Eco-friendly Degradable Table Ware – My New Love

A better eco-friendly alternative for a greener Earth


eco-friendly degradable tableware

eco-friendly degradable tableware


Global Warming and the destruction of Earth have been increasing at an alarming rate. Just being aware of it is never going to stop this constant degradation.

It is important to implement that awareness for a better tomorrow. I am celebrating eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi for the same purpose.

The constant use of plastics and thermocol utensils are one of the most hazardous contributions to this.

People often feel that dumping everything in an assigned trash bin is the end of their responsibility for a better environment. But It is not. Another thing that hampers environment are sanitary pads. I switched to menstrual cups after knowing its benefits and how we save environment from damage by using them.


While you do your job as you think it should be done, it is not even close to enough. The material that these plates and bowls are made of is not even close to being biodegradable.



Greenfare Eco friendly solutions is doing their bit for a better Earth and I get to be part of this and create a little bit of awareness. The products that they are manufacturing are made of biodegradable material and are very stable and sturdy.


The process of manufacturing

I was a bit skeptical at first about the manufacturing process that they do but it was soon wiped out. They use the Areca leaves from the trees and ensure that none of them are torn.


Eco-friendly plates

Eco-friendly plates

Each of these disposables is made from the leaves that fall of naturally. This was one of the reasons that I love what they are doing.

Each of the leaves is then processed with heat and water without any chemicals. This ensures not just a better Earth but a better health as well.


Products that they offer

They mainly manufacture disposables. They make different types of disposable eco-friendly plates, spoons and bowls.

The designs of these eco-friendly table wares  caught my attention. They are made and finished with a lot of perfection which is something that’s not seen in the other products.

They are perfect for small gatherings and even kitty parties. The company even manufactures cute little lunch boxes with lids which are perfect if you are travelling with kids.

My junior loves the lid box so much that he wants his fruit kebabs in it all the time. He carries it with him everywhere.



  • Biodegradable

  • Chemical free

  • Recyclable

  • Microwave and oven safe

  • Eco-friendly

  • Pocket friendly as well

If you are looking for a change, it is time to be that change. I have opted out of using any kind of disposables that are made of plastics or Styrofoam.

It is time to start using things that are biodegradable like these eco-friendly disposables by Greenfare Eco. These are the perfect, not just in terms of their decomposable nature but their quality and sturdiness as well.


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24 thoughts on “Eco-friendly Degradable Table Ware – My New Love

  1. Shalu Sharma Rathod

    I remember when we were kids, the disposable utensils ALWAYS means the ones made from leaves. Time passed & plastic & thermocol took over and started to deteriorate our envorenment. I am so glas this trend is coming back.

  2. Shalu Sharma Rathod

    I remember when we were kids, the disposable utensils ALWAYS means the ones made from leaves. Time passed & plastic & thermocol took over and started to deteriorate our environment. I am so glad this trend is coming back.

  3. rashimital

    This is a great initiative. M so glad there are people who are concerned about our planet and Are doing their bit. 🙂 I’ll surely try their travel kits. 😉


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