How Much Freedom Do Women Have Today?

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It is impossible to think about the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved.

It is impossible for a bird to fly on only one wing.” — Swami Vivekananda

We are celebrating 71st Independence Day and on this celebration we 12 bloggers are writing our views on Independence through blog train #FreedomExpress.

Thank You my dear friend and versatile blogger Jiya for introducing me in her blog post of  #FreedomToExpress series. Read the story she contributed in this series.

I would like to take this blog train ahead by expressing my views on


Indian is a country where the nation name itself sounds feminine. We call it BHARAT MATA.

We worship goddess as Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, Annapurna and more. We feed girls on Navratri, offer them gifts and touch their feet.

At the same time we still see cases of infanticide. 2nd girl child still does not bring  smile on many faces.  Girls still have to face early marriage if she has younger sisters to get married.

Working women struggle to meet both the ends. We still are not close to EQUAL-PAY.





Lets look at the conversation with one of my friends below:

Shivani: I have to leave from office today.

Me: Why? All well babe?

Shivani: Yes all fine dear. Rudra has a  “Show and Tell” function tomorrow.

Me: Oh thats interesting.

Shivani: Its interesting but it takes a lot of time to prepare him for the same plus I also have to buy material for prop today. You know after reaching home there are just limited no of hours and in that food, next day preparation, kids homework everything has to be done. Its a lot dear.

Me: Yes its a lot. I understand.

Shivani: Sometimes i think of leaving the job. Not able to manage so much but my husband wants me to work as it will affect us financially.

Me: Why don’t you take his help so while you prepare food he can teach Rudra.

Shivani: No dear, he cannot handle kids.

Me: Oh is it?  See if he can help you in kitchen then..I am just trying to say that if you both divide tasks between you, your life will become easy and you will feel less stress.

Shivani: He gets tired..His job is very demanding.


Did you notice that Shivani is a working women who is supporting her family financially and this is right but she is being forced.

She does not get any help from her husband more so she is hesitant of admitting that her husband does not help her in household tasks as these are still considered as”Women’s Tasks”.

We women do have freedom to work but do not have freedom to get equal rights as men at home. 

I am a part of few women groups where i see such issues every other day from well educated, qualified and working women.

Stop worshipping goddess if you cannot respect women rather give peace and freedom to the woman at home, to the woman you love.



There are just few to count on fingers!

Modern woman is extremely self-sufficient now. I find myself lucky that my parents and family believe in equal rights and i got the freedom to choose my career, my marriage partner and decision when to have kids.

But this is not the case with all. Women get pressure from family to have kids.
No one questions men. Its women who receives such requests from her beloved family.




Statistics say that majority Indian woman have to quit their jobs after having kids. Why mother is only considered responsible for leaving the job to take care of baby? Why cannot father leave a job and baby sit? After all baby belongs to both the parents?

Motherhood is a freedom, a choice, not a compulsion.Motherhood should not make us quit our job.  Read a very good article by BBC here:
Why motherhood makes Indian women quit their job?

Though things are improving like changes in maternity benefit act, companies are opening day cares at their premises, more flexi working hours are available now but there is still a long way to go…



Why Many Still Don’t Want A Girl Child(Specially 2nd Girl Child)?

Did you ever take a look at the sex ratio? It still shows that most of the families do not wish for a girl child and for sure not a 2nd girl child.

In metropolitan cities, doctors do not divulge the sex of the baby before birth. but what about a interior village where illegal abortion is going on late at night?

The mother of the child has no FREEDOM to keep the baby in the womb. Is this FREEDOM we are celebrating?

According to the survey by World bank, the sex ratio will drastically decline by 2031. It has come down to 939 in 2011 as compared to 961 in 1971 and is expected to decline further next to 904 in 2021. Read complete report on huffingtonpost here.


On a positive note we talk a lot about women empowerment now. Today Shobhaa De, Jhumpa Lahiri, Anita Desai, Arundhati Ray, Kiran Desai are India’s women literary pride.

Women are flourishing since a long time in Indian cinemas. Yes, I mention this because, in a country where women were not allowed to come out of the house, women are entering the glam arena. It’s the same in the field of politics; Many females are ruling the states today.

This Independence Day I pledge to contribute my best efforts to women freedom. Please come together to create a better place for women. A small effort from everyone can do magic. Lets help at least 1 women we know.

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17 thoughts on “How Much Freedom Do Women Have Today?

  1. Ruchie

    Very well said ..stop workship if u can’t respect women … This is really sad and one topic which is still unanswered that seriously women are free to.make choices or not …if yes, why after delivery she has to quit the job or continue to support financially…agreed to all ur points

  2. momsmethods

    You have addressed so many issues that are preventing a lot of women to truly being independent… I’m a mother of 2 lovely girls. And I remember when my lil one was born, I too faced comments from people, mind you educated and some even from our generation asking if I wished it was a boy, or what will my mil feel of me not having a boy.. I was quite amazed as such comments.. Thankfully I’m blessed with a loving family on both sides who welcomed the girls with open arms and even shut the people who were coming with negative comments

  3. Snigdha

    You have written about the untold story of a working woman… Why always the woman has to sacrifice everything, it is still an unanswered topic in every women’s mind… Great write up..

  4. Gleefulblogger

    I agree with your post here, it’s just not today since human race has been formalised into colonies/societies it’s the women who is playing a dual role. We manage home as well as the outside circles.
    Time has come that men take the equalise us when it comes to work sharing.

  5. Rashmi Singh

    Very well said Minakshi . I totally agree with your thoughts. And your this line – “Stop worshipping goddess if you cannot respect women rather give peace and freedom to the woman at home.” Amazing yar

  6. Nisha Malik

    Indian soceity is male dominent and will remain so for some more decades. So the struggle is real and on.
    The meaning of freedom is different for women. This is going to take a lot more than the country has already been through.
    Really liked the whole series on Independence.. Great job.

  7. anamika

    The meaning of freedom is varies from person to person. But if we talking about the women’s rights and freedom then all the tune are same. Need to change people’s mentality. No matter how highly educated you are, no matter how perfect you are, in our society you must have remember that you are a woman and you have no right to do anything independently Not even for your own happiness. Anyway well written article.

  8. Mrinal

    I just wish that our country and the world changes their mentality towards women… That will be the real independence day for us

  9. himanju23

    Love your post Hun.. Unfortunately still a lot of women do not have that much freedom in life which they deserve..


    I totally agree with you. As long we don’t think ourselves to be free and independent, nothing will be changed for us in the society. I really appreciate your effort to write such an important article.

  11. henajose

    This is a very important topic and probably a most talked about topic among women. Treatment towards women is so biased. As you wrote even among educated women I wonder how many get equal treatment. I read somewhere that India has the highest number of unemployed, educated women….

  12. Jiya B

    your words are powerful. so very well said. We are free ? Are we ? We need to think again and unless a girl born or inborn gets justice and freedom of her part. We are not free. I loved the way you penned this post. Thanks for sharing


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