Energy Hacks For Tired & Exhausted Moms

Spruce Up Mommy Energy With These Energy Hacks


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Motherhood is awesome but with it comes the various challenges of raising
children. Many experienced mothers claim that the toughest job in hand for a mother is to meet the demands of their little one.

Right from feeding them to running behind them, the mother has her hands full. A day of 24 hours seems to fall short for her. Among st our quest to be the perfect mother and the dedicated career women we fall short in terms of energy.

There were times when I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to do post kids.

At such instances when I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown the following energy hacks helped me spruce up my mommy energy.

The first thing that I did was to align my schedule as per my kid’s requirements. I realized that the biggest mistake that I was making was the fact that my schedule and my kids were completely different.

As a result, I was running everywhere to make the twain meet. Things changed completely once I started following these simple energy hacks and tricks by borrowing them from my child’s daily schedule.

So friends follow these energy hacks to help you get an energy lift.



1. Indulge in Park time:     All kids love park time. What we mother need to realize is the fact that park time is also good for us.


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Spend a few moments amidst nature and you will be able to gather your thoughts together. Throughout the day, we are so busy in our hustle bustle that we do not listen to our inner voice.

Even 5 mins of solitude amidst nature helps you to connect with your inner self. Take a walk in the park, listen to the chirping birds and rediscover yourself amidst the tranquility of nature around you.


2. Keep a Journal With You:  

   Most mothers complain of the fact that they keep forgetting things to do. It’s not actually our fault.

Look at the huge list of thinks that we do all through the day. We might be mothers but at the end of the day, we are also humans. As humans, we end up forgetting the chores that we need to attend.

Do not fret, we have a solution for that too. Keep a pen and notebook in hand.

Every time you remember something, simply jot it down on the paper to help you remember them. I have recently started using a journal from Matrika Press which is proving very helpful.

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3. Prioritize Your Chores:     There are 10001 things that we need to do in a day. Now, it is an inhuman task to fit all the chores into mere 24 hours.

That leads us to mastering the art of prioritizing. Make sure, that you prioritize your day in such a manner that you schedule the most important task when the kids are supposed to take their nap.

Try and avoid scheduling important task during their wake-up time as you will keep getting distracted. This way not only will you not be able to concentrate at your task at hand but also you will take an awfully long time to complete the same.


4. Go for play dates:        Kids love to go for play dates. You will be surprised that play dates can also be fun for mothers. Mingle with fellow mothers and you will soon get along as a house on fire.

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You will realize, that you are not the only one who is juggling all this stuff with kids , there are others too working on the same as you.


You get to let your frustration and learn a few tricks on handling from them.


1. Take Proper Meals:      The biggest challenge for a mother is to have a nutritious meal. We suffer from this eternal guilt trip that eating is a waste of time as it takes us away from our loved ones.

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As a result, we end up gulping down whatever we get in front that is quick and fast to eat. Most of the times we end up gorging on junk food instead of healthy ones.

Try and include important nutrients like Vitamin B 12, Vitamin D and Vitamin C from your daily food intake.

They help to spruce up your energy level by quite a few notches. That’s not all include green vegetables, salads, fresh fruits and nuts in your daily diet.



2. Don’t Starve:      With motherhood comes the eternal lengthy battle of losing weight. As a result, most of us end up starving ourselves. We are so obsessed about shedding the kilos that we are fine with starving our bodies.


By doing so, we bring down our energy level. Try and skip anything that’s laden with sweet and fried. Also, indulge in lots of soups.

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Not only does it help to keep your weight in check, it also helps to include all the vegetables in your diet.

The above are few simple energy hacks hacks that will help you spruce up your energy level and also make you enjoy your stint as a mother to the fullest.


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37 thoughts on “Energy Hacks For Tired & Exhausted Moms

  1. Lata

    A very, very important article! I loved every tips that you have mentioned and actually do follow a couple of them. But I mean to put all of them in action. Thanks 🙂

  2. Sabeeka Lambe

    These are very nice and a must read for new moms.. All these have helped me and been my lifeline too… Also once in a while take help of your spouse, family or friends and take some me time to pamper yourself for a couple of hours.. It’s a huge stress buster

  3. Shub

    All this is really needed for tired moms. Unless we feel energetic, we cannot keep our families happy. That mushroom soup looks so yum.

  4. Bushra Khan

    This is an awesome tip altogether! I mean, we never think as much as giving ourselves the time once we become a mother.. if we don’t take some time out for ourselves, our children are more likely to suffer because of our bad moods/exhaustion and all that… good post Minakshi!

  5. Sarah mud cakes and wine

    Some great ideas and totally agree being outsude really helps and some space we all so need #tacticaltuesdays

  6. thetacticalmummy

    I totally agree that park time makes a huge difference. He can run off his energy and I can get some fresh air. Brilliant tips! Thanks for linking up with #TacticalTuesdays – see you next week! X

  7. nickykentisbeer

    Yes, I’m all for nature and a notebook. A must for sanity and well-being. And to-do lists – well you could make a hobby out if it really, couldn’t you! Thanks for joining us at #tweensteensbeyond. Lovely to have you here

  8. Rhyming with Wine

    I could really identify with these. I’m guilty of starving myself to try and lose weight too but you’re right. Soup is a much more sensible and nutritious option. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  9. Jo - Mother of Teenagers

    Play dates tick so many boxes don’t they? You raise so many good points here. Getting out is essential for me even though the demands on my time from my teens are not as much nowadays, but it helps to lift my spirits and energy levels. I also am a big lover of lists and have notebooks scattered around the house for those moments when I need to jot something down. Thanks for joining us. Hope to see you again. #TweensTeensBeyond

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  11. G Angela

    Loved reading the Energy hacks for moms:) very interesting, a few of them i followed when my kids were small now my daughter is a teenager and I still find spending time in the park walking and observing the lovely green trees gives me energy, also keep my self involved. I like the colorful pictures in your post. Thank you for sharing !!


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