10 Effective Solutions To Control Hair Fall After Pregnancy & Promote Hair Growth

Today I’m going to discuss one of the problems common to all moms out here –  HAIR FALL AFTER PREGNANCY!


hair fall after delivery


A lady can live without food, expensive shoes, bags and makeup but she can’t just do without her hairs.

Hair fall after pregnancy is very common. Many women after delivering their munchkins go through a phase of hair fall, which varies from woman to woman. Some face severe hair fall, some still struggle through hair fall even years post their delivery. Some face it immediately after conceiving.


Being a mother of two children, I too faced this issue. Even though they say that post par tum hair fall is absolutely normal, but loosing hairs on a regular basis is depressing.

So here I’m discussing some of my tried and trusted methods. They helped me not only in controlling the hair fall. But also gave a new lease of life to my dull and lifeless hair.


How to lessen hair fall?

Yes, you heard me right, let’s accept that we can’t just stop it. But we can definitely halt its speed. One of the key methods to do so is to practice good hair care. 

Hormonal changes sometimes causes hair fall after pregnancy as woman body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Adopting good hair care practices can help to minimize the amount of hair fall.  I am sharing what i did and how i controlled my hair fall after pregnancy. So look at the points below – 

  1. Wash your hair regularly but gently. Keep your scalp and hair clean by shampooing after a gap of two days. Using a shampoo and conditioner in a correct and gentle manner can prevent further hair fall.

    Massage shampoo in the scalp and then towards the length of your hair. Rinse it gently by allowing water to run down to the ends of your hair.

  2. Apply conditioner to your hair along the length till ends of your hair. The conditioner helps in keeping hair smooth and prevents from further damage and breakage. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly post application as the leftover conditioner can damage more than repair.


  3.  Dry your hair with utmost attention. Use a soft towel to pat dry your hair. Never wrap your hair in a towel as it may cause further damage. Let your hair dry out in natural air if possible.


  4. Minimize use of a hair dryer for drying your hair. If unavoidable, use it at the lowest heat setting.


  5. Never comb wet hair. If unavoidable, use wide toothed combs to detangle and then comb gently.
    hair fall after pregnancy

  6. Avoid too much of combing and brushing your hair. Brush your hair only when it is necessary to style them.


  7.  Style your hair minimizing products and styles which require high heat settings, as it can cause further hair damage. Pick up such styles which do not require heavy products, and use lower heat tools.


    hair fall after pregnancy

  8.  High ponytails, cornrows, such styles can damage hair. So try avoiding these and pick up styles which require loose pulled up easy to do styles.


  9. If you like ponytails a lot you can make loose ponytails and braids which not only help in keeping you sane and beautiful, but also prevent hair that your baby might pull if left loose.


  10.  Always use elastic bands to make ponytails or braids. Rubber bands can cause further damage by pulling back hair and breaking them.

hair fall after pregnancy



1. Massaging your scalp can not only relax you, but also increases blood circulation that is important for hair growth. You can do it by massaging on your own. Lightly massage your scalp. You can use any oil you like. I’m sharing here one of the easiest to make oil at home. I started using it on someone’s recommendation to lessen hair fall after pregnancy.

Curry leaves oil


  1. Coconut oil

  2. Curry leaves a big bunch

curry leaves oil - hair fall after delivery


Take oil in a pan and heat it on gas once it is slightly warmed, add curry leaves and boil for about 5-10 minutes. Let it cool and strain and collect in an airtight jar. Apply as you apply your regular oil twice weekly. You will start seeing results in a month of usage.

Massage has multiple benefits. It not only relaxes and increases blood circulation in the scalp, but also condition it and strengthen the roots of hair, so to help to minimize the hair fall you suffer post delivery.

2. Alternatively, you can also take some juice of onions and apply on your scalp an hour before you shampoo your hair. Onion juice helps in increasing blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth.



3. Apart from this you can also make a mixture of essential oils known for hair fall control properties, like Lavender oil. Lavender oil helps to fight hair fall and is easily available at all grocery stores.

