Do You Know These Breastfeeding Myths and Facts?

Breastfeeding Myths and Facts


Most of us know that 1st week of Aug is called breastfeeding week. I being a breastfeeding mother and a mom blogger intend to create awareness about breastfeeding throughout BREASTFEEDING WEEK.

Like all new moms i also suffered a lot during my initial days and how i wished to get answer to my queries.

I will be writing my experiences and challenges i faced in my breastfeeding journey this week.

I would be very happy if i could help any breastfeeding mom through my experience and learning.


breastfeeding myths and facts

breastfeeding myths and facts


My 1st article in this series is BREASTFEEDING MYTHS AND FACTS.

Breastfeeding is a very natural way to nurture and nourish your baby. But like every other thing there are some myths. For any breastfeeding mom its very important to know the reality behind these myths.

And this is what BREASTFEEDING MYTHS AND FACTS talks about. 


This article is published on mycity4kids.

Read full article here.


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19 thoughts on “Do You Know These Breastfeeding Myths and Facts?

  1. Rakhi Parsai

    I believe most of the new mums lack knowledge during the early days after birth. It’s very crucial to have informative posts like these that can help them be more informed and take decisions accordingly. Lovely posts you have written. Minakshi.

  2. Safi@thebeautyinsideout

    Read the article on mycity4kids. It’s a really an eye opening post, most of us tend to blindly believe these myths. Glad you’ve put up this great article 🙂

  3. freemindtree

    I feel though nowadays we celebrate breastfeeding week still a lot many women need to know correct facts about breast feeding. This is an informative post sharing it with friend who is expecting.

  4. momsmethods

    Loved this article and came across it on mycityforkids.. We really need to come out of these myths, educate everyone around us and help making breastfeeding an enjoyable experience


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