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Fun Learning With FlintoBox Sports Mania Activity Box


FlintoBox - Activity Subscription Box for Kids

FlintoBox – Activity Subscription Box for Kids


Flintobox is a young start-up in Chennai that sells toys designed by educators, conceptualized and manufactured by reputed printers.

Toys including activities are available online and are shipped as per orders.

The best part is every month Flintobox has a different new theme altogether, this makes it even more popular.

The very famous Flintobox kits are very well-designed, Flintobox is available for kids of different age group: 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-8 years and 8-12 years.

Each and every box is designed to match the developmental requirements of kids of specific age group.

If you order one for your kid who is under 4, it will require parental guidance.

Flintobox editions are amazing and the activities come with proper guidelines. This brand is an award-winning one for designing the best activity boxes for kids as per age.

I placed an order for my daughter last month and once the order reached, I was amazed and impressed to see the wonderful combination of the activity box.

My daughter is finding it really interesting.

FlintoBox - Activity Subscription Box for Kids

FlintoBox – Activity Subscription Box for Kids

The price is Rs 795 per box and you get subscription discount if you buy together for 3 months.

When you shop online, the price slightly varies if you have coupons. The boxes have 4-5 activities, one for every week in a month.
I find it perfect value for money.



FlintoBox Sports Mania

Sports Mania was the September theme. I subscribed the FlintoBox Sports Mania and it’s truly interesting to see such colorful fun activities.

This is basically for 4-8 year old kids, I got it for my daughter buy my son who is really small is also taking interest in it.
This is best if you wish to bring out the sporty spirit in your kids.

This is just the beginning of your champ’s sharpening sports skills and have a better concept. Sport is very important for your child’s development and it helps in learning the art of decision making.

Engage your kids with Flintobox subscription box

Engage your kids with Flintobox subscription box


Who knows your kid can be a sports star one day. This pack helps to develop the following areas in children:

  • Gross Motor

  • Fine Motor

  • Cognitive

  • Confidence

  • Imagination

  • Communication

  • Socializing

The Sports Mania pack has 4 sorts of activities:


Slam Dunk – This is the interesting basket ball arena that helps to brush up your child’s motor skills. Here your child learns the art of balancing.


Mini Golf kit – The mini golf activity gives your kid a chance to have a game outdoors. It’s a 2 player game.


Pom Pom Football – This football game is extremely thrilling using straws and pom poms.


Flinto & Friends:Benji Runs A Race – Benji wishes to beat Mo in race by implementing some means that his friends do not like. Start reading to know the secret.

Apart from this, some other popular themes are Healthy Little Champ, Creative mathematician and Wildlife Safari.

All these activity games are more enthusiastic because of the DIY part involved. Children love to create new things independently all the time.

Look at the unboxing video


FlintoBox Benefits

Take a look at how the kids can benefit from the Flintobox Activity Box:

  • Your kid’s thinking process is enhanced, its elevated and it helps in going beyond the conventional thinking process.

  • Develop various skills.

  • More multicultural understanding.

  • Getting familiar with different learning styles

My experience with Flintobox

  • The idea of subscription box is really unique; it helps me to plan out things.

  • It’s amazing to see the box that come with themes and various activities. The Garden Explorers Box which my neighbor has,  is great, my friend’s son  who is a preschooler has learnt the names of trees, plants, vegetation and insects.

  • The activities are so well planned, every week your child learn.

  • The format of learning is very interesting. You can redesign some of the activities in the box. You can reuse the boards and recreate new activities.

My Flintobox experience is absolutely perfect. I recommend it to all the moms who are willing to give their kids a fun learning experience. It’s also great for moms who are homeschooling their kids.

It encourages kids to boost their imagination and create entertainment. Building something on their own always gives happiness and more confidence.

Finally, these activity sets designed by Flintobox earns a 9/10 rating.

Flintobox gives you so many choices, you can order from so many types. I am also planning to gift it to my friend’s son on his 5th birthday next month.

My kids love Flintobox, I have become a subscriber every month. What about you? Soon order the October theme – Healthy Little Champ. Grab now, to know more visit www.flintobox.com

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  1. Zainab

    It definitely looks like a great way to activate more thinking cells in our kids! I would love to subscribe to this!

  2. allaboutmommying

    Flintobox is an amazing invention which worth every penny. They seem to cover every educational and physical developmental activities.

  3. Jainsneha

    Flintobox is my fav craft box for my daughter and I ha e been using it, still waiting for this month subscription I agree the child learn n get engaged so much that they stay away from gadgets for long time

  4. Nisha Malik

    Glad to hear about this box for kids. Yout kiddo is super cute. 😍 i think I too will get this activity set for my boy.

  5. Jiya B

    Activity box is a great way to keep a child engage and to encourage them to learn something new. Flinto box sounds amazing would love to try them.

  6. Trystwithvanillagirl

    My daughter’s love Flintobox. There ideas and games are quite innovative and interesting at same time

  7. Surbhi Prapanna

    I always love innovative ideas and activities to teach kids new things. and Flintobox seems an excellent way to do that. thanks a lot for sharing a detail info, would surely try it in near future.

  8. allaboutmommying

    Flintobox is an amazing invention and idea. It’s curated with love and sent to each kids and also it helps them for many milestone developments. Very good and affordable

  9. jhilmil

    I’ve loved Flintobox, rather my son is all way.. mama lets do Flinto activities today. He can complete all 5 activities the day he gets his box:)


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