How To Dress up Your Baby As Krishna or Radha This Janmashtami

Ideas To Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna Or Radha on Janmashtmi

Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna This Janmastmi

Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna This Janmastmi

Janmastami, the birth date of little Lord Krishna is a Hindu festival. It’s also known as Krishnastami or Gokulastami.

  The occasion is very much celebrated in the northern part of India, especially in Mathura and Vrindavan, which is the birthplace of Krishna.

There are Ras Leelas, dahi handi and many other joyous events on this day. The main attraction is the kids decked up as Radha or Krishna.

This year, Janmastami is on 14th of August so here are a few tips about dressing up your baby as krishna or radha:


Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna This Janmastmi

Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna This Janmastmi






Buy a yellow kurta dhoti or you can buy a red and white color dhoti along with a stole. The dhotis are usually angarakha type, which are ready-to-wear ones. It’s best to buy silk dhotis, those look very gorgeous.

Krishna Dress To Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna This Janmastmi

Krishna Dress To Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna This Janmastmi


You can make your little boy wear a dhoti and a stole. If you are dressing up a little baby as krishna, it should always be a cotton costume which is comfortable. Along with it buy an artificial flute and a crown.

You can also make a mukut at home, with golden paper, a few embellishments and a peacock feather.



The mukut or crown is very important to get the look. If you are making one or buying, ensure that it’s lightweight.

You can also deck up the flute with golden ribbons. A pearl necklace is just perfect, you can make him wear anklets, arm bands, waistbands and bangles.

You can also use flowers as accessories.

Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna This Janmastmi

Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna This Janmastmi


Face painting – a unique idea

Do you love face paint? You can only do this to an older kid. If your child has a fancy dress competition on this day, plan something unique.

You need enough patience to do blue color face paint. Use blue food color which is safe, mix with moisturizer and apply on face and neck. I have heard there are some skin safe colors available in the market too. I have not tried this personally though.

The last year, I saw my neighbor doing this to her son on Janmastami.


The mud pot

What about the mud pot? My son is very naughty and a mud pot is not safe at all. All moms complain having a naughty baby and so was Little Krishna.

As per stories he broke numerous mud pots. Have a mud pot ready, you can use it during photo sessions. If you have artistic skills, you can decorate the pot and it would look gorgeous. Your little baby is a makkhan chor after all.


Easy Ways To Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna

If you do not want to buy anything fancy from market you can still dress up your baby as Krishna from the available things at your home.

My friend  made her son wear a

1. Comfortable full sleeve blue T-shirt

2. She used a red color decorated dupatta for tying on across the shoulder or on the forehead.

Ideas To Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna Without Buying Anything

Ideas To Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna Without Buying Anything


3. You can make a Krishna tilak on the forhead with a paste of Sandalwood (Chandan) mixed with multani mitti. Add a little bit of multani mitti paste to chandan paste, mix well and apply using a match stick.

4.She has used her straight false hair to tie a bun, clip it with original hair and make a bun (jura). Look how cute this little krishna is looking.

5. Add clips so that it does not fall off. Use some hair spray on the artificial hair.

This is how she dressed up her 4 months baby(Without buying anything new) and her little Krishna was ready to flaunt his look for Janmastamni.



Dressing up Pretty Radha

It’s not necessary that you have to deck your son or daughter as Lord Krishna. You can also deck up little girls as Radha and they look so adorable.  Last year I decked up my my daughter as Radha.


Dress Up Your Baby As Krishna or Radha This Janmastmi

Dress Up Your Little Girl As Radha This Janmastmi


A lehanga choli is just perfect for this occasion. You can user the one at home, you can buy a new one or even make on your own.

A Rajasthani or Gujrati style lehenga is best for your occasion. You can make your pretty girl wear a beaded or a pearl necklace, colorful bangles, maang tikaa, anklets and a beautiful crown.

If your girl is a bit grown up, you can add a false hair and make a plait out of it. Add small-sized flowers in the hair and this will make your girl look a perfect Radha.



Buy small-sized earthenware made of mud or metal and you can decorate it using golden/silver ribbons.

Dos and Don’ts

 Moms along with other family members are very excited on this day and they want their child/children to look the best but please keep all these do’s and dont’s list handy.

  • Maintain simplicity – No not use too many accessories or else the kid/baby will feel very uncomfortable. Make sure the accessories do not have any sharp edges. Be very careful with children under 3 years, there might be choking hazard.

  • Buy material that is very comfortable because the festival is celebrated in July or August. The weather is either hot or its raining and also humid.

  • Not much makeup – Makeup looks pretty but your Radha or Krishna is prettier without much makeup. Makeup is full of chemicals so use the least possible.

  • Proper movement – Dress up in such a way so that your little one can move freely.

    Dress up your baby as krishna and do these Janmasthmi activities to keep them busy.

This Janmashtami, keep sending us pictures of your kids and we would love to take a look at those wonderful captures. Happy Celebration!!


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  1. Judy

    My son had Janmashtami celebrations a few days back in school. I wish I would have come across your post then. For next year I will take inspirations from this.

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    Innocence at par. 😍 i too am plaaning to dress up my toddler in krishna avtar and these tips will be very helpful. Thank you very much.

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    Osm tips for kids facy dress competition but still I don’t recommend face painting as few yrs bqck wen u tried it on my niece she got rashes n still she suffe rfrm d same…somewhere I find myself guilty of using csome random colour on her face…pls don’t do that

    1. Minakshi Bajpai

      Random colors on face can do a lot of damage and that is not recommended on small babies. There are colors specific for face painting, you should try them. Food colors can be used with good amount of moisturizer. You seem missed reading that part.

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    This is an amazing post! I remember dressing my kids when they were smaller for school functions!
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    Beautiful babies. I like the tips you shared at the end on donts. Sometimes some parents tend to go over board

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