You can make your own oil by mixing lavender oil with coconut or olive oil, whichever you prefer using. Keep it in an air tight jar and refrigerate and use when required. It is a great oil to control hair fall and makes your hair super shiny and smooth.

You can additionally add some fresh aloe vera pulp and boil in the oil to make a powerful mask to control hair loss.

4. Taking balanced diet is also the key to fight hair fall. If you are a breast feeding mother you need to take good nutritious diet which will not only keep your supply good but will also help in keeping you healthy.

It is being medically stated that you need an extra of 650 calories to produce sufficient milk for your baby. With the lack of it you may suffer from problems like hair fall, skin, etc. Protein is the essential ingredient to stop or control hair fall, so include enough protein rich food items in your diet. Take the supplements and medicines like iron, calcium, and folic regularly as prescribed by your gynecologist.

5. Take Vitamin C which helps not only in improving metabolism, but also produces collagen which strengthens hair shafts. Eating broccoli, oranges, and strawberries also help.

I have also tried Om Shakti Organic Herbal Hair Oil from Bhuvi Eshwari which as per her she makes by following her mothers’ recipe. It comes in bottled form so you just need to use it and no preparation needed.

It is reasonably priced too (I got it for 350/- shipping inclusive).
I could see a visible change in the way my hair looks now. The bald patches I use to see earlier, now I see tiny hair growing.
And the rest of my hair is much stronger and healthier.

hair fall after delivery


So ladies do not worry if you see a bunch of hair on your comb and floor whenever you comb your hair. Remember, you are the creator of the tiny being and this is just a phase and will be over soon. Hair fall after delivery is a very common problem which subsides automatically for many moms but still if the hair falls worry you much try these tips and tricks I shared above and love yourself because you are beautiful.


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46 thoughts on “10 Effective Solutions To Control Hair Fall After Pregnancy & Promote Hair Growth

  1. Anamika

    curry leaves and coconut oil really work for me and I don’t like to use these rubber bands …. Thanks again for this great tips ?

  2. Dipika

    How much I wish would have found something like this post my baby’s birth. Post partum my hair took the beating, i had such healthy and shiny hair but now just half the size & no volume. I tried all ideas and practical possible regime but nothing helped…
    Will definitely try Curry leaves & coconut oil. Thanks for sharing

  3. Shub

    I have heard many friends complaining about hairfall after pregnancy. I didn’t experience much of it fortunately. Will share these remedies with them.

  4. Bushra Khan

    I lost a lot of hair post deliveries. I literally thought I would go bald at the rate at which I use to lose my hair, Thankfully tried and tested “Mom’s recipes” do work wonders.. the coconut oil and curry leaves recipe! 🙂 Nice post.

  5. Sarah Bailey

    I’ve heard a lot about pregnancy and hair loss it seems like it is a common thing to happen to ladies which is a shame, these sound like some great ways to try and lesson it though.

  6. confettiandbliss

    Very helpful tips for promoting hair grown and reducing fall-out. This issue not only happens after pregnancy but over the years as we age.

  7. Anne Yedlin

    After my last one was born I experienced this. I had patches that would just fall out. I used every product I could think of. These are great tips. The coconut oil is absolutely perfect for hair, so I’m glad to see that on your list!

  8. parentingpatch

    I never worried about the extra hairs falling out after giving birth. I reminded myself that my hair fell out less during pregnancy so my head was just making up for lost time lol!

  9. urbansoulalchemy2013

    Wish I would have known some of these tips after the births of my three! Wow, did I ever lose a lot of hair. It’s hard to pass up on the ponytail though, with little ones!

  10. toastycritic

    These do sound like great tips to try to take care of your hair and keep it from falling out. I never would have thought of creating my own curry oil, but this is really cool.

  11. Claudia Krusch

    My friend is expecting her first baby this fall. We were just talking about thinning hair after pregnancy. I will have to share these tips with her.

  12. adriana

    Paying attention to drying your hair is a great tip! It can’t be easy and I’ve heard it’s normal, so these are great ways to help it!

  13. Gee Villaruz

    I experienced this. After giving birth to my third child, I had extreme hair fall. It is different from the first two and yes, using hair conditioner more often and lessening the use of shampoo, helped a lot.


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