Easy Home Organizing Ideas – How I Organized My Home

“Simple and Easy home organizing ideas to organize your home before the summer season sets in”


With the festival of Navratri round the corner we ladies need to accomplish the daunting task of cleaning and organizing our houses to welcome Gods and Goddesses blessings.


Being a working woman and mother of two kids I find it quite challenging to organize and clean my home often.

So as I did my home cleaning and organization last weekend will share here of what I did and how I did to accomplish the task with these Easy home organizing ideas.

If you follow these easy home organizing ideas you will not only be able to organize your home but would also become a more productive person.


So, what is the key to stay organized?

Planning is the answer to the question. Planning your days, tasks, dinner, activities for kids, washing clothes, shopping grocery will save you a lot.
Obviously organizing your stuff and cleaning house is also essential. But that too will happen if you plan your day for it since you are working.

Don’t get tensed if your planning fails. I am sharing some easy home organizing ideas with you to organize your home.



1. KITCHEN:   So my easy home organization ideas start with kitchen. Well, why not, one must start it from organizing kitchen as the way to stay fit and healthy comes from what we eat and how things are kept clean and organized.
So lets see the organization ideas for kitchen.

A)  I invested in some cheap spice and condiments containers which I got from Big Bazaar mega sale.
It had small little separate bottles to store the spices used on a regular basis to cook meal and had a nice tower like rack to fit all the bottles together.
It not only looks great but saves a lot of space. I got this for 256 rupees which I found quite affordable and useful too.


B) My little sister(brother’s wife) suggested me to make some hand written slips to stick on storage containers and labeled them as per what was stored in them.
She uses this concept in her kitchen and it works perfect for her.


This is a very helpful tip for all those working ladies as when they return home they don’t need to mindlessly check all the canisters, the labels will help in identifying stuff easily.

It however was a difficult task but I could do it easily as I engaged my kids in doing it.

I asked my elder daughter to apply glue and help me in labeling the canisters which she did happily.

I also invested in some Jar Families which comes with small, big and mid-sized containers.
Bought them online at a very reasonable rates.

Here are rectangular jars that i use to keep all my snacks.  They take very little space due to their shape.

I replaced all the rack liners and placed fresh plastic sheets to line all my storage racks. Cleaned the surfaces which I can reach my stove and at the end of the day my kitchen was all shining and clean.

C) I also bought a cup stand which can be wall mounted and I used it to hang all my pans, sieves, and cookware lids to save space.

It made them easy to access too as everything was visible and in reach. This cup stand cost me 150/-.
I bought few tea and sugar self labeled condiments jars too from Big Bazaar.
They looked nice and helped me in organizing my kitchen.
The jar set costed me 150/-.

D) One can also invest in stack-able utensils which can be clubbed one into another to save space while storing them.
I hung all my spoons and ladles on nails to make them visible and yet saving space if I had stored them elsewhere. I invested in a multi-knife stand which is great. It made my knifes reachable and organized.

So these were some Kitchen organizing tips which i followed to Organize My Kitchen.



2. WARDROBE:  Next, I decided to clean and organize my own and kids wardrobe as wardrobe decides our personality, appearance and fashion sense.

I first changed all the  old newspaper liners and spread fresh ones. Then I folded all my clothes and hang the ones on hangers which I need often. Instead of buying storage bins I made bins to keep my clothes from the cardboard boxes I received for my recent online purchases.
I made them with first lining them with a round of cello tape to add sturdiness to them and then wrapped them from all sides with gift wrapping sheets I saved from my son’s recent birthday.

It made them look neat and usable. I bought a tie stand and a butterfly hanging nail to be placed in my wardrobe to hang me scarves, stoles and duppatas, and removed all the winter clothes from my closet as they are not needed any longer.

To make my linen and sheets more organized and visible I folded them nicely and put them in their pillow case, it made them categorized and easy to grab and use. I hope you liked these easy home organization ideas to re-dress the wardrobe.


3. Next i organized my kids wardrobe with the help of plastic small basket type containers

I categorized clothes and put all party wears and rompers in one basket.

Full and half both lowers gone to Green basket

Pink basket occupied in keeping shirts and T-shirts.

Small blue basket holds his suspenders,summer caps, ties, bows and belts.

A small red basked got filled with shocks.



Here is a video of how clothes were looking on the bed before getting organized


It is quite easy and convenient for me to simple pull the basket and take clothes out. Categorizing them as per CLOTH TYPE is a Bonus.



4)  Jewelry/Makeup: Next, I organized all my jewelry and makeup by storing them in transparent pouches and segmented boxes. I bought a CD folder and placed all my bindis in it. So when I need to match them with my outfit it will be an easy task.
You may get these pouches and folders from your nearby local shops or you can buy online from Homeshop18.




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As a part of Easy home organizing ideas I also invested in a good shoe rack whose design helped me in accommodating almost all of my shoes and sandals. Similarly for my bags I stored them with the smallest one inside the bigger bag. So when I need them can easily get the one I want as I now know where to look for it.

I stored medicines in old plastic boxes which got cracks so can’t be used in kitchen for storing food. Similarly I used the melamine cups to make a holder for keeping combs and stationary, etc.
Few more tips here, I made a series of stick-on placed on my refrigerator and I’m listing my tasks on it.


5) Kids Toys:  Now I started to clean and organize my kid’s room. Children have so many toys that organizing them becomes essential. So I bought these vegetable baskets made of plastic to store their toys.
It comes in attractive colors with lid so storing toys and transporting them becomes very easy.
For the time being I bought two baskets with lid and one which is tub like open. These baskets serve multiple purposes one can use them for not only storage and while travelling but cleaning them is also easy.

Easy home organizing ideas

Easy home organizing ideas


So after all these efforts and searching 100 ways to organize your home I finally achieved the seemingly mountainous task of arranging and organizing my home.

Not only everything looked clean but it also makes them easily available when needed. Planning is the most crucial step before you begin the organization task.

Hope these Easy home organizing ideas and tips will help the mommies and others alike in organizing and cleaning their homes.


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  1. Nayna Kanabar

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  2. Suruchi

    OMG! This sounds like so much work to me. I may take 1 month for doing all that. Anyways you really seem to plan and organize things. That is really nice and cool.

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    What a great job you did in organizing your home. Such efforts really do help to run a more efficient home. It also reduces the amount of stress on a day to day basis.


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