5 fun activities to do with kids this summer vacation

Schools are getting closed for summer vacations and we are looking for activities to keep our active toddlers busy. I have planned some summer vacation activities for my kid which i will do with her this summer:

1. Mehndi Design: My daughter loves applying mehndi on her hand. I normally buy cones from the market and make design on her tiny hands. She happily admires it and shows her mehndi applied hands to all her friends. This summer I am planning to buy some mehndi comes and tell her to put it on my and her dadi(grandmother) hands. While she will learn and explore the mehndi art the activity will keep her busy for good 1-2 hours. Please try this activity only under elder supervision.

Mehndi design, Summer vacation activity

Mehndi designed by my daughter

2. Drawing: Earlier I was planning to enroll her for drawing and coloring classes but seeing her running pencil and creating stuff herself I want her to take drawing naturally as it comes to her. Let me show an old piece of her where she created papa, mumma, herself and her brother. She created this this when she was 3.6 years old. I was surprised seeing her talent as I never taught her how to create smiles and faces. I have purchased a dozen drawing note book which I will offer her every alternate day for an hour. Let me see what she does on them.

Drawing - Summer vacation activity

My Family pic, created by my daughter

3. Chapatti making: My daughter always asks for some dough while I make chapatti. She takes it and plays with the dough by making different shapes and sometimes she also tries to use rolling pan and make chapatti. She then tells “mumma meri roti ban gayi,, please ise sekh do”. This time I am thinking why not make her learn how to roll chapatti using rolling pan so that she can make something close to round roti …Even I cannot make perfect chapatti but let me teach her what I know.

4. Scrapbook: I bought a scrapbook long time back which is sitting idle in my cupboard. I am thinking to give to my daughter and get some prints of our family photos. Ask her to paste and arrange these photos in the scrapbook. Will also ask her to give title to each photo which I may write on her behalf (as she cannot write sentences).

5. Painting: I have some small acrylic paint bottles which I bought to paint glass vases. I will give 2 color bottles to her to paint a small flower pot. I know she might create mess but this will make her explore new things. She anyways have good interest in gardening. She water the plants with me and also clean the leaves if there is any dirt. She has learnt that flowers should not be plucked from plants and plant needs air, sunlight and water to survive. So this summer vacation hoping to have a pot colored by her in our small garden.

She also goes to dance and swimming classes twice/thrice per week so I have not included them in my list but you can plan if your kid doesn’t attend these already. I hope the above activities will keep my kid engaged this summer vacation.

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