Education Is For Boys -#FridayFotoFiction


education is not only for boys

#fridayfotofiction Education is not only for boys


“Education is for boys, those who are going to spread out the name to the outside world. Education is not something that a girl needs or must have.” They said and she still remembers the look of indifference on their faces.

She wanted to study. Books made her live the world that she could only inculcate in her dreams. She chose it over the family.

She still remembers the day when she packed a small duffel bag and left, ran away to be precise.

It has been 40 years now. She wakes up every morning realizing that she could compromise an amount to something she did 40 years back, but she doesn’t regret.

She pats her back because there is no one who would do it for her.
She is an educated woman and a recipient of respect from many people.

She is now doing something she aspired for, teaching the girls of the rural communities, inspiring many like her.


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22 thoughts on “Education Is For Boys -#FridayFotoFiction

  1. Dr Bushra

    That’s truly heart touching and motivating story. Yes we should stand against the indifference this practice still prevails more or leSs in our society

  2. Sangeeta

    In a weird way this reminds me of the beginning of Beauty & the beast where Belle likes to read and see the world but her village tries to shun her.

  3. Vinay Leo R.

    There are so many girls who are forced out of education, based on old world thoughts. Good that she chose education, and is now passing on what she learnet to a whole new generation.

  4. momtasticworld

    No matter how much we tend to believe that gender discrimination is not that prominent in India, we sure can find many examples just turning around. Girls need to be string to achieve what they wish to. Loved such positive post.


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