Do You Know These Toddler Boy Summer Fashion Trends?

Most of our little tots don’t seem to fit into last year summer clothes.

If you are like me who wants to fill your toddler wardrobe with simple, sober yet trendy clothes this post is for you as i will be showing you toddler boy fashion clothes here.

I have settled with below list for my toddler boy closet as i guess these toddler boy summer fashion trends would be hit in 2017.


Dungaree:   A huge variety of dungarees are available in market now a days because of their demands in daily wear fashion lines, Choose few patterns for dungarees like short, half, full sleeves, different cross patterns. You can team them up with t shirt or make kids wear directly. Dungarees looks cute both ways.



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White shirts:  The classic collection of white shirt is omnipresent in kid’s fashion. A decent white shirt is enough to make them  look completely different.

White color has its own uniqueness as white color reflects purity, cleanliness of the personality and is a sure shot way to rock in summers.

White shirt could be the best way to get our little fellow back to the Victorian era where it was referred as the symbol of wealth and  class.
I do not think white shirt would ever go out of toddler boy summer fashion trends ever.

Fill your little human wardrobe with at least 1 white shirt.

White Shirt here my son is wearing, comes from the house of Zara Baby.


Checked shirts:  Toddler boy summer fashion trends is incomplete without evergreen checks. Checks never go out of fashion.

They come in different style and pattern. Check pattern can be a good option for them to look more fashionable.

There are different types of check patterns –  You may try some from the below.

  • gingham

  • madras

  • tartan plaid

  • shepherds check

  • hounds tooth

  • windowpane

  • graph check

  • pin checks

Check shirts can be teamed with formal trouser or jeans.

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Suspenders, tie and caps:  Colorful tie, belt, caps and suspenders can make your child’s wardrobe more stylish.

Suspenders are the strips either of fabric or leather worn over shoulders to put your trouser up. Buy at least 2 types of suspender, few summer caps and belts. You can settle with only 1 or 2 ties as they comes in formal wear and would not be required on a daily basis.

Bow tie would also be a popular toddler boy summer fashion trends this season.

These additional accessories are some popular toddler boys style ideas so go and invest in at least 2 pieces of all of them.




Polo t- shirts and shorts : Buy at least half dozen polo t-shirts for daily usage. They look sober and are comfortable to wear daily.

Polo t-shirts are always in demands in clothing markets. Play with different colors and brands while choosing them for your little fashionista.

Shorts are one of the best options in summer days because of their comfort level.

Here my son is wearing polo t shirt from JUNIORS brand.


Jeans and kurta : This indo-western combination of jeans and kurta make them look totally different and proves as a perfect style statement  in summers.

Jeans teaming up with cotton kurta is gaining popularity slowly in both boys and girls fashion trends.

I selected Jeans and Kurta for my daughter as well. See it here Summer Fashion Trends for Little Girls



Kurta Payjama:  Keep few pair of Kurta Payjama as whenever you make them wear this dress they are going to steal everyone’s heart.

Kurta Payjama looks super cute on these tiny mans. I love dressing my son with Kurta Payjama often.


ROMPERS:  Of course you can not miss the rompers. Keep few sunglasses to make them look even more stylish.

ONESIES & SLEEP SUITS: Onesies not only looks cute in babies but it also looks very stylish in toddlers.

This season toddler boy summer fashion trends would include half sleeves, sleeveless and 3/4th sleeves onesies.


Invest in good quality cotton night suits. Carter has some very good collection of sleep suits.

In below pic my son is wearing carter’s overall.


 Hope you like these toddler boy summer outfit ideas. 
Feel free to suggest if you think i missed something.



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26 thoughts on “Do You Know These Toddler Boy Summer Fashion Trends?

  1. Shub

    Such an adorable boy! and beautiful listing of trends…I have a girl and I have a boy – girl can wear so many types of clothes but for boys, it’s shirt and pants mainly so must keep on looking for newer trends.

  2. Dipika

    That’s one rockstar kiddo with a superb fashion sense ?
    I loved all thr pictures, style is something which makes you look good at THE same time give comfort.
    Loved your stylish post desr.

  3. danisha

    this is so adroble. i always wanted baby girl just so i can play dress up with her , i use to always think that boy cant be dress nicely. well i was so wrong. you nailed it.

  4. Yogeeta

    I loved this post. Ur son has made it too cute. He’s such a poser babes. Love the detailed list for summer wear for kids . Lovely list <3

  5. Bushra Khan

    You have adorable kids! Dungarees are a hit for me! I love dressing my girls over my boy. Boy clothing is boring to be honest.. you can do so much with girls! Nice post


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