MahaShivRatri – Everything I know about MahaShivRatri


Today during tea break my colleagues had a discussion on rituals of celebrating “MahaShivRatri”. While moms were eager to teach kids the importance of MahaShivRatri, the only thing they knew was to have fasting and pouring water on “SHIVLINGA”.

Today modern women are playing a vital role in every field of Life. They are career oriented and expert in doing multi tasking. Most of my female colleagues celebrate all the festivals as they want their kids to know about our culture but due to their busy and hectic schedule they do not enjoy and perform the rituals the way they want to celebrate.


Hence, I thought to write and summarize everything i learnt from my mother on MahashivRatri.


Start the auspicious day of Maha ShivRatri  by taking bath. If possible, please add some drops of ganga water along with some rose leaves. Try to keep yourself calm and and feel the pleasure of this day. Now after bath it’s a time to prepare your “Pooja Thal”.

Special Tips for Maha Shivratri Pooja Thal:

1. First thing you need to have a Shivlinga to perform rituals. It is to be said that everyone should keep PARAD SHIVALINGA of minimum 1’’ height. If Shivlinga is not available at home you can also go to nearby Mandir to perform the Pooja.

2. Prepare charnamtri – Watery Mixture of Ganga Jal, Curd, honey, Tulsi Leaves and desi ghee (made of cow milk) . It is known as charnamrit.

3. Sindoor or vermilion paste and Rice

4. Bael leaves (nine leaves -3 pairs each consist of 3 leaves which should be fresh and bright in color).

5. Fruits

6. Dhoop and Incense Sticks

7. Garland and some loose flowers to offer Lord Shiva.

Now your Pooja Thal is ready to worship your deity. Gather everything a day in advance to save time.

MahaShivRatri Pooja Thaal


How to do Pooja on MahaShivratri

  1.  One should get up early in the morning on this day (before sun rises) and after taking bath ,wearing clean clothes make a sitting arrangement on a clean and warm (woolen or thick cloth) asan.
  2. Keep Shivalinga on a clean thali. Pour spoonful watery mixture on Shivalinga chanting a mantra “Om Namo Bhagvate Rudray” or simply chant “Om Namah Shivay” Keep doing this practice for 108 times.
  3. Now pour simple water (pour some drops of ganga jal into it) on Shivlinga.
  4. Apply Sindoor or vermilion paste and some rice grain on Shivlinga
  5. Offer Bael Leaves chanting Mantra “Bael Patray Shivah Arpana”
  6. Offer Fruits
  7. Incense sticks and dhoop are kindled before the Shivlinga
  8. Pray for peace, happiness and well being of your family and society.


If you are fasting on this day you can have some fruits and sabudana kheer. Best to break your fast before sun sets. Milk, fruits and sweets can be taken during fast.



This is a belief that unmarried women should worship Lord Shiva specially on MAHASHIVRATRI occasion for a husband like Shiva because it is said that LORD SHIVA is an ideal husband. While married women worship Lord Shiva for well being and happiness of their husband.

There are many stories. Some says it is a Wedding Anniversary of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Some says that Lord Shiva drank the whole poison which got out through Sagar Manthan though people around me celebrate mahashivratri as their wedding anniversary.


When is MahaShivRatri

This year mahashivratri is falling on 25th February so be prepared and make arrangement a day in advance.


Disclaimer: Friends i have shared my knowledge, understanding of MahaShivratri. Beginners may take reference from this article. If you practice it other way please do it the way you prefer and i would be glad to know your side of celebration story.





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