politely. Do not get carried away by someones words.

You have set a goal and you are already working on it to lose weight fast. No one should be strong enough to deviate you from your path.

2. Inch loss is faster:

 Please do not loose your motivation because your have not lost on scale. We loose inches faster than kgs.

So check your measurements weekly. Do not always focus to lose weight fast; inch loss will make you look slim without even losing weight.

 Inch loss is faster

 3. Dont stop dressing up:

I know most of us stop dressing up though always keep an eye on beautiful 1 pieces. Most of us on our heavier time stick to salwar suits.

Please do not do it. Dress what you want and in which you are comfortable. Your desire to wear your beautiful dress will keep you up.

  I am telling you from my exp that when you wear something tight and body hugging you tend to stick to your diet that ultimately help you to lose weight fast and look beautiful in your dream dress.

  4. Find a companion:

Yes you need a person around who can tell you that you are in your weight loss journey and constantly remind your for the same. if you have someone in your family like husband you are lucky.

I created a whatsapp group for the same purpose only.  Here we discuss and share everything that can help each other.  We share small progress and updates  like I  have gone for a walk, quick recipes and every other related thing and that reminds you that you should also wear your shoes and run on the track.

Find a companion who can help you in weightloss

5. Learn what work best for you:

Please do not follow others without knowing your body, your habits. Something that work for others might not work for you. There are people who run, walk for hours and burn calories.

 There are people who can handle their diet well but run away from exercises.  Some people get good results from yoga, some from cardio. So see what works for you.

You may not have time for hitting gym and doing yoga at home so find out something that can suit you like doing 5 sit-ups everytime you go to loo. So this you have to find yourself and stick to it.

Do not copy others. You may fail.  I do 15 min exercise in the morning. If you are struggling to get up early read my post – How to wake up early and why you should develop this habit

 So friends, these are my rules that worked for me and i hope you will find them useful. If you are already following anything, please share. I would love to explore.

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32 thoughts on “5 Golden Rules to lose weight fast – They will boost your confidence too

  1. Rakhi Parsai

    Lovely tips Minakshi. Even I feel that we should not stop dressing up even if we are a little fat here and there.

  2. Jiya B

    This is a helpful post Minakshi. I lost weight the tips are amazing I am sure this will help many who are struggling to loose weight and wish to come back to shape.

  3. sudip

    useful article for weight loss. the main motto of everyone of us should be healthy living. I can help you more specifically with the information about the foods that burn fats.

  4. Papri Ganguly

    Wow, such an wonderful and motivating post for people like me who are struggling to loose some extra kilos quickly.

  5. Trystwithvanillagirl

    I agree with every single trick you shared in the post. Weight loss is best when done slow and one should never stop styling.

  6. Nisha Malik

    Your article is very helpful indeed. Specially after pregnancy womrn really lose hope to lose weight. Your tips are definitely a ray of hope.


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